Monday, March 28, 2011


Because at the moment I feel totally silly and bereft of deep thought, I decided we'd play a little game.

And yes -- there is a prize! To be determined, but something fun!

I love blog comment verification words. Well, no -- let me rephrase that. I hate typing them in, but I am always amused by some of them. So I started a collection. And for some, I started making up definitions.

For example "Booprep." This is now what I call all the tedious elements of getting a project going. Gluing on backgrounds, for example. Gessoing a canvas -- plain white, nothing creative. Just booprep.

The contest is my own blogger version of the Dictionary game! Below are some of my favorite words I've picked up over the past three months of visiting your blogs.

Come up with a definition of a word in a comment! If you want, use it in a sentence! One entry per comment, but you can come back and pick another word to increase your chances to win!

This contest will close on March 31. On April 1 (since this is a "foolish" contest), I will pick a winner from all entries.
























Have fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Sugar Bear said...

How fun! Such a good idea. I have to put my thinking cap on.

Karen Owen said...

This is fun! I have noticed a change in these "words" over time. At first, they were just gobbledy gook, but then they became almost words that they made you do a double take as you have done. Okay, here's mine.
EATIO (e-sho) A ratio of the amount of food one should take in within a day, according to body weight and age.

Barb said...

Feralies = wild families

If you invite too many feralies to the party, you'll be sorry.

Barb said...

Eatio = an outdoor space dedicated to gluttony

The eatio was jammed with corpulent people intent on their heaping plates.

Sorry - but I could do this forever...

jet1960 said...

Cute idea! scozying-act of becoming comfortably ensconced on your sofa with your pets, often accompanied by a period of snoozing.

jet1960 said...

I might add to that last comment, one of my favorite states of being!

Another one: ra-c-typo = errors made while using a keyboard resulting in a naughty statement not intended orginally.

Marilyn Miller said...

rookito: Where little birds live in a group. The chickadee said to the sparrow, come join me in the rookito. We are having a party tonight.

JR said...

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Joanne Huffman said...

undunder: the unexpected surprises/treasures found at the very bottom of a pile while cleaning. The undunder included a half forgotten love letter and the phone number of a childhood friend.

anno said...

What fun! Was definitely in the mood for this.

uncean: the typo you miss. "Her work was filled with uncean errors."


endospi: the kind of person who reads the last chapter of a book before working his or her way through the beginning or middle.

Bella Rum said...

Fun! Just what we need as we wait for spring to arrive.

therstes - members of a group who suffer from dehydration.

Relyn Lawson said...

This is awesome! So VERY, VERY awesome!! I LOVE it!

Here are a few, off the top of my head:

Hey, were we supposed to use the words you provided? I am going to assume yes. Here goes:

lastr - the type of personality that chooses to be last for everything, even if it means being late for everything.

Here's my word verification:
suppari - This is a type of party where everyone eats soup out of tiny bowls.

moxtaxi - this is a slang term for a taxi with moxi. They typically are painted fire engine read and purple. Lots of moxi!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Rookito = a person that possesses a detectable zest for life.

This reminds me of playing Balderdash! I haven't played it in ages!

Annie Jeffries said...

Last one was a kick. Dope leaned on by a kob. That would be a foolish person being picked on by a corny person.

I'm late. Don't include me. Just had to jump in though.


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