Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spirit Guides on the Ancestral Highway

Today I'm blogging over at Modern Creative Life (link below) and sharing a story the very long-ago Gypsy readers may have heard. It focuses on how a chance discovery of a vintage postcard at an antiquarian book fair brought me to tears -- and to the grandmother I never knew.

You can check it out here.

If you've read my earlier account on Marmelade Gypsy, this one is a little different, focusing not only on the discovery but more thoughtfully on those who "guide" us, past and present, and the fascination that grows when diving deep into family history.



  1. Amazing. I don't know if we have spirit guides but I do believe our spirits live forever. I'm glad you are learning about your family on your mother's side. xx

  2. I really enjoyed this. I have always believed that things happen for a reason and how one event will lead us to another that has more purpose, more meaning to our life. I'm sure if you had known your grandmother in the physical world you would have been very drawn to each other; very close. What a treasure the card must be for you. And wasn't she beautiful. :)

  3. That is pretty amazing. Coming across a post card like that is definitely the hand of someone guiding you. I once went to a fortune teller and she told me that some distance relative of mine checked in on me. He liked my house and she described my fireplace, which is relatively unique so it was strange she would know that. Do I believe in these fortune tellers, not really, but that was one thing I was told that did stick with me. So maybe our faily are out there. Congrats on this next article. Hugs-Erika

  4. Good for you to have found that connection with your grandmother.

  5. Dear Jeanie,
    How very odd that I would read about your family history today. I read your story, it touched my soul.
    I was just talking with my brother on the phone earlier, asking me a few questions about our grandmother. He is researching our Ancestry. I too, had done a small amount of research this past year, but could not get very far. I am so happy that he is able to continue the search.
    blessings dear friend,

  6. I enjoyed reading the story on the other blog. I discovered a distant cousin of mine at the Old People's home where I worked, she was 86 then, and spent most of her life on the other side of the world.... She's the Erika I often show photos of. Hugs, Valerie

  7. You are such a good writer, Jeanie. I too have come to the conclusion that the holes in the fabric of family history must be mended. Storytelling and thanks to a cousin's interest in our geneology has uncovered many lost secrets. Now, it's up to us to tell the rest of the story.

  8. Excellent and thought-provoking article.

    That postcard was an amazing find. Whether it was luck, or the guiding hand of an ancestor, you'll probably never know for sure. But I'd like to believe it was the latter.

  9. Thanks for the link to your post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love that photo up there.

  10. I clicked on your link and read about the postcard. Serendipity! You have discovered so many neat things with your research. Is it mostly through, or other means? On a side note, what was it with keeping creepy little faces and paws on fur accessories back then? I had a grade three teacher, little old woman even then, who walked around on yard duty with this fur creature around her neck - freaked me right out!
    Anyway, loved reading about this! -Jenn

  11. It is so important for us to keep the connections of past generations in our lives. I have postcards dating back to the late 1800's and photos too.
    Unfortunately it seems that my children are more interested in FB than their genealogy!
    However, it all means so much to me.
    Nicely done!

  12. The article was fascinating, Jeanie. Sounds like you have an ancestor for a guide.

  13. What an incredible post. I was really surprised by the connection you made with your grandmother, and the way you seem to have been guided by finding it. I actually got chills when I read your story.

  14. Oh yes, Jeanie, I believe we have guides, and I believe we all have a bit of an ability to tune into that inner voice we hear...if we work at it. I loved this post! Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  15. How exciting that you found out a little about Minnie. Isn't that something that you were all given a little fabric cat back then, and today you love cats very much? I am really into genealogy also. I hope you find all the answers you seek, Jeanie. It's such an interesting journey, isn't it? Maybe the vintage post card you found was meant just for you.


  16. I had missed this post originally. Loved reading it. Yes, we can be guided by spirit if we listen and allow it. I love that!

  17. I did enjoy your article. Nice job!

  18. Extraordinary, absolutely fascinating. I left a comment on the blog, but wanted to say here how amazing it seems. Long may you continue to make serendipitous discoveries!

  19. I love reading your stories . . .
    Your grandmother was lovely, so pretty.
    And her dress in the picture . . . oh my, so lovely, intricate . . .
    I think to be perceptive to our "connectors" from the past,
    to the future, is an art . . . I have had some significant moments . . .
    And trust them to be true . . .
    Serendipitous . . . to have been at that show, for the post card to be there.
    Loved this . . .
    Jeanie . . . beautiful writer . . . a gift . . .

  20. I firmly believe in fate and that our lives are planned, there is a big book with it all written in, a fairy tale I know but it keeps me going thats for sure, what a lovely thing to find your ancestors and to actually see what they look like, a real treat Jeanie


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