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Postcards from the Lake -- North for the Fourth

June 29 was a cold, wet, rainy summer day. As soon as I was up and dressed, I fed Lizzie, picked her up from her bowl and tossed her into the cat cage for the ride north. She wasn't amused but it was a good grab and we were on our way. Several hours later we arrived -- still cold, west and drizzly but at our destination!

Lake life started on a cooler note, though due to pick up in the week to follow. Meanwhile it is good to get the car unpacked and settle in. The first thing I noticed when I drove in was the the fellow doing the yard had actually done it! Hooray!

Now there are plants in place -- in the back, by some of the trees; in the front, added to those I brought up before. It feels like home. 

Due to the weather, I was able to wrap up June with a good book report, having finished two in the last three days of the month. Now I will approach this pile! If the weather keeps up like it was when I arrived, I might need to add others to the list!

We were lucky enough to enjoy a cocktail cruise around the lake on friends Linda and Dan's new pontoon boat. I hadn't been around the lake since I was a teen or early twenties and it was fun to see the new places around the lake while enjoying good company. I had known Linda and her brother since we were babies, our moms having been been friends as children. (Don't you love the bobby sox and saddle shoes on mom?!)

 Now, she's all grown up! (And me, too!)

It was great to connect on a gorgeous day, see what was new on the lake and extra fun seeing our house from the lake! That's a view I only see when swimming and a lot closer to shore! (I zoomed in for this pic!)

Or, from another angle.

The weather has not been awesome. We were lucky for our good lake cruise but we've seen a fair amount of rain and wind. I've also had a couple of bronchiectasis flares which have not been fun.  The doc sent me to the hospital for a chest XR and labs just to make sure it's not going into pneumonia. Not what I planned. But it has been good to have some reading time. And, doing better now.

Walking has been a little challenging but before I came up I got my orthotics adjusted and ordered a new pair. Mine have been adjusted and readjusted for years and years and since then, my foot as changed shape tremendously. My right one is the problem child, as you can see! Hopefully those will help and kick me into gear before England.


Yesterday is July 4 (which meant that Lizzie went into hiding -- twice; loud independent fireworks, which I hate. The organized lake fireworks are on the sixth). This time, it was behind the hot water heater. But overall, it was a good day. Rick practiced his guitar outside.

I painted a bit. I'm terrible with real-life freehand drawing but it was good practice.

Apart from the fireworks (which weren't as awful as expected this year) I have had a lot of issues with July 4 and celebrating America in recent years. I rarely get political on this blog, but there are two days of the year I feel I can -- July 4 and pre-election day. So, you may or may not want to skip the next couple of paragraphs.

From my perspective there has been little to celebrate with a great rise of far right nationalism. There is an irony to the term Independence Day" when the highest court in the land and legislators both nationally and in our states are trying to control what women can do with their own health and bodies and even the books we can and can't read.

Norman Rockwell, "The Four Freedoms"

As we face a critical presidential election, one candidate is a convicted felon, rapist, adulterer and huckster who can't string together a sentence without turning it into word salad. Those he surrounds himself with are downright scary (and if you don't know much about Project 2025, look it up and it should scare you, too.)

The other is an honorable and moral man who has done some many positive things in our country and to restore our place on the world stage (which is critical in these troubled international times). Granted, he's not the best of all time (but look what he walked into and had to clean up with a divided Congress that is so partisan it even voted down a non-partisan immigration bill so he wouldn't get a "win.") He's clearly not as quick as he used to be and obviously not so young. That's concerning. But unemployment is low, wages are up, and food prices are (slowly) coming down. (Gas, not so much -- but on the other hand, for many the choice of a gas guzzling SUV or truck for a couple or small family is exactly that -- a choice.) 

Most of all, he is conscious of protecting our democracy and he has good people around him. But -- and its a big but -- what will he be like in another year or two or four? 

by Peter Max

For that matter, what will either of them be like in that time? If I could emigrate, I would and Rick and I have talked about the six-month split. But I don't think we can afford that one.

