Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introducing Lizzie Cosette

I didn't mean for it to happen. But look at that face!
For the past few months I have been in a pretty significant depression. I keep thinking it's a good thing I was a theatre major so it doesn't show that much. But it does.
I was so grieving Gypsy's death. My health has been challenged with more recurring infections. The pace at work was intense. There were a lot of activities on the calendar. that while I had a nice summer in some ways, I rarely got to the cottage. And when I did, I was tired!
But then a friend called. She was fostering three kittens and the mom-cat found in an abandoned garage, no doubt dumped pregnant or shortly after the kits were born.
The kittens were an easy snatch. They had homes in no time. The first time I met mom-cat, we didn't bond. But the second time I knew the skinny little thing had to come home with me.
Lizzie Cosette. Elizabeth for the Queen; Cosette (named by Victor Hugo's number one fan, Rick) for the orphan adopted by Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables." (I guess that makes me Jeanie Valjeanie.)
Although, the other night as I was watching "Pride and Prejudice" on telly, I realized she has a lot of Lizzie Bennett in her, too.
Her big mouth -- she always has something to say and she is quick to take me to task!
I have taken to calling her "Lizzie One Note." At times, I think she should have been named after Ethel (Merman)
She loves to play in the blankets...
and dive under the pillows. 
And she was quick to learn Gypsy's sit-up trick.
The past few months have been a very rough go for me. I was so depressed about Gypsy. One would think she'd take that away with her antics and relieve that depression.
But they were so different. She made me miss Gypsy all the more.
But in time, we have become rather smitten with her. She's a loud purring bed buddy...
...a chatty companion...
...and has become a delightful office assistant.
So long as she doesn't get too close to the ribbons!
She has a variety of names -- Mademoiselle Cosette when she is playful...
 ...Elizabeth with a cautionary tone when the claws or teeth come out...
Lizzie One-Note for obvious reasons...
...Fizzy, busy, tizzy, dizzy Lizzie when she's in a playing frenzy...
...and Alley Cat when the street girl comes out.
I promise. I won't overdue on Lizzie posts. But bear with me for awhile! And say hello to Lizzie.


  1. So nice to meet Miss Lizzie Cosette! She's beautiful and I can see why she claimed your hearts. =^..^=

  2. So glad you guys found each other - she is adorable - and seems like she has quite a fun personality. It's amazing how pets can share our moods and know what we need.

  3. Oh, Jeanie! Lizzie Cosette is beautiful and unique. Of course, you'll miss Gypsy forever, but Lizzie Cosette's company will soothe some of the pain and give you some new life adventures. Don't worry about blogging too much about her! Any time you do, it will be a treat for all of us! Congratulations on the wonderful new addition to your family!

  4. Lizzie Cosette was meant to find you. <3

    And I agree about the comparison to Ms. Bennett b/c THAT'S a girl who knows what she wants! *sassy facial expression*

    Jeanie, you know that I love my sweet kitty, Sebastian. He's been my "rock" through so many of life's obstacles, especially the recent ones. I could never imagine trying to replace my boy. Yet, I also know that I would react as you have in saying goodbye to your Gypsy. You never sought out to replace him. (Frankly, could any kitty ever really "replace" him?!??) Instead, you were prepared--after years of practice with your orange boy--to welcome home Mama Lizzie and give her a renewed chance at happiness. And, if I know cats, Ms. Sassykitty is already repaying her love-filled debt to you for allowing her to be part of your family. <3

    P.S. You should probably pre-screen the new 'Les Miserables' movie before Lizzie Cosette views it. (God help us ALL if it's not to her theatrical standards!!) :P

  5. Jeannie - This darling cat knew she would be sharing your life long before you did. There is no escaping once 'your' cat finds you. She is beautiful and I have a real soft spot for mother cats who often have kittens while they are no more that a kitten themselves. She has a story and I'm sure you have listened to it over and over and now she just wants to make some wonderful memories with you. I'm sure Gypsy would approve. Hugs, Deb

  6. I love thinking of you as Jeanie Valjeanie. It's delightful to see all those great photos of Lizzie. I can't imagine not enjoying more posts about her.

  7. Well, there you are then. I knew you wouldn’t last long either, anymore than I did after Benno.

    That hole needs filling and Lizzie is a perfect fit. She’ll have you eating out of her hand in no time, you mark my words. She’s gorgeous.

  8. It's a new adventure for both of you. And that's what life is all about. She is beautiful and clearly full of personality. I look forward to more posts about her!

  9. Lizzie is beautiful and seems very vocal! (Our LuLu "talks" to us all the time.) I'm sure Lizzie is enjoying her new home, and she will be a good companion for you. No one can take Gypsy's place but Lizzie can help you heal.

  10. Welcome Lizzie....take care of Jeanie, she deserves it. Looks like you could use some loving too, love your chocolate smudges on either side of your wide mouth!

  11. Lizzie Cosette looks like she is full of personality. Your pictures show that she is definitely finding her way to your heart. You will never replace Gypsy....but I think there will be a big new place in your heart for this little girl that was lucky enough to find you.

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  13. She has the most gorgeous green eyes - what a lovely girl.

