Monday, November 3, 2014

Cleveland -- Friends, Family and Food!

There's lots to love in the Cleveland area -- and I don't mean just my family (although they're the best part to me)!We started our road trip in a stop at Tony Packo's in Toledo for lunch. You can't beat the good hot dogs (and Rick will tell you, the chicken) at this restaurant that came to even greater attention when Corporal Klinger of "MASH" sung its praises.


Our lodgings were at the Inn of Chagrin Falls. It was a historic building located in this charming town which reminds me of Disneyland Main Street. We had the Canary Room and its white wicker and cheery yellow decor made for a relaxing spot to land and bright place to awake.

Included was a continental breakfast in the adjoining dining room.

A comfortable sitting room made for a great spot to curl up with a good book!

I wish I'd had my camera when we had dinner at Cousin David's. Bonnie's chili was delicious and it was a great way to start our visit. The next morning, I enjoyed my walk in downtown Chagrin with visits to some of my favorite shops and a look at the falls. Even though it was a gloomy day, the colors were bright.

I couldn't help but think that Mark and Katie picked a great weekend for their wedding. If their wedding photos turn out with color like this, they'll be amazing!

I made a quick stop at the Chagrin Falls Hardware Store which had a wonderful Halloween room, which I featured in my "Halloween Party" post. And it wouldn't be right if I didn't make a stop at the Herb Shop!

Rick and I met one of his business clients for lunch before the wedding. I had met him the night before and enjoyed a second chance to hang out with lively conversation and good food.

Well, you saw the wedding HERE. The morning after, we enjoyed family brunch -- bagels, fruit, blintzes -- at my cousin's house. (The groom's parents)

All the family was there and it was fun to chat without shouting over the DJ background!


Even Mark and Katie came! The newly weds were pretty happy -- and I suspect glad the hoopla was over!

Then it was off to my friend Jane's house, where we spent the next night. We were ready for dinner and enjoyed delicious pizza at the Vero Bistro in the Cedar/Fairmount area of Cleveland Heights.

In addition to salads, we shared three pizzas -- a classic Margherita, an Italian meat offering and one that had a friend egg in the center!


It was fun to peek over the railing and see them put in and remove pizzas from the brick oven!


When we came down for our gelato, we had an even better view.

All that fire led us back to Jane's to have a fire in the fireplace -- perfect for a cool October night.

Jane has a 1919 house and as a historic preservationist she maintains that with her furnishings and decor. Rick is sitting in front of part of her cookbook collection. In this case, the books go floor to ceiling. And there are more elsewhere!


And it was off to bed. One more very meaningful bit of our trip coming soon!


littleRamstudio said...

Looks like another great break away.
Great photo's as ever.
Do like those lace curtains too!
|Heather :)

psychelyn said...

That certainly looks great. Everything in this post, people get together, nature with absolutely stunning colors, food which made me want to eat even just after dinner, a great place and for sure a good time for you and your husband.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Love your photos and the stories behind them! It looks like the continuation of a glorious weekend!

I was particularly interested to see some of the sights and highlights of Cleveland since my only surviving college roommate (now an attorney in Atlanta who will turn 70 tomorrow!) is from that area -- Bedford Heights, as I remember. But I recall her talking about Chagrin Falls and the trees in autumn and now I have real pictures to illustrate some of those old memories! Thank you!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your room at that inn is so cute and charming! What a great home base for a fun weekend. The fall colors are so beautiful, what a perfect time of year for a wedding.

My aunt Barb, who co-hosts (and does the heavy lifting) for Julia Child Night also has a cabinet of cook books. It's impressive and so fun to poke through them when we plan JC night!

Jeanie said...

You have a talent for finding the best of the best wherever you go. It looks like you had a great time.
The furniture at the inn looks just like the furniture my oldest daughter had growing up...I think some of it is still around in a bedroom in her basement.

Beth Leintz said...

Lots of interesting things to comment on but of course my first thought is of food. I'm loving this trend of throwing an egg on top where youd never expect, pasta, salad.

Jenny Woolf said...

What a nice happy post, Jeanie, and as so often it is bright and colourful too. I love yellow so that room would have suited me well -and the food looks great. But family and friends are always best of all.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Looks like a lovely family visit!

The French Hutch said...

What a beautiful time of the year to enjoy your trip. The inn looks great, comfy and cozy. Your scenery is stunning with all the fall color. Family, friends and weddings always add up to a great time! Thanks for sharing. Hugs..............

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Cleveland, but David and I do like to watch that great basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, on TV. So much to enjoy in this world!

Joanne Huffman said...

Looks like a really fun trip. We really lucked out this Fall with beautiful foliage.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear Jeanie, what a GORGEOUS area Cleveland boasts! I never knew! And the colors are so vibrant this year, aren't they! AND THERE SHE twin, the BRIDE! WOW, I can't get over how much she looks like ME!

This is truly a magical fall for many of us. HAVE FUN and I look forward to more! Anita

must love junk said...

How fun! I love the shops in Chagrin Falls! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pix and commentary! Today I made Crock pot rubs w the tony packs sauce and it was delicious!

- Bonnie k

Vagabonde said...

The colors around the river are really beautiful – perfect for fall. Here we are still waiting a bit. The area you show us does not look in grief – “chagrin” is a French word that means “grief.”
I like the look of those pizzas too – look so yummy.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh such glorious fall color you've captured in your beautiful photos Jeanie!
Looks like a really special time with lots of yummy and memorable moments.
Funny we don't have pizza very often but Mr M is stopping at a fav pizza spot on the way home today with our Margherita (caramelized onions, roasted eggplant and the other classic toppings and boy am I hungry!)
and you had gelato too YUM!
ok hope to see the wedding but it may have to be after pizza pie.

Bella Rum said...

Congrats to Mark and Katie. It looks like you guys had a great time. The photos of the trees are beautiful. I hate to see fall end. The pizzas look yummy.

Marilyn said...

Oh my, what a wonderful place to stay and food all around to eat, even the hot dog made me hungry. Loved imagining sitting at Jane's in that chair by the fireplace. I can imagine it was a beautiful place to sit for a spell.

Barb said...

Jeanie, I've never heard of a fried egg in the middle of the pizza. Are you sure you didn't have more than one glass of wine? The leaves were fabulous for your visit.

paris parfait said...

What a lovely occasion with family and friends! And lovely shots of fall leaves/beautiful scenery as well. So glad you enjoyed your visit.

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