Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cork Poppers Wine, Dine, Design!

You can't have a Cork Poppers gathering without an abundance of corks!

Meet this month's Cork Poppers "hostess with the mostest!" (Check out the wines we tasted HERE)

Some people make it look easy. Barb is one of them. Even the onions on the counter look like art!

Our wine group meets every couple of months, and we've seen beautiful tables and settings at every venue. But when we go to Barb's, the women get very excited!

We know we'll walk away with one of her centerpieces!

A floral designer in a previous life, Barb knows how to mine her own garden in season (and out, for that matter) and make the most of a bunch of roses.

Corks get flower picks and are included in the arrangement along with twigs from the yard.

And of course she has quite the collection of corks!

Barb knows how to do things simply, yet they look so perfect! I loved these vases and smaller crystal bowls and goblets filled with cork. She also made a garland, knotting corks together on rope. Wish I'd photographed that. She said it was easy, but I fear I'd have made a knotted mess!

You can count on the table looking just lovely!

Everyone gets their place card -- there was a distinct Leonardo feel to these!

Even the food matches the plates!

Of course we hover before seating, everyone making sure their dish is out and ready.

We line up at the counter, load our plates with an embarrassment of riches.

And then just laugh as we work our way through dinner and then dessert!

Our dinners are always great fun, filled with lots of laughter. This time, Barb provided the meatloaf, I came with cheesy potatoes, Anne had the traditional green bean casserole with fresh green beans, Dick had made bread and Meredith brought homemade peppermint stick ice cream and brownies.

Of course, all good evenings come to an end. As we looked out Barb's back door, the moon was a balloon, high above an inky sky -- nearly dark, except for a glorious brightness. We headed home (a centerpiece on my lap), and our memories were of wonderful wines, delicious food, and the beauty Barb brought to every detail.


Simply Happy said...

Hi Jeanie, balance is back in my life and I have enjoyed visiting your site. It is great to see that you are still enjoying life and surrounded by such creative people. Kind regards, Debbie

Deb said...

There is nothing more special than to spend time with friends. These photos are great and worth framing. Love the corks in the bottles. She does know how to entertain. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

It looks like a perfect evening: wine, good food, good friends and a view! Thanks so much for bringing us along. I can just taste those potatoes! Your pictures are just beautiful!

anno said...

It always amazes me how a simple idea can elevate the mood of the table and put everybody in a more festive frame of mind. Suspect it has something to do with imagination: the ability to see the possibilities of the materials at hand, together with some natural empathy for the guests who will be arriving. Love this table, Jeanie -- and the dinner sounds delicious!

Barb said...

Jeanie - sounds like a great night with friends - lucky you to win the centerpiece! (I have a recipe for homemade peppermint ice cream - it is yummy!)

Bella Rum said...

Great phtots, Jeanie. I love to peek in on other people's interiors.

What a beautiful table. Isn't it nice when someone has a knack for that sort of thing. It makes it special. I would like to have seen the cork garland. People are so creative.

My sister-in-law worked in a florist when she was younger and she makes the prettiest flower arrangements for our family dinners.

Janet said...

I envy people like Barb who can entertain so beautifully and make it look effortless. That's a true art.
It looks like a wonderful evening with yummy food, good friends and wine.

Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds like a wonderful time.

Marilyn said...

I love her flower arrangements and even the corks in glass. So pretty. And the table is lovely too. I think I must have been looking at this same moon, it was amazing.

shoreacres said...

Every time I see your posts the phrase "an embarassment of riches" comes to mind. What a blessing to have such friends, and so much enjoyment.

Well, and peppermint ice cream and brownies, too! You can keep the centerpieces - those are the goodies I'll have!

Retired English Teacher said...

This sounds like great fun. What could be better? Combine good friends, good food, good wine, creative settings, one of a kind centerpieces, and a group of people who love to get together, and you have the recipe for a wonderful evening, and, as a bonus, you have something great to write about on your blog!

Friko said...

Wonderful, I wish I could join you!
I'd be very happy to test any wine you care to mention, so long as I don't have to spit out the tasting.

I'd also be happy to bring a dish to share. Perhaps I should start a group round here.

You will have noticed that I followed your blog for a while. I've removed myself again because I like reciprocity. Having left again doesn't mean that I don't enjoy your blog, though.

Beth said...

I have missed reading your posts on your wine tasting parties! And wow,,your friend Barb does make some beautiful arrangements. I have a hard time throwing away corks,,I Love how she has collected them in the tall vases. Bing,,,new idea for my corks now!! Thanks so much!
Lovely picture of the moon too. I saw it on FB and Loved it then too.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Looks like a GREAT Evening...Everything looked Beatiful and so "artful"....!
There is something about corks---they have an 'artful' look when they are all together like that...!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful evening with us.

Oh said...

And of course you rock the photo scene - everything looks the name cards and cork collections.

And love the care that goes into Barb's tablescapes!

Lovely gathering. Excellent reason!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a fun group! I love that you have this tradition. The tablescape was beautiful and I adore those fun, vibrant plates!!

jet1960 said...

Always enjoy reading about your good times! I absolutely love that last shot of the moon!

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