Monday, July 25, 2016

From the Art Journal

If I had any goals at all for a fun summer, one was to spend more time painting and sketching. Not that I might not pick up a glue stick now and then, but this would be my focus.

There is the not-so-bad and the not-so-good and I'm sharing a mix of both here. The deer above on watercolor paper falls into the not-so-bad category.The one below (in the art journal) is a vertical of the one above. The primary differences are in the leaves. I still have trouble with foliage. I'm reasonably happy with both of them. Not that there isn't room for improvement...

Below is Herbie. Herbie is my cousin's dog and he's the sweetest thing on four legs. When the photo I did this from was taken, Herbie had a rather large goiter but over the winter he had a face lift and is now sleek on the chin. I would like to be sleek on the chin, too. But I'm not.

Anyway, Herbie deserved a painting without his goiter but I didn't have new shots that were going to work so I gave him a facelift on the page. With mixed results. I'm missing his sweet soul in the facial features. He looks grumpy here and he's not at all. So, another try or two or three is due!

Above and below are two versions of the same sunset. This was the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen at the lake and I enlarged the photo to 16x20 for the cottage and have it on some of my Marmelade Gypsy note cards.

As you can see, the color is quite different  One is very vibrant (and I think the colors may be closer to the photo). The other a bit gentler. I can't decide which I like best. I think the painting in the more vibrant one might be better but the color in the second is a bit more to my liking. I'll try again.

I've done a few sketches. I showed this one of Lizzie earlier (graphite).

And the boat on the beach. Not quite proportional!

I don't hesitate to share the not-so-good work here, too, partly to keep me honest. I was wildly thrilled with this portrait of Gypsy (see the sidebar here on the right for the original photo). Thrilled, that is, until I got to the left eye. I've fixed it over. And over. And over. And it's still not right. (The right is nothing to write home about either.) I'm not sure how much more I can repair it so I'll try again.


My friend Gina came by and of course, when Gina comes, art is on the menu. We painted our silk scarves, Sharpie-style! Loving this technique!

I leave you with a jaunt to Paris. Because really, what's not to love about the Eiffel Tower?

Still in the Land of Limited Internet and sorry I haven't been able to visit as much or comment as often as I would like. I'm checking in when I can and look forward to getting back on schedule soon!


  1. Wow, what lots of gorgeous art you have been making, well done. You have worked on things that are really difficult with fabulous results. Enjoy your vacation! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your deer paintings. You're a very talented lady.

  3. Busy girl. Love the dog.

  4. I'm enjoying this so much! And your foliage is lovely. Especially contrasted with your subject, it's the perfect balance. P.S. Herbie's new neckline is camera-ready for Hollywood! ;)

  5. I am very impressed by your watercolors. Well done!

  6. It is always a wonderful treat to see your work, to see your subjects revealed from the perspective of your affectionate and appreciative heart. Your work is growing by leaps and bounds -- so glad to you're getting this chance to explore!

  7. You ARE talented:)

    I have been applying yself too..and love it:)

  8. I alway enjoy seeing your artwork Jeannie. I'm really enjoying the "subjects" in this post. I love the sweetness of the deer, Herbie's handsome face after his surgery and my favorite, Gypsy. Beautiful work!

  9. Oh Jeanie, YOU AND I BOTH have goals to work on all summer and I think that as we make small steps, we are making big differences in how we approach our crafts. How I love every one of these renderings, and as we all know, we keep going to see how our perceptions evolve. LOVE THEM ALL!

  10. Jeanie, I am just loving your paintings, the good and not-so-good. All are wonderful. Very curious about the technique for the scarves too. In my dreams I dream of putting together a women's retreat at the beach and having you come and teach some form of art for a workshop. Now wouldn't that be fun?

  11. I am totally smitten with your precious fawn!
    Jeanie it is fabulous!!!
    AND of course your Tour Eiffel speaks to me too.
    Glad you're having such a nice time.
    Your artwork is marvelous darlink

  12. I really like the Eiffel Tower, and I like Gypsy's portrait. But you know what? Take another look at those eyes. I think the left one is fine, and that it's the right one that's just a little off! See what you think.

  13. Hmmmm.... maybe we're talking about the same eye. I was saying "right" -- but as I look at the sketch. In real life, it would be her left.

  14. I'm glad you're getting in plenty of artsy time... Even if you aren't entirely happy with some of your work. There's always room for improvement, even for the most talented of artists, so don't let that discourage you.

  15. Loved seeing your art pieces . . .
    Really lovely . . .
    Loved the two sunset pics and Eiffel Tower is wonderful . . .
    Wonderful you've had some time to paint . . .

  16. I wondered what had happened to you, and now I know you are having internet woes. I can certainly empathize. It's very, very frustrating.

    I love the second sunset. It's the colors, I think that do it for me.

    That baby deer, taken at your friend's house is wonderful. I really LOVE the second one. And Lizzie still makes me laugh.

    Poor Gypsy. I see what you mean about the eye. But your friend Gina and you had a wonderful fun day with Sharpies and alcohol. The scarves look wonderful.

    Thanks for leaving us with the Eiffel Tower. It is a beauty.

  17. These are so amazing...I LOVE the eyes on the cat :)

  18. I recognized the deer from your trip to NC! These are all so beautiful. You are so talented! I really love the sunset painting as I love a good lake sunset! And I think the Gypsy painting is beautiful, too. I didn't notice that the eyes looked off and even after you mentioning that you weren't happy with them, I still think they look great. But I know we are our own worst critic!

  19. I love seeing your art project, Jeanie! Most are so beautiful. And even the imperfect ones are lovely in their own way -- like the wonder picture of the Gypsy. So much love has gone into that!

  20. I love how you are working at your work, Jeanie. You are very special and so is your painting.

  21. I love how you have thought about a focus for your art activities in the summer months. That is a fun idea and likely to make for more finished work. I just may have to swipe that idea!

    I am especially fond of the sunset pictures. They are truly breathtaking. Both of them. Your ability to translate them baffles my mind. (Realistic is not my forte.) The Eiffel Tower rendering made me want to pack my bags. I so enjoyed seeing this post and the wonderful things you have been making.

  22. Your paintings are wonderful! The deer, sunset and Eiffel Tower are my favs. Enjoy your summer art!

  23. All wonderful works, Jeanie, especially the deer. But my fave has to be Herbie. He looks like a cute and friendly pal, and I'm sure he is too. Don't you agree that by the look of one's face we can sort of see through into their personality? :)

  24. gREeTINGS, Jeanie! ---so glad to see you came to visit! Thanks for the compliment---ha ha LOL--wanting to know how I stay so cool looking on a 97 degree day?---here's the "secret"---made those pictures SOON AS I WENT OUTSIDE.....while still clean and fresh. Within minutes I was sweat soaked and miserable....lOL. Continued the walk anyway---wanted to get the photos. But I was one hot/miserable puppy that evening and couldnt wait to experience the modern miracle of air conditioning. And a HUGE GLASS OF ICED TEA....heavy on the sweet and the lemon slices.
    LOve your are quite talented. Love those favorite being the beach but love the deer as well.
    I also love those pretty scarves you create. Those are very light and airy and pretty for summer. Look fun to make too.
    Happy weekend, my new friend!!

  25. Looks like you have had so much fun! That fawn is so cute!


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