Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Paris Parfait!

Congratulations, Tara!

One of the best things about my short two months of blogging is discovering new “friends” throughout the world, by linking to their blogs.

Today I visited Paris Parfait (check the links on the right and check it out yourself!) Tara lives in Paris and fills her blog with an always visually pleasing, eclectic mix of content that includes stunning photo essays and commentary on a variety of subjects. (I especially liked her field trip to a French town – read down about a week for that one! The pix are great!) (I wanted to include one of her photos here as a "tease" for you, but didn't want to do it without her permission -- I'm still getting the hang of linking things! Alas, you'll need to visit and see for yourself!)

Well, today I discovered that Paris Parfait had its second anniversary today! So, join me in wishing Tara happy anniversary! (I extend my deep admiration – after two months, I am beginning to realize the commitment that blogging for two years really is! To do it so well is icing on the cake!)


Beth said...

thanks for all the wonderful comments you left on many of my made my day !!

if you need help with hyperlinking a blog name in your post, give me a shout !...I'll help you !

and as far as a commitment to are SO right. I started my first one...hmmmm, I can't remember when, but a LONG time ago...and it does become part of your life.
{did you see my old blog at} is FUN and you get to meet so many people !! I hope you are enjoying it and can keep it up for years to come !!

Pam Aries said...

WEll.. HI ! I just popped over from Tara's site and had tocome see you. I've been blogging with her for quite some time and she is awesome! THe name gypsy has come up several times in the last few ..I had to check it out! Welcome to Bloggerville!

Jeanie said...

Beth -- Thank you! I may well be in touch! It's such fun to meet new friends in the blogosphere! And your work is terrific!

Pam -- Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back! I stopped by your site and love it!

paris parfait said...

Oh, Jeanie, you are so sweet! I had NO IDEA you'd posted this. I just happened to be visiting, reading your posts and scrolling down to discover - my blog! Thank you so much for the lovely kudos. Am so glad our paths have crossed! xoxox

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