Friday, November 18, 2016

Painting the Town Red and Green!

I've been in a creative and emotional slump of late. Initially I was burned out getting ready for the sale but it just got worse and worse. I needed something beautiful, fun, creative. I tried to get into a Southern Exposure workshop I'd not previously enrolled for but they were filled (and I'm headed back in another week or two anyway). Then I saw that Michelle Detering, who taught the watercolor-your-pet class was doing a Christmas card watercolor class.

I was so ready!

Michelle does a fun class and we had seven students eager to paint their hearts out. And paint we did. She had roughed in two designs, a deer...(here's an early look at mine)

...and a snowflake.

She taught us different background techniques and we were able to use some new materials like a wonderful fluid that mixed to make a pearly sheen on the snowflake.

Then we had two blank cards. On one we worked with a wax resist pencil, like the kind you get in Easter Egg kits.

On the other she showed us how to do a winter scene.

Your best work is rarely the work you do in your first class but I felt fairly pleased with most of mine and I think others in the class were, too.

And best of all, we had an enormous amount of fun.

Which for me was what it was all about! (Rudolph's red nose is not from the wine Michelle served, but some of my boo-boos may be related!)

Oh, and here's something to remember. A few days after the class, Pat, who attended with me, came over and she said "I liked my cards better the next day." And I agreed in terms of mine. If you aren't pleased with your work, or even if you are, leave it for awhile and come back later. You probably will like it better when you aren't so close to the frustration of getting it right. And if you don't, you can make any corrections or modifications when you aren't perhaps so stressed.

Do you make your own Christmas cards or some of them? Photos? Collage? Paint? Mixed Media? Do you make every card individually or do you photograph or scan and then print. (I recommend for nice quality, excellent prices and frequent sales.) Share!


  1. These are so beautiful and fun! I love them all but I especially love the winter scene one. I've said it before and I will say it again - you are so talented, Jeanie! I have no ability to draw or paint so I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for those who are able to! But I'm glad I've found some 'structured' crafts like knitting and crocheting that I am good at. :)

  2. Jeanie...I positively love your purple reindeer! So darling. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Fun cards! My current plan is to start making my Christmas cards next Friday (my Black Friday tradition is to not leave my house but to stay home eating leftovers and making art all day).

  4. I love these cards. I'm such a fan of watercolors!!

  5. I love what you made, especially that trendy reindeer, and I am glad you had fun together, that is so important! Hugs, Valerie

  6. It sounds as though you had a lovely time.
    I love the trees in your Christmas card.

  7. I love the wax resist effect like Joy..was that one? They are all delightful..what a fun class Jeanie.
    Love the bauble addition on the reindeer..I am glad I met creative..I love being inspired!
    Hope your slump is now a hill..going up:)

  8. Those are beautiful cards, Jeanie! Your creative efforts are so fun! Me? Oh, no. I never have made my own. My creativity comes to a crashing stop when it comes to art. But I really admire your cards and those of the class!

  9. Oh , that winter scene is beautiful my friend! I LOVE my photography fun but we are barely getting our snow and it's not much. Last year I didn't take many winter photos due to the BLAH landscape, but I need to get creative indoors. OH THE FUN!

  10. My card this year is one of my photographs and printed at Vistaprint. Love, love your cards and the idea of the class to help your spirits soar. Maybe I need to find a class. I have been a huge grump ever since the election and not kicking is easily.

  11. Hi Jeanie! Oh, I know you're having so much fun and I'm so glad you're taking us along on your artist journey! You are really talentd. I love your winter scene. Thank you always for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;O

  12. Oh my . . .
    I want to do this . . .
    (I may have to slide my card making into the new year though . , . )
    Love the ideas . . . water colors and waxed crayon . . . joy . . .
    Reindeer . . . too . . . with the ornament . . .
    Painting day for me on Tuesday, here, with a few friends and a friends momma . . .
    I must remember to take pictures . . .

