Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Home Sweet Home at Christmas

Time to deck the halls! Join me for a guided tour!


Start in the hallway. The lights don't seem to work too well in the photo, but we have the wall tree and a small one on the table next to the angel with a bit of pretties dangling over the art in the entry!

Go straight and you're headed to the living room, the land of many trees.

This one is mostly "woodland" -- snowflakes and birds. It's one of two that comes down last, bringing some light into the days of January and February.


I'm a sucker for snowflakes, silver, white, birds and snowfolk. So of course this might be my favorite!

Or is the big tree my favorite?


Every ornament has a meaning. There are the three clothespin wise men made by a colleague nearly 40 years ago when I worked at a community dental clinic. The turkey topper is a puppet made by my friend Andrw when I was doing a puppet theatre production in grad school. Turkey Lurkey has been at the top of the tree for years! Of course travels are represented (there are more than a few Eiffel towers!)

This guy is one of the oldest, from the old family tree. I love his jolly elfin face!


My living room is long and skinny so there is a dining area at the far end. In the window, atop Grandma's marbletop end table is another winter tree -- this one stays up for a bit longer.

And against the wall the Solstice tree (which in this photo doesn't yet have the sun, moon and stars ornaments that now grace it!


The bookcases gets the treatment, too...

...and so does the top of the china cabinet.

The family room is another small one. This room is the reason I bought the house -- the knotty pine walls remind me of the cottage up north. Meanwhile, Lizzie can enjoy her bird's eye view of the feeder from the bay window.


There's a gas fireplace in this room but it is unreliable so this year I took a hint from Southern Exposure and put flame lights inside. I love the look and I think I'll leave it like that long after the holidays.

Standing on the hearth, a tall skinny tree. I call this one the "Mom" tree -- many of the ornaments were her favorites and if anything more gets added to it, it fits the theme of fairy tales and the warmth of the kitchen. About a year ago I wrote a story about the ornaments on this tree for this blog -- "The Giant Gingerman." You can see it here.


Opposite the fireplace on my little dry sink is a small tree and lots of lights.

And, to the left, yet another display. These battery branches from Tuesday Morning make for a perfect arrangement -- and one easy to move if I need the space for serving.

Take a quick left and you are in the kitchen.

There's not a lot of space here, but some sparkling silver, a little tree and a few cheery bits on the shelf make it pretty festive!


On the way down the hall to the bedrooms, stop in the bathroom! There's the "pink" tree with some vintage garland and bells, along with my favorite Santa. I call him Bruce because the twinkling eyes and great smile remind me of one of my favorite professors and mentors in grad school. (The pink gown? Not so much! Though it would be something to see!)

Here's a quick look at the "Dad" tree in my bedroom. Most of these ornaments reflect things he loved -- fishing, water, outside.

My big Santa sits in the window.

There are more than a few wreaths and swags in the house.

And even the clock gets it's share of decoration!

There are other spots of cheer too -- a snowflake painting that blocks a view of the kitchen clutter, the guest room "Angel" tree and a wee one in my office. Right now both of those rooms are such terrible messes that there's no way I'm even venturing in there with a camera!

Of course, my favorite decoration decorates the house every day of the year. She has recently chosen my rolling cart of Christmas cards and holiday tags for her current bed (along with my new totebag!).  Always keeping an eye out for Santa Claws!


  1. Jeanie, your blog is pretty all year round, but it's especially beautiful this time of year. It's hard to choose a favorite, but I really love that BIG tree. The best part of decorating the tree is the memories evoked by the ornaments, especially the ones given to us by old friends and family.

  2. Magical:)
    A wonderland of memories and whimsy and light.
    I love the way you go big:)
    Enjoy every single moment it, friend.

  3. Man, you are really into Christmas cheer. Lol.

  4. What a wonderland. Your house is exploding with Christmas cheer. Love the white tree.

  5. I just knew that I was going to be in for a treat and I was!
    Your enthusiasm, good cheer, and decorating finesse never ever disappoint!
    Gorgeous decorating and each Tree is magnificent!

  6. I thought my Mam used to go nuts with the decorations, but you make her collection look tiny. Plus, I'm certain she never decorated the bathroom...

    Wish I could see all your great decorations... They sound so beautiful! Also, I love how most of them have meaning or memories for you.

    We're putting our decorations up on Friday.

  7. Thank you for so much special Christmas cheer Jeanie!
    ♥ Your house is a beautiful wonderland ♥
    I know I missed alot while we were traveling.
    Happy December and thank you for your warm welcome back.

