Monday, December 1, 2014

Greens and Gardenviews

Some traditions are close to sacred for me and the annual weekend-before-Thanksgiving greens market in Northville, Michigan is one of them.

I can't remember how many years my friend Jan and I have hit this market in a charming town straight out of Main Street USA.]

This year it was sorely needed. Jan has been dealing with the stress of an aging parent and I was coming off of my art sale and all the prep that went with it.

Our day always begins with the market followed by a stop at two of our favorite stores and ending with dinner at our favorite restaurant in Northville for broasted chicken dinner. Dinner with the fixed signs (Taurus and Leo). It's what we do.

The market was good and we scored well with reasonably priced, beautifully made wreaths and arranagements. We also came back with a ton of ideas (which we implemented a week later!)

Then it was off to Pearphernalia, a gift store. I survived this one without damage but I was in love with their windows.

It appears that "woodland" is a big theme this year. I can work with that!

And the creche was one of the loveliest I'd ever seen.

And, I have to confess I was rather enchanted by these wonderful swans. Swans in the woods? Hey, it's Christmas -- it can happen!

Gardenviews is a must! Everything about this store is quality and simply beautiful. It was a spot to fall in love with Christmas.

Of course, all this beauty, merriment and indeed shopping, does get one in the "have to decorate and soak up the season" mentality. So more on that later.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a couple more photos of the mystery...

...and magic of the season.

Indeed, I think I hear sleigh bells...

Distant and very faint. But the jolly old elf will soon be here!


  1. Lovely place indeed, this was just like being there myself! I grew up in the Lansing and other surrounding areas, so I do know just how beautiful and quaint so many little towns are around there. What fun.

  2. Wish I could have tagged along,everything looks so festive and inviting.

  3. I live the last Santa, his shiny cheeks and popping eyes :) what a happy gift giver!

    You are right, everything in the shop is quality. I like those figures especially the small white puffy penguin.

    The wreaths are pretty, I can almost smell the spirit if Christmas. Here they don't sell real trees yet because people put up Christmas tree for New Year, and Orthodox Christmas which comes after New Year in fact.

  4. Hi Jeanie! Susan from Bear Swamp Reflections here! I'm back to blogging and wanted to stop and say hello.

    What a beautiful little town! It's getting me into the decorating spirit, which is a good thing because the grandkids have been asking since Friday when we're going to decorate the house for Christmas. I'm not sure where I'm going to put my snowman collection this year as I don't have a mantel on my upstairs fireplace, so I'll have to get creative, I guess.

    Have a great day!


  5. There is such a charm about Main St. America, isn't there my dear? What lovely pictures and thoughts of going out to prepare for our nests. Much love to you today! Anita

  6. What a fun tradition! This sounds like such a charming area - I love places that have cute downtowns like that. I love all the wreaths! We can't hang wreaths on our doors in my condo building, but if we could, I'd have one up as I love them! I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations! I am not going to be around all that much this month so I didn't put everything out, but I did get my tree up and it looks glorious!

  7. I love your photography!

  8. Great photos. And, it sounds like a delightful tradition.

  9. Totally loving the woodland creatures .
    Wonderful photos.
    Happy Holidays !

  10. Broasted chicken!!! It's so retro I can't imagine you have a place that still has the equipment to do it.

    best... mae

  11. This looks like my kind of day. Everything looks beautiful and so festive. I wish I had someplace near here that would put me in the mood. This year I'm just not feeling it.

  12. I love the shop window.

    I can see that you were in your element there, open market, pretty knickknacks, a good meal and a friend for company.

    Not a bad day all in all. But a bit early for me. If I go all overboard now what’ll I do when Christmas comes?

  13. Oh what a wonderful day this must have been. The greenery was just beautiful. I bet it all smelled so good! Those shops. Wow. We don't have any great shops like that around here. This post is making me get into the Christmas spirit.

  14. Looks like a fabulous day! What a great place and all gussied up for the holidays - beautiful!

  15. This is what I don't get to experience here... Christmas markets and traditions like this. I mean, markets with traditions, and not your run of the mill Walmart parking lot type. What a beautiful market you get to visit every year. Although I know you can fully utilize your talents and make your own wreaths and ornaments. And on another note, I was trying to send you an email but was sent back 'failure of delivery' note. It's about your address is not working. I sent it again to see if this second mail reach you. Please check.

  16. I would especially have to bring home the greens, just gorgeous and we can never have enough of the greens for the holidays. Everything is gorgeous!

  17. Those wreaths and arrangements are gorgeous. Nothing like red and green to say Christmas. Don't you just love charming, little towns. A very nice way to spend a winter day.


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