And, since I don't think either of them will be alive in the next four years, I have to look at the people who surround them and think what about will be best in the long haul. I will need to find my voice. 

Norman Rockwell

So, with July 4, you see the flag a lot. (To be honest, I've never liked the design or colors of our flag -- that's just my aesthetic. Individually, fine; together, not so much. Sorry, flag designers!) 

But since it has been co-opted by the far right, used as a physical weapon to destroy our democracy and those who protect it,  I've been embarrassed to even fly it on the fourth. 

But one blogger, who I won't identify here, said in an email as we discussed this, "I totally agree. I decided it was more important than ever to acknowledge the 4th with a picture of the flag. The right has sullied the flag and our country and I am taking back the beauty of it."

And, I also remember that our "flag still waved" through many a battle to protect our freedoms and those of the world.

Well, I still am not ready to fly it. But since this may be our last July 4 for awhile where I feel we do have some freedoms, I thought I'd set a table that at least looked pretty! 

It's simple -- but it's cheery! Chef Rick cooked up brats on the grill. We don't have them often but it's the perfect July 4 food.

Add some deviled eggs and pasta salad and we had quite a feast!


Our lake fireworks will be July 6, and we'll enjoy them tremendously. (Lizzie? Not so much!) We'll also have a celebration of the Camster's sixth birthday!

Lake life. When the sun gets it right, you really can't beat it! You've gotta love the sunsets, which can go from flaming (that's our neighbor's boat). . . 

. . . to calm and lovely, just by moving the camera a bit to the south!

Well, if you have to be laid up, or even if you just want a good nap . . . 

. . . here isn't a bad spot to be!

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Tom said...

...I can see that this is your happy place. I'm old, but I refuse to grow up!

gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

I loved seeing the house from the boat view. I never realized how close your were directly on the lake. So pretty. Sorry about the weather. I really feel uncomfortable in cold rainy weather. I think you did a fine job on your painting - Beautiful photos of the sunsets too.

eileeninmd said...

The cocktail cruise on the lake sounds nice. I feel sorry for all the kitties and dogs when the fireworks are going off, they are so scared. I totally agree with your comments on our democracy and the upcoming election. I think a lot of our high prices are due to corporate greed, no matter who was president they can not control these prices. I will vote blue all the way! Your lake views and sky images are beautiful. Take care, have a wonderful day and happy weekend!

ashok said...

Colorful and interesting post

gigi-hawaii said...

So true what you said about Trump and Biden. Hands down Biden is better, and I hope he wins. I love your lake home. Have a relaxing vacation.

Rita said...

I hope you are feeling better. Glad it didn't turn into pneumonia!

Isn't it wonderful to have friends you have known since you were a little girl! I have two of them. Even though we don't see each other we keep in contact with letters and emails still. There's something special about someone who has known you through most of your life. :)

I have a lot of the same feelings about the country. This was the saddest Fourth I have ever experienced...and that includes years with riots, assassinations, protest marches, Watergate, and even Trump getting elected in 2016. The Supreme Court ignoring the constitution...that is far beyond one president. 2025 is their terrifying plan. I wish more people would read it or know about it. I pray we can have many, many more millions of blue votes to stop them from succeeding.

Love Norman Rockwell, BTW.
My very best to you both. *love and hugs*

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Lizzie looks like she wants to rip your face off! So happy to see you got out on the lake. I bet a lot has changed!

Divers and Sundry said...

I've forgotten what cold drizzle is like. The cocktail cruise around the lake sounds like fun, and it sounds like a treat to get that view of your own place

I celebrated Alice in Wonderland Day on the 4th and didn't get out a flag. This is all so discouraging. I don't understand how there are people who support Trump no matter what, and these recent SCOTUS rulings -especially the one that gives us a king- are disheartening. Project 2025 is a nightmare, and I can't get Republicans I have contact with to even look at it. I've been following the British elections.

