Thursday, January 3, 2008

Comment Issues Again!

I've been having trouble getting the comments thing activated again. Well, it's activated... just doesn't stay activated, and I can't figure out why! Hopefully my Marmelade Gypsy will get a comment or two, even if it's with this post!


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! Am glad I found yours. Hope you get these comments issues sorted. Happy new year!

  2. I see we have blogger pals in common (Artsy and Rosa)

    I'll leave a comment for you and tell you that your kitty has beautiful eyes!
    *big smile*

  3. He sure is a sweetie!!! And his name matches him to a T!!! I finally brought my Kitty to the new house. I had been going to the old house and feeding her and loving on her. I waited till my brother went back to Oklahoma yesterday so I could bring her home. He was allergic to Kittys.
    Hope your having a great Year so far!!!


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