Sunday, January 22, 2012

Furball Update

A number of you have asked me in emails "How's Charlie B. doing?," "How's the puppy?" and "How's Gypsy doing?"

So I thought it was time for a furball update.

Charlie B. first -- as you can see, he's much improved!

This isn't the best photo, but it sure describes the action he picked up after his Parvo treatment. He's a whirling dervish and I learned I need the flash to stop the motion!

He's picked up weight -- all muscle and very stocky!

He's definitely Kevin's dog -- he's learned to come, sit and (usually) shake hands.

But Molly is his gal-pal...

...and his Grandperson Rick is smitten, too!

We're glad he likes us, because we all have a financial share in his wellness! (Or will, after payday!)

Gypsy continues to do well with his kidney treatments. He still gets his subcutaneous 20-minute fluid dump every Tuesday. Juicy Tuesday -- the day I load him with electrolytes.

He's hungry all the time, which I understand many cats with kidney disease are.

He'll beg for treats like a crazy boy...

...and if that doesn't work, he plots a devious strategy to help himself!

First, he'll eyeball it, check to see if anyone looks like they'll stop him and then make the reach...

Mission accomplished! The tin tips, the gluttony begins.

(Let me add here that when unattended, we hide his tin. And, we don't give him regular treats -- we give him his dry catfood, which he doesn't digest so well as a meal, in exercise treats, tossing them down the hall or across the room.) I was pretty worried that when the tree came down, we'd find some in the quilt I use as a tree skirt. I should have known better!

The tree is down. Finally. It came down a week ago, with regret.

That said, my Winter Wonderland tree remains and will until close to the solstice. I love the light.

And finally, a comment on my most wonderful winter evening so far. Rick made pasta, Kevin, Molly and Charlie B. came over and they spent the evening. I even won at Scrabble (and that rarely happens -- Rick and Molly are killer Scrabblers!) I didn't want it to ever end. A moment I will freeze in time.

Soon, I'll share my Valentine tree with you! And with any luck, some Valentines!


Oh said...

the picture of Gypsy with his paw up - wins the heart (as if it weren't won already!)

And yes, not that the Gypsy should be jealous or anything but I'm in love with Charlie B from afar. What a little doll, and that tail! Please give him plenty of pats from this Midwest fan! So so glad he's growing and storming around!

Mae Travels said...

So glad to hear so much that's upbeat in your life!!

Patti said...

Your pictures are wonderful!! How fun to have the pictorals to chronicle their journeys. It sounds like you are having a very cozy winter. Take care!!!

Jeanie said...

Those are two very happy looking animals. I loved seeing Gypsy's determination to secure a treat.
I haven't played Scrabble in years but I used to love it (and I was pretty good).

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hooray for winning at Scrabble! that is the best feeling. :) And I love that you put up a valentine's day tree. Even though I have been single nearly every valentine's day, it's a holiday I love! :)

I am glad the pets in your life are doing ok!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Gypsy and Charlie B. look like such happy and well-loved animals! I'm so glad the pup is on the mend and bonding with all. And sweet Gypsy -- what a treasure. I'm glad the saline infusions are working out for him. He looks great! With our first cat Freddie, who developed kidney disease in his mid-teens, we kept him alive, happy and reasonably well with those. In time, we increased the frequency and, if cancer hadn't intervened, I think he could have lived even longer than his nearly 17 years. I hope you have Gypsy to brighten your days for years to come -- but also realizing that every day you have him is a gift.

Annie said...

Happy time with the furballs. Glad that thongs have improved.

Hey! You will get a kick out of this. My verification word is felons. Made me think of feline.

Janet said...

It's good to hear that Charlie B and Gypsy are both doing good. The photo of Gypsy tipping over the tin is so cute. My kitties only get a small amount of dry food each day. It's their treat.

Yea for winning at Scrabble. That's one game I really enjoy.

Luna und Luzie said...

Glad to read that Gypsy is doing well.
How fun he is helping himself to food!
Charlie B is a cutie!!!
To win scrabble is great! I think I should play it more!


Linda said...

Lovely update! Roxy is adorable. Gypsy is still King though! He's a mess! Looking forward to valentines!

Simply Happy said...

Awww they are adorable. Puppies are good for the soul. It is good to see Gypsy looking so well :)

beth said...

i love the furry babies animal do you get anything done with those sweeties around ???

Bella Rum said...

These are the cutest photos. Gypsy is hilarious.

I need to play more Scrabble. Good for the brain!

Tracy said...

Thank you for the fur update, Jeanie--loved this! Your fur-babies are so sweet! This reminds me that I've not shared our kitty Charlie at my place in a while. Can't wait to see your Valentine tree--great idea! Happy Week ((HUGS))

Joanne Huffman said...

Both Charlie B and Gypsy look beautiful (handsome, too); glad to hear they're doing well. How nice to have had such a delightful evening - congrats on the Scrabble win.

Sugar Bear said...

How fabulous to have a perfect evening! Sounds so lovely. I didn't realize a new little guy had joined the family. I'm too far removed from blogging these days! Happy to hear he is doing well and that Gypsy is too.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Grinning over your gorgeous
furry friends
(such kissable noses)
and grateful the little guy
is on the mend.
Winterness looks so cozy
in your corner of the world:)
And hooray for Scrabble
(I forget about that....thanks
for the reminder!)
Words for warming:)
enjoy the twinkle lights
as long as you can,

Barb said...

Glad Gypsy is doing so well - what a cute beggar she is. I wouldn't be able to resist. The pup looks healthy - thank goodness. Winning at Scrabble is something I haven't done in a long time. Maybe I should start playing with my little Grandkids!

Vagabonde said...

I love looking at the pictures of Gypsy – he is a gorgeous cat. Charlie B. is adorable and must be quite a little companion. Great pics of your pets.

Rosa said...

Aw, tell Mr. G that Mz. B sends her love.

Rosa said...

(my word verification was eatic) ew.

Marilyn said...

Wonderful to see the Furball and Gypsy there. Winning at Scrabble, good for you!

Ruth said...

It is a happy feeling to hear of the good health and spirits of Charlie B. and Gypsy, accompanied by your spritely photos!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh we LOVE Scrabble!
and those are two very happy looking fur babies :)

shoreacres said...

There's nothing better than seeing healthy and happy pets. They do bring such joy - you must smile all the time around there! It still amazes me that Gypsy accepts his treatment so well - I can only imagine Dixie's response.

I love scrabble, but haven't played in forever. I hear you can play online - wonder what that would be like?

jet1960 said...

Good to hear a fur baby update! I missed the puppy story but he is a cutie! I love our granddoggy! He always loves coming to Mimi's house! The photos and story of Gypsy are priceless!

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