Bill said...

Lizzie's facial photo shows her unhappiness. Enjoy your lake time, time to relax and enjoy life even with the craziness all around.

kathyinozarks said...

Beautiful photos-we were supposed to have gotten rained out here this week but that didn't happen-so the lake is still super busy today and will continue 'til Monday for sure. I think this is the busiest summer week here-even busier than opening up vacation homes on memorial weekend. So roads and shops near me are crazy busy with traffic so I stay home
Enjoy your stay at your family lake home-that is a special place.
On another note--
I no longer discuss politics or reply to politics on blog posts or any social media.
One of my artist friends has been posting political numerous times a week now-so I deleted her from my reading list.
This is America and one of our freedoms is free speech, and I do cherish that but if posts turn mostly political I won't read them or reply to them now in the "old" days when I was younger it was ok to discus political views without being harassed by it.
A few years ago I was posting my political beliefs-and got torn apart by followers I considered my friends- I should have deleted those people-but they have freedom of speech as well as me.
anyway I did not mean to make this so long just using my freedom of speech

Joanne said...

Even with the weather not fully cooperating it sounds like a wonderful and relaxing time at the lake! I bet that boat ride was lots of fun.

As far as politics go I am pretty disgusted with both my "choices" this fall-- I have nothing against Biden or his policies (mostly because I have nothing at all about anything he's done) but I seriously question his ability to continue on at all at the rate he's been deteriorating. And Trump? I mean, c'mon we can not elect someone who has literally been convicted of multiple crimes. How can our country not come up with better candidates than these?

Linda Sue said...

If you want to fly a flag at the lake, Greece's flag is one of the prettiest in the world! It would look great at the lake, too.
What you said, yes, agree with all of it. AND your foot is mangle, why? That looks like a job for a foot maker! OW. You have been very brave to walk around with that foot!
Great photos by the way, and I love your painting !

Polly said...

I love your lake home Jeanie. I hope you're feeling much better, glad it didn't turn into neumonia. I like the way you organised Lizzie - very efficient :-) We've just had a general election, and I'm pleased with the result, I think. I've become a but cynical with politics over the years.

DUTA said...

To emmigrate? Where to? It's America people usually dream of emmigrating to and you happen to live in America..
Your freehand drawing is lovely! The food prepared by Rick looks awsome!
Great 4th of July Day at the Lake, after all!

acorn hollow said...

Aww lake life. I am glad you are getting something to help with your feet. There is nothing like hurting feet. I bet it does feel so good to be back to the lake and enjoying friends and the fresh air. And boy do you look like your mom!
Happy Belated 4th

Jenny Woolf said...

Your words about the lake, as usual, are cheering and comforting. And I do agree with every word you say about 4th July. And sullying the flag. And trying to reclaim it too. It's not my country but I know what you mean because something similar happened in England. (Like you, I ask, what's with these rightwing people? Why do they think they have a monopoly on patriotism? ) It was interesting that two or three years ago our Labour party (the main opposition party to the frightening far right Conservatives) adopted the idea of plastering everything with the union jack and have thereby taken it back to a very large extent from the far right. Now Labour have just won the election with a landslide majority and I am glad to see the flag back in its place adorning the place without much comment! I do hope that the Democrats can swing it that Biden takes an honoured place in history.

My name is Erika. said...

I know exactly what you mean about this 4th of July. We had a lovely day, and it's been a beautiful week. But it is hard to truly celebrate when people feel their beliefs need to be everyone's. Can they not accept how differences make us more interesting? They can obviously not accept that women are capable of making decisions and that they must be told by someone how to live. I won't get on my soapbox though. It sounds like even though the weather isn't perfect that you've been enjoying the lake. It is summer, and since it only is so many days long, enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. hugs-Erika

Carola Bartz said...