  13. One more . . .
    We usually do photo cards. . . . because of living in so many cities/states . . .
    Fun to see our changes through the years . . .
    But . . . love your hand made touches.
    Originals would be wonderful, prints would be nice too.
    Remind me to show you hand made ornaments I received from a friend . . .
    You'll love . . .

  14. The advice to "wait" is on target. That's one reason certain posts linger in my draft files for weeks or months before seeing the light of day. They aren't quite right, and sometimes all it takes a a little time to find the fix.

    Here's a strange, but relevant analogy. I like to play Freecell, and often will do a game or two late in the evening, when things are winding down. The nice thing about it is that you can undo moves, until you win. Sometimes, when I get stuck, and just can't win the game, I simply leave it. The next day, or whenever I get back to it, I often win within a minute or two. The solution that I couldn't see, I suddenly can see. Sometimes our unconscious mind can work out solutions that seem otherwise difficult or impossible.

  15. I'm a purple kind of gal so the reindeer caught my eye right cute with his Rudolph nose. What a fun day and a good way to get those creative juices flowing again.

    Some years I make my cards and then some years I don't even send cards. It's just however I'm feeling that year. And I'm not a very good planner. I usually don't start thinking about Christmas until around Thanksgiving so that doesn't leave much time to make things unless it's for the next year.

  16. Rudolph and his nose so bright really came out looking good. Very amusing.

    best... mae at

  17. Looks like you had a whole lot of fun. Nothing better than an art class to learn something new and have time playing with some other like minded people. Hugs-Erika

  18. I'm impressed. Very nice.
    Wish I had your talent.

  19. I used to make my cards myself, and made each one individually. These days I don't. These days I order them from places like MoonPig where you can use a bit of creativity to personalize the cards, but it's all done by someone else. People still seem to appreciate the effort I go to in finding and personalizing cards to fit their personal tastes though.

  20. I loved the reindeer and I've said before to let your art sit a day or so. Once you come back to it, you see it in a new light. I think your reindeer was really adorable.

    I make all my cards and my tip-ins. Each one is hand made, but all are made using the same design. I am not that creative when it comes to cards, so one design a year is about all I'm good for!

  21. "And best of all, we had an enormous amount of fun."
    And that's what it's all about, for sure. So glad you found the right outlet for your creativity.
    Love your Rudolph and his purple complexion.

  22. Jeanie, what fun cards that you looks you are having a great time!

  23. Good Morning Jeanie,

    What beautiful inspiration from you(as always)!
    Rudolph is fabulous.
    Have a beautiful week!

  24. They look good!

    I've never made Christmas cards. I'm not very artistic. I've thought about doing photo cards with pictures of the pets, but I've never done it. We don't send out a lot of Christmas cards.

  25. I like your Rudolph. And your absolutely right about staying away for a little while then go back to your work and have a different perspective after the little absence. That's why we need to go on holidays. :))

  26. Love the cards, especially the reindeer with an ornament on its antler!
    What fun! I think you're right about coming back to things. Though, I must admit with my writing it sometimes works in the opposite was I thinking when I wrote that!

  27. Oh my goodness Jeanie, I want to hang out with you. I think you have more fun projects to enjoy and I wold love to do all of this. A gorgeous winter scene and of course Rudolph is my favorite today :)
    Happy Thanksgiving..........

  28. All these cards are absolutely beautiful! What fun to create Christmas cards with watercolor. And I completely agree with you about what you wrote at the end, that it is good to come back at one's work a bit later - we usually see it differently by then.

  29. There's nothing like an art class to get the creative juices flowing! I have to try that iridescent medium, very cool!

  30. These cards are delightful, Jeanie. I love the JOY one. What a fun class. To answer your question...No, I don't make my Christmas cards. I usually buy ones that are unique and pretty and place a picture in there of my family. I just sent half of them out today, and tomorrow, the other half goes out. :)


  31. When things seem grey and flat it's always best to get out and do something. Well done for overcoming a sense of inertia and getting out there. It looks as if the class was good fun - AND you have something pretty to show for it!

    Yes, I sometimes paint or create cards for family members. I'm really lazy about getting started but usually enjoy it so much when I do.

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