Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Birthday Greeting!

A break from France to talk about two things near and dear to my heart -- the Tour de France and Rick's birthday!
In our household, summer means time at the lake and Myrtle Beach, a gentler schedule, a garden that sometimes looks great, and the Tour de France!

(This painting from Musee Carnavalet titled "Les Six Jours" by Alexandre Ganesco, is a race other than the Tour, but it's as close as I could come!)

(For an interesting blog about a fellow from Chicago who is following this year's Tour on his own bike in France, meet George the Cyclist!)

Bicycles are Rick's life. I suppose if someone was holding a knife to his throat, he'd choose me or the kids over the bike. I think. (Although I wouldn't always bet the farm on it, especially in the summer!)

So, on this birthday day for my biker boy, I celebrate him, hoping the sun shines on a long ride, where he can be Lance or Levi or Contador or whomever he wants to be, flying down the road on the seat of a bike at 25 miles per hour, working up a sweat and feeling very happy indeed.

As part of my celebration, we had a birthday gathering for him last night as part of his regular Tuesday night ride.

Three generations of bike riders were there -- from college kids through seniors, on whose shoulders, Rick says, the rest of them stand.

The kids helped cook burgers and I made the food (lower-fat broccoli and seven layer salads, broccoli slaw, orzo salad, corn salsa for chips and bezillions of cupcakes).

Kevin (in the blue shirt next to the pretty girl we adore called Molly) helped with the burgers and cleaning up the patio!

It was the Tour de Rick!

Joe was one of many who signed the poster.

Greg started sketching folks.

And finally Rick blew out a candle, we ate and everyone packed up and rode home!

So, what lies in store for his "real" birthday tonight? I guess we'll have to see, because I'm not scooping anything to the birthday boy who reads the blog!

Happy Birthday, Biker Boy. Just stay on that seat!


jet1960 said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your fellow! Nothing like good food with family and friends who love you! Hope he continues to have a wonderful birthday.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Happy Birthday to Rick! You've written him a lovely tribute.

Judy Winter said...

Happy Birthday, Rick! Have a wonderful day!

Relyn said...

What a terrific birthday celebration. I really love that card. Today is my first day home after two and a half weeks of no blog visiting and very little blog posting. I'm suffering major withdrawals, I assure you. It's good to "see" you again.

Linda said...

Happy birthday, Rick! What a great party! And what a great looking bunch!!!!!!

BONNIE K said...

Leave it to me to focus on the food, but that spread looks wonderful! I wish I were there to have helped Rick celebrate!

Mary Timme said...

Happy Birthday Rick,

May you ride long and prosper!

ols1 said...

I hope the sun shines on a long ride too :)

Herzblatt said...

Happy Birthday to Rick and yesterday I mean to see him behind Amstrong....:-))
Or was it a Fata Morgana????

...... Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday, Rick! You share it with a very special person - my youngest child, Christine!

Love all the photos!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Rick. Hope the next celebration was as rockin' as this one was.

Joanne Huffman said...

Happy Birthday to Rick! Looks like a fun gathering. I bet you've got something great planned for tonight.


Sandy said...

First of all, I LOVE orange cats. I've had two orange dogs (goldens) and have always wanted an orange cat.

Next, Happy Birthday, Rick!! Looks like you had an awesome birthday celebration. Hope you have a great year and lots of great rides.

BTW stopping by via Mama K.

anno said...

Belated birthday greetings to Rick! I hope he enjoyed a wonderful day; it sure looks like it got off to a wonderful start!

paris parfait said...

What a fantastic birthday celebration! Hope he's able to watch the Tour de France. Today is the most crucial stage on Mont Ventoux. And tomorrow they all come to Paris.

Beth Leintz said...

Oh yes, we're in the thick of the Tour, too. I've watched it with DH for years, but I still don't really understand the "break away" and the peliton and the strategy of it all.

Your comment about you don't know which Rick would choose- you or his bike- I thought I should send you a link to my husband's last blog post:

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