Your time at the lake always seems to be so nice, Jeanie, no matter whether the sun is shining or it rains. You make the most and best of it. Oh, you're reading "The Red Tent"? I loved that one, I read it years ago. I also read a couple other good books by Anita Diamant, but I think "The Red Tent" is her best one.
Politics, ugh. It is so discouraging and downright disgusting what is happening in this country. The choice we have is off-putting - how did we end up with a remake of 2020? I am not very optimistic and Project 2025 scares the sh*# out of me. But when it comes to the flag - firstly, I come from a country where flag waving (and anything similar to open patriotic display) was not popular at all due to our gruesome Third Reich history. Nevertheless, we usually have the California rainbow flag flying (because I love California), but we do fly the American flag on national holidays after one of my gay friends told me that they will not the right wing people take away the flag and what it stands for from them. We did have long discussions about it, so those are the days when we fly the flag (but not necessarily proudly, because currently there really isn't much to be proud of).
When it comes to emmigration - where would you move to? Europe - except for the Scandinavian countries - seems to move to the right. Many Americans move to Portugal, but I don't think that this will work for much longer, since the Portuguese people are not that happy about it and it might not be that easy anymore. I took a hard look at the German election districts to see who voted for the far right during the EU election, and the majority was in the East (not surprisingly). It might be back to Germany for us one day - I'm thankful of having dual citizenship, but making such a big move at our age is not easy at all (it wasn't easy 20+ years ago in the first place).
The only positive news came from the UK.
On a happier note - we had a fabulous 4th of July with a wonderful block party in the neighborhood. It was just lovely to spend several hours in the company of people we like, eat, drink, talk and laugh a lot.
Have a wonderful summer at the lake! Hugs - Carola

DVArtist said...

Fabulous post. So much going on. Ohhh, they were called Oxford shoes. I wore them all through grade school. Wish I had them now. LOL
Thank you for sharing with FFO and have a wonderful weekend.

DeniseinVA said...

A great post with all your happenings and thought provoking because of the political goings on. Your photos were a delight. Such a beautiful place to spend the summer! So sorry to know you have been under the weather. Sounds like you have been well taken care of and happy to read you are doing better. I also hope your foot problem will heal soon. I share your concern about today’s politics. I have turned off the news and no social media. It's still out there I know and is impossible to escape completely, but I truly believe the constant peddling of fear will have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health. I already know the person I am voting for. Democracy means more to me than the alternative. One last thing, I agree with Eileen about corporate greed. Take heart my friend and anything that concerns you, I think you know all your blogging friends are here for you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy your time at the lake! Great job immortalizing your guitarist in art! Did Lizzie yowl the whole drive north? She does not look thrilled in that carrier, LOL!

anno said...

Ahhhhhh.... lake time! So glad to see you there.
Yes, the weather has been dreadful, varying only in its manifestation: too hot, too cold, too wet. Way too wet. And the politics? Even worse. Thanks for sharing the photo from your blogging friend and their comments about the flag, the country, and taking back the beauty of it.

Thanks, too, for sharing the beauty you've found at the lake. So glad for the cocktail cruise and the glory of red geraniums. Brats really are the perfect food for the 4th of July. And your "freehand" watercolor is a delight -- I'm glad you've brought your travel kit along for the summer.

Wishing you all the best with the new orthotics. I hope they help you move as much as you want with a lot more ease (those x-rays made me wince -- ouch!). And best wishes, too, at keeping pneumonia at bay.

Take care,

roentare said...

What a day to celebrate with a relaxing activity. Throwing a BBQ is also so good to look at. Your paintings reveal so much kindness and memories.

Iris Flavia said...

Poor Lizzie - though by now I would expect she knows you will never harm her and it´s off to the lake?
We once traveled with friends in Ingo´s old Golf all the way to Spain and their cat was not in a cage.
Oh, boy!!!!
Three people taking care the cat does not hop on the driver. We were young and dumb and all happily alive.

Wonderful flowers. And oh. I have so much to read, too. And so many DVDs!

