Friday, April 22, 2011

Almost Easter!

It's almost Easter at my house, so I thought I'd show you a few of the pretties around the house to celebrate!

Petals from that wonderful parrot tulip look like a crystal bowl of lettuce for the bunnies.

This is atop the entertainment unit -- the little butterflies came from a trip to North Carolina years ago, and the rest of the Easter from any number of spots.

I put the ivy up here in the fall, thinking it would go through Christmas, but it makes a lovely backdrop for just about anything.

OK, maybe in the summer it will come down for a bit! But a little nest here and there -- that could stay!

I've been filling the house with flowers -- loved this massive pussy willow branches.

And it wouldn't be Easter without the egg tree.

I only did a little one this year -- most of the eggs are hanging from the chandelier. But here's a little basket of painted eggs. I'll supplement with my dyed ones over the weekend!

Of course, there's still time before Easter to bring up everything else! A bunny for the bathroom, baskets for the bedroom. It doesn't end, does it!

And, if these little fellows are looking snappy, they will find a spot in a centerpiece. I'm not sure if this week's snow (followed by a thunderstorm the next day) will make it so far!

Do have a lovely holiday!


Deb said...

Wow! Love all the decor at your beautiful home. The tree, the eggs oh my! This is my favorite holiday and we will be enjoying the whole family around the table. I loved the little bird nests. So pretty!
I'll be posting Easter from here too and I wish you a very Happy Easter with your family. Love to the Gypsey.

beth said...

i hope the easter bunny is good to you :)

Jane said...

Always love to see what you do for the holidays. I'm a little late this year but made a major Easter decor run to World Market this week. Glad I did, Katie and John both came home earlier than I expected so the house was decorated. Yes, even the kids at 21 and 27 love it when the house is decorated or is that just me?

Mae Travels said...

We are starting a big trip west tomorrow, but I'll be looking forward to your post with your Easter Eggs. My mother always made beautiful ladies with paper hats and lipsticked mouths. It sounds bad but it worked!

Oh said...

Dear Friend, Visiting here makes one say "ah" with delight. I am sure you have the home that everyone wants to visit, to stop by. It's lovely to see all these Eastery treasures (and the Gyp). It is a treat.

It's been a crazy week here in STL. So much to fill you in on.

and by jove, i think we'll do some Easter eggs. We hadn't planned to, but look at the fun! and the results!

Happy happy Easter to you and Rick and Boys! And Gypsy.

Jeanie said...

The little bunny in the first picture sets the tone for all the beautiful things that followed.
I hope the jonquils survived.

Joanne Huffman said...

Easter greetings! Love the photos of your decorations. I have a few bunnies around the house and plan to keep them up all spring.

Annie said...

I just love what you do to your home in all of its season, Jeanie. This is my year to start doing the same. Now that the declutter project is becomeing a very big light at the end of a long dark tunnel, this is part of my to do list for this year to express myself and the joy of life. You are a real inspiration.

Janet said...

Happy Easter, Jeanie!! As always, your house looks so festive for the holiday.

Retired English Teacher said...

Your house looks so beautiful. I love your creativity. Isn't nice to fill the house with springtime by adding flowers? Happy Easter!

Relyn said...

What a lovely home you have. And, oh! I love parrot tulips. Happy Easter, my friend, happy Easter.

Linda said...

Have a beautiful Easter, Jeanie!

Bella Rum said...

You're Easter decorations are lovely. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love the copper vase. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful Easter, Jeanie.

Dogwood said...

i love the pretties at your house.
i especially like the spotted eggs and ceramic rabbit.
have a wonderful Easter day.

Hi to Gypsy!

Anya said...

Happy Easter to all from
Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<
Anya :)



Sandy K. said...

I love the nest and eggs, and the colored eggs as well. I do hope those beautiful yellow posies lost their frosty look!

Thank you for stopping by, and YES, I do know Bob Sheap very well:). What a small world!

jet1960 said...

Pretty, pretty! You always do a great job decorating!

shoreacres said...

How I loved seeing the pussy willows, and the snow-covered flowers. Our spring is lovely, but the changes aren't so noticeable as in more northern climes. Bringing in pussy willows and forcing the forsythia were springtime rituals in our house.

Now and then, we'd even get snow-covered tulips for Easter. They were as beautiful as your daffodils!

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