Thursday, January 24, 2008

Greetings from Columbus!

Greetings from public tv-land, this week in the VERY COLD Columbus, Ohio! I wish I could link my camera to this terminal -- alas, not possible, but will post some photos when I return.

Unfortunately, tonight is the ONE NIGHT I wanted the camera -- hospitality suites, including the make-it-and-take-it for the how-to shows, along with some others -- and who knows who could turn up?!

Well, my friends picked me up for dinner and I left my totebag (with the camera and phone) in the car. So, wish me well getting back to their place tonight! (Shouldn't be a problem.) So, that's a bit of a bummer, but I'm planning on having so much fun, who'd have time for taking pictures! At least having the quiet time before the parties means I can log in and make a quick post.

Great fun to connect with colleagues, learn new things (lots about the digital television conversion -- I have one link over in my site links to the right about the coupon program). Also enjoyed a blogging seminar, and lots of PR-related things.

The event kicked off with a big party at the science museum, with great exhibits and entertainment. (I DID have the camera for that -- look out soon for the stilt-walkers!) And a delicious pizza lunch with the host of "Ciao Italia."

So, I'll be back on a regular schedule Monday -- or maybe even before! I miss checking all your postings!


Beth said...

I have missed you this week, but sounds like your having a blast!!!
Can't wait to see your pics and I bet you will make some awesome "make & takes." Its bitterly cold here tonight too. Stay warm and have a safe trip home.

Artsy Etc. said...

I wish I could have attended so I could meet you in person! No one from our station did! Sounds like a wonderful time.

Tammy said...

I bet you are speaking of the Cosi Museum...a must see for everyone that comes to see us!

So far we've seen the Titanic and the Starwars exhibit.

Safe travels Marmelade Gypsy!!

Rosa said...

All sounds fab! Oooof! Leaving your camera in the car????? OOOOOF!! I am double and triple posting trying to catch up with my DC trip! I feel I can't move forward until I finish with all my pics from last week!

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