LOVE that pic of family & friends.

Sorry about your foot, it really looks hurtful...

Great sketch!!!

I´m not much into politics (cause I was disappointed too often), but, yes, I think the world is looking at your country in worry.
They "joke" you head women-wise to the 1950´s and if Baby Orange....

It´s not that better here. Adenauer, I think, wa a good leader for Germany, but I wasn´t born yet.

People here hat the German flag out because of.... soccer.
And yesterday they lost big-time and it was everybody else´s fault (Ingo said, watch the news, it´s hilarious!)
We don´t like soccer but it really was like politics.

I hope for a BBQ, but i´s still so cold.

Love your lake! LOL, I find Ingo like that you took of Rick often, too.

Marilyn Miller said...

Good post! And Amen! I did recognize the quote.
Glad you made the deviled eggs too.
I love when you go to the lake.
Yes, I have thought if I were younger of moving somewhere else.
Definitely will vote for Joe, vote blue through and through.
That 2025 is terrifying.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I thought of you as I watched the results from the election in the UK roll in, where at least one country in Europe has bucked the right wing trend so apparent almost everywhere else. Elation about that outcome perhaps matches despair at what is happening in the US. Biden’s condition should be almost irrelevant when compared with the alternative. Voting for a turnip would be preferable to voting for Trump, but it looks like that is the likely outcome in November. The fact that people will vote for an incipient dictator, with no scruples, surrounded by foaming sycophants is beyond understanding. And he has told them in clear terms what he will do. Some deep and metastasizing sickness has taken over the nation. It is doomed. In Canada we have troubling signs too, but nothing quite so extreme thank goodness. But Pierre Polièvre, the slimiest of the slimy, is already courting the religious vote. We have reached the point where we will be voting for the least odious unfortunately. Such is the state of democracy in the world.

La Table De Nana said...

I had those shoes as a youngish mom and my girls had matching we called them Saddle shoes..Love your cottage..Oy politics ..I would be extremely perplexed in the US.. I would need a third choice.The UK just had a huge turnaround.I had no clue the outgoing PM was so wealthy.My husband knew.Here also next election will be perplexing..
I think your painting of your dear rick is charming.
Very few fly flags here.
I subscribe to many US blogs etc and am astonished at all the patriotism in terms of flags.. festoons..dishes at all.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Jeanie,
Lizzie does not look happy in her cage. But once she arrived at the lake home I am sure she was happy as can be. She can find lots to see out the windows, birdwatching. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a wonderful weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

Joanne Huffman said...

I found out I'm too old to emigrate to Australia, New Zealand, possibly Canada or Denmark, which are the places I would go to. I'm incredibly discouraged and depressed by the current political situation and fear what lies ahead for my daughters and granddaughters (Other than that, how was the pay, Mrs. Lincoln?). On the positive side, it appears I can now leave comments on your blog (on my laptop, at least; still not on my phone); I have been faithfully reading and enjoying. I'm glad you're at your happy place. I always enjoy your photos and art and your writing.

Mae Travels said...

You are very right about the severe damage that’s already been done to America’s “Four Freedoms” and about the potential for disaster in the election. I’m with you in not being optimistic. However, I still see a lot of good in our history and maybe in our potential. Enjoy the fireworks today!
best, mae at

Sandi Magle said...

Dear Jeanie, home of the Free and the goodness you are brave and No One could have said it better. This week I sat in my extra room holding the flag from my dad's funeral with all the bullet casings from his VFW 21-gun salute and cried. And, you are so right---the flag, the colors have been disgraced by the guise of religion raping our democracy. I have one son(who served in the Navy) who thinks we should prepare for civil war, and the other is taking a speculating road trip to Canada to visit in-laws, with the possible idea of emigration. He will be retiring next year, young enough to start another career. I'm just glad my parents aren't around to see this and our safe in the SE Wisconsin Veterans Cemetery, where the flag will never be demoted or sullied. Hugs, Sandi

This N That said...