  8. What a treat to see your home as I sip my first cup of coffee. Wow! If I wasn`t in the festive mood yet I sure am now. Your home is a magical Christmas journey and I loved every bit of it. My favorite of your trees is the woodland one, too. And Lizzy has a bay window?? I won't even tell Audrey that. Have a wonderful day, Jeanie, enjoying your Christmas. Deb

  9. Lizzie looks a little wary of all this change! Your home exudes charm and welcome and warmth. I can't even imagine all the work you put into getting those trees up! I love that all the decorations have meaning to you. Merry Christmas from snowy Breckenridge!

  10. Your home is so festive and beautiful!! I love how every corner of the house gets beautified during this time of year! You definitely have a knack for decorating! My decorations are simple as I just have a tree at my place and no other decorations but some day when I have a house and more room, I will expand my collection. My condo is so picky with their rules that we aren't even allowed to put a wreath on our door! Bah humbug. ;)

  11. Oh Jeanie, your FIREPLACE! The entire house is ready! How ever did you do it? I'm done, and I started after Thanksgiving but it's very sparse. YOU HIT IT! Looks festive and beautiful. Have fun!

  12. Merry Chrismas Jeanie and to all your family also. I am intrigued, and hope you have time to enlighten me. Why do you have so many Christmas trees. I especially like your final decoration.

  13. Well, this is nothing less than exuberant! How jolly! I went to my neigbor's house for a season kick off and she was displaying her vast collections too! She is a gregarious person like you. Everything says welcome! Happy holidays!

  14. You really have a Christmas Wonderland in your home. It's nice you keep part of it up into the New Year.

  15. WOW, you really did a terrific job on all your trees. Love them all. I kinda went all out this year also - hate the thought of taking everything down.
    Enjoy your holidays.
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful trees with us.

  16. I wish I knew how to reply to no-reply bloggers! Molly M. asked why I have so many trees. It's a good question! When I grew up we had a tree in the living room and another in the family room, and when I got a little older, a small one in my bedroom. Then I moved out of the house and for a long while had only one tree -- a very small apartment. Eventually the Christmas collection grew as my parents died and I inherited all the decorations so I needed another tree! Then I moved and had more room, so I started to add -- sometimes very small ones, maybe a foot tall, sometimes bigger ones. When I finally had a house and a basement to store things all bets were off!

    That's the how. The 'why' is a little more simple. I love the lights. I love the prettiness of the trees. I love the memories they bring as I decorate them and the color and magic they bring into my world. It doesn't matter if they are small or larger -- each one has elements that build the story of my life, ornaments representing something we did or a special person. It's history -- and the history just spreads itself out a little! That's the not-so-short answer! I hope Molly M. sees it!

  17. What a beautiful Christmas house. Your decorating is gorgeous, Jeanie...

  18. Oh my word! Jeanie, your home is filled with such Christmas beauty and packed full of memories on each tree... How wonderful.. I will return again to enjoy all this Christmas cheer... I am in love with your fireplace....
    Wishing you and yours a Christmas filled with love and laughter..

  19. Wow, Jeanie! Every year I am in awe when you are showing your Christmas decorations! This is just unbelievable! How much time you must have spent to set all those trees and decorations up! And how much to put it away again... What a task...
    I am sure your house is gorgeous all year round but it must be stunning to explore it at Christmas time. I wish I could come for a visit ;-) Anyway thanks for the virtual tour!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

  20. You must have a really amazing organization to find the combined ornaments and lights for each tree every year! Now what about the outside of your house?

  21. Oh my! I could spend hours just strolling and looking around your house at your decorations. How utterly wonderful. I keep thinking of all the work to put together and then take down. Whew! I once upon a time had about 5 trees, but now just two. I love all your twinkly lights and pretties. Thanks for sharing with us.

  22. A MA ZING! it must take you days to put it all out! (and away) Soo lovely and fun. May your holiday be peaceful, healthy, joyful, and fun!

  23. Oh Jeanie, I wish we were neighbors so you could pop over and help me decorate! You home looks amazing with all the decorations. I see so many things I love, all of your trees are just amazing. I love the woodland tree, the big tree, the little white/silver tree. Your old family ornament has so much meaning, I love that. Your kitchen makes me want to come right over for a cup of hot cocoa and look at all of your Christmas journals. I finally finished my decorating, didn't do as much as I normally do. Thanks for the tour, your home is beautiful……...

  24. Congratulations on being a long time blogger; there aren't many of us out here...are there? I've been blogging more than 10 years and thoroughly enjoy the folks I've met along the way. Some when they came and some when they went...thinking here of those who sent me nasty e-mails after Dave died.
    Merry Christmas; have loved seeing your decorations because I don't at a premium and I'd rather see everyone's decorations than put up my own. That plus mine are all boxed somewhere.
    lol---this is Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm but using a different e-address

  25. Oh my . . .
    Magical . . .
    A house filled with with light, love, memories . . .
    I loved taking a look at "your touches" from your world.
    Merry Christmas indeed . . ,


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