  14. Mademoiselle Cosette... Lizzie Cosette--what a sweet name, and what a BEAUTIFUL girl! I love her coloring--and that pink nose with the soft brown "moustache" is adorable...aaawww... LOVE to see her. She does look like she talks a lot. ;o) She looks very fun & spunky. I love a cat with a big purr. Our Charlie is like that. So glad you & Rick have found a new fur-companion to share you life with. So thrilled! And can't wait to see more of her & hear her stories. We're off to the US for Thanksgiving next week, and we'll be away several days. I look forward to catching up with you when we get back. :o) Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, my friend ((HUGS))

  15. Well, she's wonderful! She is so different from Gypsy! But that's a good thing..... her own "person"! ha! She is going to bless you greatly!!!!

  16. Jeane, you write about this sweetheart as much as you wish! Great pictures. Love the name. I know Lizzie will bring you years of companionship, love and happiness.

    I shared your post with the kitty clubbers I've kept up with.

  17. She is a sweet Lizzie for sure. She definitely looks like a talker. She is very different from Gypsy, but sweetness for sure. I just love her mouth and nose. Joey sends greetings too.

  18. I love the name! She is such a beautiful cat - I love her eyes! I am glad you have a new companion. I know no one can ever replace gypsy, though.

  19. I'm sorry you feel under the weather. Get well soon and sheer up I hope. Sending out warm thoughts that you can wrap around your tired body to heal.

    Love Lizzy even if I'm not a cat person at all. So it's fine by me to see her on screen....hihih.
    Enjoy the fun she's bringing to you and heal from your broken heart about loosing your beloved Gypsy.
    Soft hugs Dagmar

  20. Oh, my gosh! That's it! The sit-up trick! Dixie has just begun doing it the past month or so. I've tried and tried to get a photo of it, but I made the mistake of using the flash one night, and now every time I pick up the camera, she runs. We'll have to re-condition her, because I'd love to have a pic of her "begging for attention".

    Lizzie is just a beauty. You know that some of us never will see too many pictures of her, or hear you chatter too much about her, or Gypsy. It's just a fact. They're a part of our lives, and somehow manage to wiggle into our hearts in a way even the most beloved people can't. Who knows why? But it's a gift.

    I hope things slow down for you soon. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I'm tempted to start tsk-tsking about doing "too much", but I know better than that. Just pace yourself, and enjoy every day. And give Lizzie a nuzzle from Dixie!

  21. I love Lizzie-Cosette. She is just adorable. That little face is just too precious. Mostly I am happy you have a new little furry friend.

    I think of you and hope each day brings you new joy and peace. XO

  22. Awww, she is just so adorable!! Congrats!

  23. Ahhhhhhhh! Lizzie is adorable! What a funny little beautiful creature she is....I am very happy for you, my dear....I can see how she is a real!
    So very cute and full of life! And what a darling face sge she has....Beautiful eyes, too!

  24. Bonjour M'selle Cozette!
    Love her beautiful green eyes, what a flirty little thing she is.
    I know that there's still a huge Gypsy size hole inside of you but hopefully one day M'selle C will be able to fill it for you. Take care, my dear.
    Love, M

  25. Hello darling Lizzie
    You are about the luckiest moggy on this planet to have found Jeanie and Rick's place!
    I can see you've made yourself right at home and in no time you'll be running the show - just take it slowly at this stage!
    I'm impressed that you twigged so quickly to the No 1 trick and learnt to beg - that says a lot for your intelligence!
    Well dear Lizzie, I'm thrilled to meet you and I'm sure we'll have lots more moggy chats in the future.
    Love and cuddles
    from your blog friend and admirer
    Shane ♥
    PS Do you know any cats who have immigrated to New Zealand as that's where I live?!

  26. Meeps is quite jealous of this pretty girl. I see why you're smitten!

  27. oh, sweet new beginnings:)
    i'm so glad for your new friend
    and grateful for the lifting
    of the heaviness
    that had settled
    and send love and hugs
    and understanding.

  28. I think it must be very hard to give your heart to another animal - it doesn’t mean you love Gypsy less, but it somehow makes it more final that he’s gone. So although you love Lizzie, it’s in a different way because she is do definitely different.

    But it is good to open the heart once more and let that special bond occur again - new but still familiar.

    She is so pretty and feminine...enjoy her :) And do feel better, Jeanie!

  29. I love her beautiful green eyes! You've described her personality perfectly. I'm so glad you've found another feline companion to share your life with.

  30. She's precious... and I'm so sorry for your Loss of the Marmelade Gypsy. We lost our Beloved Cat, Rat Boy, after 20 years of being Unconditionally Loved by her {yes, Rat Boy was a Girl... long story}. Though we had the Bohemian Cat Boys Morris & Rusty, they are Ferals that Adopted us so that they had a place to hang out and get free kibbles whilst catching vermin on our acreage so its not quite the same as Unconditional Fur Baby Love from a Domestic. So... when Yul, a free spirited Stray Siamese, showed up and was tenacious about staying and Adopting us, I relented, AGAIN... I'm such an Easy Mark for the roaming looking to find a Human to manipulate... Yul thinks he's more Human or Dog than Cat and we ADORE him. I'll look forward to your Posts about Lizzie!

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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