Saturday, July 12, 2014

Postcards from the Lake -- A Festive Fourth!

(I'm interspersing my "Postcards from the Lake" with "Paris In July" posts. I've been pretty much out of circulation but hope to check in with you all this week!)

Greetings from The Lake! The land of beautiful sunsets, crisp nights and warm-enough days, good food, family and fun!

I'm catching up a bit, swapping out between lake posts and "Paris In July" posts!

Our couple of weeks started out with celebrating cousin Bonnie's birthday.

This was done at dinner on their last day at the lake. I love festivities!

We had killer pasta, home made bread and loved every bite!Of course, we went through all the bread so the next day, Rick made more, giving one of the loaves to a neighbor who helped us with the start of a home-reno project.

I was glad I brought up several of my best basil plants and a rosemary, along with lots of fresh dill, which I hope is still surviving when I get home! All the tastes have been so much fresher because of it. That and a few flowers in the box and I feel pretty darned
 "at home."

Our lake fireworks were on the Fifth of July for whatever reason. (Being Saturday is my best bet!)

It wasn't the best of days -- but could have been worse. The sun did indeed come out but earlier in the day the Duck Family was visiting. The babies are getting big!

I loved watching them bob along on the waves. It was pretty windy, but they hold their own!

Then, of course, fireworks. The finale is always worth waiting for!

I find my lake schedule is so different from my "home" schedule. I'm in an "If-Then" mode. If it's cool in the morning, wear a sweatshirt; if cooler, then use the heater; if quite cool, start a fire. If you're hungry, eat; if not, then wait till you are. If you're tired, nap; if not, then don't -- stay up till you are! There is no clock to mind, appointments to keep. All of this means we often eat dinner rather late.

And it's rather nice.

I leave you with a local example of what I call "bad marketing." Whether this is the hospice house or their office, I can't say -- but don't you think they might have considered a different location?


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my, that first photo of the lake is simply breathtaking!
Such a good time to be had for all.
I must admit, of all the food I see here, my eyes are focused o that BREAD!
In response to your question of the location of the Hospice building. My comment would simply be.... WHAT were they thinking.. Very bad taste.
Enjoy your weekend

Barb said...

I like your way of following a "schedule" at the lake. Welcome to my life! Rick's bread looks delectable! I love basil but even potted, it doesn't do well here when I try to put it outside - I think maybe the nights are too cold. It grows like crazy in Denver, but I didn't plant any there this summer. That Hospice is pretty close to the end of the line - literally!

Jeanie said...

Food, family, fireworks and fun...looks like you've had the best of the best. Speaking of the best, that bread looks so wonderful. Glad you had such a good and relaxing time.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that first photo is stunning! I love lake photos - even more so because I know the person who is taking it is feeling that peaceful feeling that you feel when you are by a beautiful setting like that. Your schedule at the lake is my kind of vacation schedule. I love to just let the day take me where it will and to do whatever I feel like doing!

And yah, the location of that hospice is AWFUL.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Oh, Jeanie! Your pictures are breathtaking! Especially that first one! And everything looks -- just so fun and wonderful. What a great way to be spending the 4th (um, 5th) of July!

Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos, as always. The lake looks beautiful; the food looks tasty. And, the people look happy.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH....yes, I do think someone needs to reassess the location of this place! Oh dear that is too funny....

Jeanie, the holds so much magic for me! We are like children again as we skirt the shores, watching the ducks, even dipping our toes in the water. LIVE ON! Anita

shoreacres said...

You know I love the duckies. And the lake looks fabulous. There's nothing like a sunrise or sunset that has some purple with it.

As for Ye Olde Hospice? I'm not so offended. Of course, we have so many tiny family cemeteries around here, where towns, farms, freeways and such have grown up around them.
I confess it made me laugh, just like the prominent sign at the main entrance of a certain San Antonio cemetery that proclaims, "No Planting Without Permission!"

must love junk said...

Oh, I want a place on the lake! That looks so relaxing and fun (sigh)
And that last! ;)

The French Hutch said...

What a lovely way to spend the Fourth of July. Such a relaxing place and I love your schedule, do what feels right, no schedules and appointments! Great photos and the food had to taste really good while there. I’ve sure been enjoying all your Paris posts too..
Oh my, the last photo, I certainly think a different location would be better!

Bella Rum said...

It took me a second to "get" the last photo. LOL I guess you could say it's a convenient location. That first photo of the sunset just hits me where I live. So beautiful and so peaceful.

Linda Jo said...

Looks like a great time was had!!! And love those ducks!

Arti said...

Yes, your lake photo is marvellous, Jeanie. How I admire such a break, spending a vacation by the lake. Glad you're back home too... so we can connect again via the elusive Wi Fi. Also, the firework pic is wonderful too. Glad you'd enjoyed your July 4th. And the tomatoes and bread look so delicious. ;)

Tracy said...

Oh, what fun... I feel like I've been on a vacation just visiting here, Jeanie! Such wonderful photos--top one especially! And yes, the hospice location could have been a bit better. I'm sure the cemetery was there first. :o/ Such good food... mmm... Pass the bread & wine, please. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I personally liked that pasta with red sauce. Mmmmm. I think I'll make some tonight.
And that Hospice right next to the cemetery. No thanks. Lol.

Janet said...

I love this post from the beautiful sunset photo, to the delicious looking bread, the ducks, the fireworks, and finally something to make me chuckle. I guess it's not really something to laugh about but whoever decided that was a good location needs their head examined!

Mike Smith said...


Great pics as always. I particularly like the simplicity and composition of the flag on the beach.

Mike Smith

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