Saturday, December 20, 2014

Seven Years -- and Counting

One December 20, 2007, I did my first blog post. Seven years and 1040 published posts later (plus a few in draft!) I am still at it and loving all the more this terrific community of creative and caring people who share their lives, their passions, their talents and their love with all of us, asking for nothing in return except, perhaps a comment. If you like!

So, I thought I'd hand out a few bouquets, a few virtual flowers to you all in these days before Christmas, with my thanks.

I couldn't resist going back to that first post, so embarrassingly short with no photos, an introduction of sorts. There were three comments. from Shelley (who doesn't currently blog but we stay connected on Facebook), Rosemary (whom I had the pleasure to meet last year) and Karla, who has become one of my "go-to" creatives for inspiration and whose swaps have introduced me to many other bloggers and enriched my own collection of art from others.

Within a couple of days, my comments increased! That was because several of my good art friends (including Beth, not currently blogging) shared the word! That's when I met Janet and Tara (whom I've also had the pleasure of meeting in person).

Of course, the more you blog, the more people you meet! When I traveled and I knew a blogger was in the area, we would try to get together. In the past seven years I have met at least a dozen bloggers I first encountered online. I have stayed in their homes, they have stayed in mine. We have shopped, eaten, played in paper and glue.

At times, my world has been opened, my heart broken or my soul lifted because of the words that you share when I visit your blogs. More than once I have audibly gasped to see the perfect photo or to read exactly the right words to help me sort out something I had been feeling or grappling with.

We have supported one another with our words and greetings. When I was very ill, surprise cards or gifts would come in the mail. They cheered me more than anyone could imagine. And to those of you who have supported my art with your purchases, well, you know who you are. And I thank you so much.

I've traveled vicariously around the world with you -- to France, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, England, Russia, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, India, Japan, Denmark and places throughout the United States. Some of these spots I've visited, but most I will see only through your eyes.

You have come to my dinner table in the form of recipes you have shared. Your generosity in sharing your creative ideas has taken me in new creative directions, trying things I never really thought about doing before. And I have been honored to support you in yours.

I have experienced great joys and delight with my blog community. I have also experienced grief and loss. And yet, those friends remain shining lights in my heart.

So, thank you. To those of you who popped in during my earliest days (and during the busiest time of year), I thank you. You may not even remember you did -- but I do.To those of you who visit but don't comment, that's OK -- but sometimes, just say "hi!"

Keep spreading your joy and sharing your heart and your light. Believe me, it does matter.

Note: I'm still catching up after having the flu and then Rick's trade show trip to Vegas -- so behind on the holidays that my holiday posts will probably be after! But I'm looking forward to seeing all of your "Merry," no matter how long it takes!


  1. Oh goodness, thank you for all these lovely blossoms, they sure make me smile, happy we are with every flower we see and especially smell! Enjoy your holidays and take time for you, blogging survives as well as dust! We're all pretty much caught in the struggle of not enough time! Yikes! Bring out the chocolate!

  2. Oh, has it been that long! I've been going since 2008. Thank you for the flowers and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Congratulations! My only regret when I read this is that we have never met in person... even though we live only a couple of hours apart. How about we don't let that go on for another year?


  4. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful blooms, what a great way to brighten a winter day. I do hope you're feeling much better now. Here's to many more years of blogging!!!

  5. What gorgeous bouquets of love. Happy seven years, Jeanie, and wishing you 7x7x7x etc. etc. more.

  6. Happy Blogaversary! I always enjoy your photos and your words and your generous friendship.

  7. Jeanie, what a beautiful post, in words and photos! Love the bouquets, so magnificent! I love to blog, but haven't been doing it as much recently as I want. Not sure why. But I'm coming back soon, because I miss it and all of you. I'm sorry you've been sick but am glad you're getting better. Big hug! :)

  8. Wow, 7 years! Well done! I wonder how long I've been reading your blog? 4 years? Longer maybe? It's hard to say. I love that we share a love of France, it's nice to have someone to gush about Paris to that totally gets it. :) And I have to say that you leave such meaningful and thoughtful comments, and I appreciate the guidance and support you've given me, especially over the last couple of years. I hope that our paths cross some day so we can meet in person!

  9. My goodness, this post is so lovely in every way that it brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat, I am truly touched Jeanie by your heartfelt words and beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and all the beauty and inspiration with all of us that have the opportunity to pop over and visit your world and your great big infectious smile. You make our worlds a better place and I am grateful!

  10. Thank you all the wonderful photos you always share with us. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog from the beginning and hope to be reading it for years to come. I haven't been a very good blogger of late but I love visiting you here at the Gypsy.

    Merry Christmas, Jeanie!!

  11. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  12. Lovely, lovely flowers - I always enjoy popping over here as you inevitably brighten my day. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jeannie - and here's to many more blogiversaries!

  13. Congrats on your anniversary! You've always been a friendly blog neighbor to visit with.

  14. Congratulations on your many years of blogging! Your posts are always uplifting with such beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing with us your lovely bouquets of flowers and words. And thank you for being there for me when I most needed the love and support of all my blog friends. Even though I was away from the blogging community for a while (I needed some time to regroup), I felt an instant warmth and welcoming when I finally came back a couple of months ago. This huge little world is everything you said it is, and I missed it more than I knew. So happy to be back, and so happy that you still want me to be here with you. :)


  15. Your blog is always beautiful and inspirational in both words and photos. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Jeanie.

  16. Oh Jeanie! GORGEOUS COLOR HERE in the midst of white!

    My friend, it was seven years ago this coming January 1 that I hit that PUBLISH button too! And the grace and friendship that resulted in that is phenomenal. May you enjoy many more years of the connection between like minds. And thank you for always coming over to are so kind. MUCH LOVE! Anita

  17. Happy Blogiversary! :-)

    What a gorgeous post. How I need COLOR at this time of year!

    So glad we met. :-)

  18. What gorgeous flowers - thank-you! I love your blog and usually have the desire to comment, but I read it first thing in the morning so I don't always have time... know that your readers love your posts even if we don't comment (I'm sure you do), and congratulations and thank-you for your blog!!!

  19. There have been so many experiences over the years, haven't there? They certainly have been as varied as the blossoms you've placed here. Just a couple of weeks ago, someone landed on my blog from oh's blog. Of course I haven't a clue who it was, but I liked thinking it might have been Diana herself, just checking to make sure we're keeping up the traditions!

    Merry Christmas to you, congratulations on your seven years -- and here's to seven more, and seven more after that. If you're still not tired of it at that point, we'll renegotiate for another seven!

  20. Congratulations Jeanie on your 7th Blogaversary! Your tribute post in words and pictures is beautifully shared from the heart...thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you & your love ones!

  21. Oh Jeanie, when you enjoy doing something time goes by in a flash. I’m so happy our blogging paths crossed because I have enjoyed all your posts since we met. Sure glad you are feeling better, and I look forward to your Christmas posts. Thanks for so much beauty in this post!
    Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season.......

  22. Congratulations dear is no small task to keep a blog going that long and you put so much into your posts too!
    I started the same year in October and can hardly believe the passage of time.
    Here's to many more years of great connections...inspiration and sharing!

  23. Congratulations on the blog anniversary! Good for you. So sorry I have been slow at visiting. The flowers are just gorgeous. I will try to do better in the new year. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  24. A belated happy blog anniversary, Jeanie! So happy to have "met" you online and then later in person, in both Paris and Amsterdam.

  25. Belated happy blogiversary! I love all the flower photos you have shared here, and your message about blog friends. Thought of you as I placed your hand-made ornament on our tree and a tiny brush tree on the mantle. Merry Christmas!


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