I'll skip the country..It's a mess and could get worse..hope not!!
Nice painting..At least you try drawing..I don't have the guts...
Hope you are feeling better..
The lake looks like the perfect place to be...
Glad the fireworks are over for a while..

Debbie said...

i really enjoyed this post. we hung a few extra flags on the 4th and watched the fireworks off in the distance!! deviled eggs and pasta salad, yum, i make them all summer long!!

beautiful, warm photographs...i enjoy the variety!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Just love your photographs of sunset at the lake ... beautiful.

All the best Jan

Joyful said...

Beautiful photos. The day on the lake looks magnificent. We are currently experiencing a heat wave here. I hope it doesn't go on so long but July is typically when the weather gets very hot and I wish we had some rain so send it our way, lol. I understand what your concerns are about the upcoming election. I'm not American but I'm also very concerned about what is happening there since we are your neighbours. I'm also worried about what is happening here. I need a nap like Rick. Things always seem easier to handle when rested. xx

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Can you hear me agreeing with your political thoughts?! I feel exactly the same way, and I did not feel like bringing out a flag when three of my neighbors on my street use the flag to proclaim their everlasting devotion to a really awful man.

I was happy this morning to see a fellow in our almost-religiously-Republican town dare to post on Facebook about the rise of totalitarian thought in America and to see how many of the folks in my town liked his post. That gives me a bit of hope.

Shiju Sugunan said...

Sounds like you had a mixed bag on the lake for the 4th of July! Happy belated 4th!

Sami said...

You have a wonderful place to spend your Summers Jeanie.
I was hoping your Vice President would have been prepped to take over the post these elections, but sadly no. I think it would have been a much better option. Just hope the yellow madman doesn't win!

Amy Johnson said...

Such a beautiful lake. I'm glad you're able to enjoy it.

Pam said...

Looking like you are having a great time and so much enjoyment to hang with friends on the lake. HAHA, I barely keep one place up and going there is no way for two! But it would be great to have a place to visit, set up your paints and enjoy life by the lake.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I've had many of the same thoughts and feelings in the last few years. If Canada was a warmer country, I might already be living there. My sister and I keep saying we went through this in the 1960's - we shouldn't have to again. Unfortunately some people never learn that dividing the country can lead to is ruin.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We have had a lot of cooler, wet weather here lately too but it will really warm up this week. I see 90s next weekend so we will need to find some water for sure! The weather was quite a mixed bag at my parents over the 4th but there were long enough stretched of nice weather that allowed us to get outside. I think the highlight was probably the pontoon ride my dad took us on. We patty-caked along the shore and pointed out the house that Phil swims to each summer in August. The weather was really nice and the boys both enjoyed the boat ride.

Ugh, the political climate is terrible. We've never been flag fliers but I would especially have a hard time flying it now... I know we have it very good in many ways because of the freedoms we enjoy that many other nations don't but it's tough to see the state of our democracy decline. :(

Valerie-Jael said...

It's a difficult situation just now. Biden is not perfect, but Trump is evil and dangerous. Here in Germany the fat right are gaining ground, and it scares me. I would never have believed this possible. Stay well, dear Jeanie, and look after yourself! Your watercolour is beautiful. Hugs, Valerie

Valerie-Jael said...

I wrote you a long comment, it disappeared. Perhaps it's in spam!

Susan said...

Wonderful photos, Jeanie - Lake Life is the best life! Enjoy!

What has happened with the Supreme Court decisions, and that ex-president,
have turned our democracy upside down. I agree, Jeanie. Everyone should
read the Project 2025 Plan of trump. It will affect all aspects of our lives:
no more Education Dept., a 10 percent tariff on most goods, no more environmental protection, all of the people working in government will be replaced by trump loyalists on day one of his new administration. It goes on and on, gutting our democracy. God help us!

