Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Masks -- Something Sweet

And you thought just because I stuck another post or two in there that I was done talking about masks!

Ah, you'll have to endure a few more mask posts over the course of the next year! And here is another.

Do you like this one?

How about this?

Or this one?

Perhaps you'd like to wear this one to a masked ball!!

And if you did, someone might bite your nose off!

You see, these are all made from chocolate!

All of these masks -- and the sculptures on which they are displayed -- were crafted from chocolate for the MSU Museum's annual chocolate party. In addition to having vendors from area candy shops and bakeries offer samples of everything, ranging from mousse to turtles, fudge to cupcakes, truffles to scones -- and everything in between -- a number of pastry chefs create these chocolate sculptures.

I confess, I love a good cooking contest. "Next Food Network Star" is my favorite show on TV and if I happen to turn on and catch "Chopped," "Worst Cooks in America" or "Iron Chef," I am a willing captive. One I always find amazing are the cake challenges, where everyone is working to a theme.

Well, this theme worked big time. I can't tell you who won -- we didn't stay that long.

(After all, all that chocolate can be a bit too much! Really, it can!)

Then there is the panic of "what if I run into my Weight Watchers leader?" (Of course, she'd probably think the same thing!) And I'd probably grab one of those masks, put it on my face and just keep walking!

But it was a delightful event, and I had to share these beautiful creations with you. After all, you deserve something sweet! Or even a rose!

I really need to find some of that metallic looking powder -- beautiful!


Bella Rum said...

Oh, I can't believe it. Such creativity. They're beautiful.

.... I'm a food network addict and a chocolate addict. Yes, I admit it.

Jeanie said...

I am, again, amazed by how creative people can be. These are really amazing.

Jeanie said...

That was way too much "amaze"...let me say I am impressed with people's creativity.

Mae Travels said...

These are beautiful masks -- I love all kinds of masks, especially African and Afro-Caribbean ones.

Retired English Teacher said...


Marilyn said...

Beautiful chocolate! Wow and in masks too.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh - I can't believe those were made out of chocolate! Wow! There are some talented people out there!!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I loved them just as masks. When I learned they were chocolate masks - just, WOW.

anno said...

Incredible! Love the unleashed creativity here -- that, at least, was definitely unmasked! And chocolate, too? Amazing.

Joanne Huffman said...

Great masks - even if they weren't made out of chocolate. Since presentation is such a part of food, I'd say they're all champions. I don't think I'd be able to eat any of them, bit I'm not really sure about that. I love the metallic look of the rose. Delicious and very sweet post!

shoreacres said...

No waffling here. You bet I could eat them! I always was the one who ate the frosting roses off the cake.

The masks are beautiful. And even though they were for a "chocolate event", how appropriate that they appeared during the season of canival. On the other hand, "carni vale" does mean farewell to the flesh, and munching my way through those would add to the flesh, not subtract. Not what I'm hoping for these days.

Now I'm drooling.

Janet said...

Wow! All that chocolate in one place. What some people can do with food just amazes me! I'd never think to "create" with chocolate....but then I'm not much of a cook!

Ruth said...

I would not have guessed they were chocolate.

I laughed out loud about the Weight Watchers leader. :D

Lena said...

These are incredible, and make me think about how artistic everyone can be in life. We simply have to find the materials that speak to us. The theme is a wonderful one. Open to such a large variety of interpretation.

I love to visit candy and cake decorating stores to see all the materials available. Next time, I'll have to look for some of that powder.

Wrightboysmum said...

I thought this was a museum post until you mentioned chocolate, stunning work. I was giggling at you hiding from your WW leader behind a mask though. What if that fab smell overwhelmed you and you took a bite giving the game away lol.

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