I just want to thank you for gifting us with your wonderful posts, Jeanie. It really is nice of you to share your home(s) and life with us.

carol@The Red Painted Cottage said...

What a lovely painting of Rick playing his music. I’m happy that you’re finally living at the cottage now. I can honestly say that we don’t miss our cottage. This past week with the 4th would have been pure misery for Sadie. At least here in our condo she has several better options where she can go to. The Supreme Court and our political climate is beyond scary. I can’t speak up much here because GR is ultra conservative. I would have to go into battle with many of our neighbors and friends and that wouldn’t be good for me. I stay silent because I’m not one who likes to argue. I’m so outnumbered here! I just don’t understand what they see or attracts them to the “orange ape”. I just don’t feel optimistic about the election since the debate. PS, what is with your right foot? I’ve never seen anything like it. I really feel for you.

Barwitzki said...

The lake house is so beautiful and how good it is to meet old friends.
You put a nice atmosphere on paper.
Traveling to England sounds wonderful.
Hug to you

Nancy said...

The cocktail cruise around the lake sounded heavenly! Your sketch was amazing!
Isn’t Lake Life wonderful!?!?
Hope you get more sunny days ahead.

Veronica Lee said...

Jeanie, it sounds like despite the weather challenges, you're making the most of your time at the lake.
The cocktail cruise and those stunning lake views must have been delightful.
I'm sorry to hear about the bronchiectasis flares and hope you're feeling better now.

Hugs and blessings

roughterrain crane said...

It's quite nice to play a musical instrument. We can get some achievement in surprise.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Great post all the way around, my friend!
Beautiful pictures and great stories!!
I am a former life long Republican who is now, for the past decade, an Independent as i do not want to belong blindly to either Political parties...I am very worried about this election...I support our current President as I feel he has done a wonderful job in trying to correct all the wrongs that came about from 2016 to 2020 . after all, he is a native son of Pa. and Scranton which is the area I live in... BUT I honestly feel BOTH candidates are too old and having worked in Geriatric Nursing for almost 41 years, I know what the normal aging process is and I do not care how "healthy" someone seems, after 70 -75 years of age, NO ONE should hold any political office in my book....I do love the current President and honestly, can not stomach the former one BUT I do think it is time that our President drop out of the race and let someone younger run for the office...I fear more for his physical health and I certainly hope that his wife and family are voicing those concerns to him....Enough said about Politics....
THANK YOU for all your visits!! I hope you are enjoying your week, my friend!!
Debbie_dabble Blog

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

It is lovely to read about your lake experience, it sounds great. I love your painting too. I agree with you on your political take. I read something about voting for the administration rather than the person who will be leading the party, and I still have to go with Biden for that!

Anonymous said...

You poor, pathetic sap. You would vote for that dim-witted old man who craps his pants and has made the U.S. into a laughing stock, just to avoid voting for Trump. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. No one is happy with our two choices, but to deliberately choose a man who cann’t think coherently is terrifying. You should be embarrassed to call yourself an American.

Jenn Jilks said...

What a lovely cottage visit! I so miss mine. I don't miss the fireworks, though.
We have the same problem with the flag and right-wing dipsticks. It is discouraging.

Pamela said...

I love your life at the lake, but what’s happening with the country is just scary. The November election is the most important one in my lifetime. What freedoms will be left for your grandchildren?

crackercrumblife said...

I am so happy that you are back in your summer place. :) So relaxing! Enjoy Jeanie!

Teen! said...

His Cabinet is strong. They won't set the Constitution on fire. Join us!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Jeanie,
I am stopping back to say thank you for linking up your post.
I enjoy seeing your photos from the lake, happy times and happy memories being made. I am sure Lizzie loves being there too, new scenery for her right outside the windows. Take care, have a great weekend.

Lisbeth said...

How wonderful. Just like summer life should be.

Lydia C. Lee said...

What a fabulous location and fierce critter! ;) #Saturdaycritters

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