Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Easter in My Cozy Rooms

If you follow me, you saw some of my spring decorating fling HERE. But for me the two coziest parts of my home are the family room and kitchen. Well, OK, the kitchen isn't that cozy -- it's just very small. But a few years ago I painted it a sunny yellow and I try to get as much holiday in it as I can!

Above is some of my Hall China collection -- Tulip and Crocus patterns. (I love how the small salt and pepper shakers on the top shelf look like eggs!). Those, combined with a Fiesta jug and some bunnies do plenty to brighten up the sink. And below? That's a painting done by my friend Kate as a thank-you card! I love it!

I need to do a little rearranging in my Ironstone flower pitcher. Just waiting for some nice real tulips instead of my overly floppy silks! It will happen.

The kitchen is connected to the family room. I love my fireplace mantle, perfect for changing things up now and then.

This plate was a very inexpensive Home Goods buy this year and sets the mood. Next to it is another of the peat pots from my peat-pot-making extravaganza!

This is the second of my egg trees. How I remember making eggs with my mom in our kitchen when I was a kid. Some of these are hers, others by me, still others purchased. All happy thoughts.

Of course I had to have my bird nests! The bird in the one below came from Deb, whose "Just Cats" blog is one of my favorites (especially if you love cats, but really, it's so much more!).

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more bunnies this year but then I saw this one. And of course he needed a little peat pot basket. (Or is it a she?)

These lit branches stay out most of the year with different "stuffings."

And then there are wooden shoes I got last year at Southern Exposure. A few forsythia suits them just fine!

So there you have it -- home sweet home in spring!

Now, I'm just waiting for the bunny to make a delivery!

Delighted to join in this week with Share Your Style, Share Your Cup, Simple Saturdays and Pink Saturday as links become available!


  1. It all looks gorgeous, and I think the bunny will want to stay when he comes for the delivery. Have a fun day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I just ❤ your house in all its seasons.

  3. The garland you made looks so pretty on your fireplace, and your egg tree is lovely, and the shelf in your kitchen is cheerful and bright. All is beautiful at your house for spring!

  4. Your house looks all ready for spring. The views make me happy. :) Enjoy your Thursday Jeanie. hugs-Erika

  5. The forsythia in the wooden shoes is my favorite touch. Just lovely.

  6. You SPRING it up really good in your cozy little home . . .
    Love your little peat pots . . .
    I think you must ooze with creativity . . .
    In the short while I have known you . . .
    I have experienced your
    Creative writing, painting, music,
    travels, collections, postcards,
    work life, more retired life,
    friendships, camp times north,
    and the list goes on.
    I totally enjoy you . . . every little curl on that
    pretty, delicious, face, smile . . .
    I am thankful . . . for YOU!
    Happy SPRING my friend . . .

  7. Spring has sprung at Jeanie's. Love(so much) your Easter tree. It's so pretty and unique. And the little bird looks right at home there in her nest. You' be shocked to know mine is still standing. lol
    Your home looks so welcoming to we who are weary from such a long and cold winter. xo

  8. Jeanie, Your home is lovely and cozy any season of the year. I love sunny yellow, my entire house was yellow at one time. The lovely collection of china and all your pretty bunnies are charming. Love all the spring touches you've added to your home. I can only think of one thing. I would love to sit with you for tea in your charming home.......Happy day sweet friend.

  9. I love your spring decor and the touches of color! I need to help my bunnies get their photos taken!

  10. Jeanie, you are READY for the Easter bunny to deposit some chocolate eggs! Well done, well appointed rooms with all the fun whimsey for the season. I need to get going on my spring decor!

  11. Home is definitely where your heart is:)

    Sweet Easter collections:)

  12. I can almost hear the Easter Bunny singing as he comes walking down the Bunny Trail! I am loving your Spring enthusiasm and joy! it is delightfully contagious dear Jeanie!


  13. I really admire your fireplace,
    I can't hardly believe it's time for Easter Bunnies
    So guess I"ll get my one Bunny out to show off
    and my Beatrix Potter Books

  14. I love your pitchers. Nice job on decorating for Easter. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is simply adorable. I love everything, but most of all the egg tree. It's a gem.

  16. I so love your Easter decorations, darling Jeanie, they make your home even much cozier, thank you for sharing your always so lovely images with us !

    Wishing you a most beautiful remainder of your week
    I'm sending hugs and more hugs to you

    XOXO Dany

  17. It all looks amazing. There are so many of your pictures I would love to create as wool paintings

  18. Sweet and cozy and so full of springtime goodness dear Jeanie.
    I am always tempted by spring things... rabbits and flowers and eggs OH MY!
    Lovely time of you and you celebrate it beautifully.

  19. Jeanie, it was nice to see all your Easter lovelies today. You have so many unique items. I love the painting that your friend did, and she used cheerful colors. The bunny plate is cute, and do I see a lady bug at the bottom of your tree? I love lady bugs, they are very special to me. The wooden shoes are delightful and a treasure, indeed.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear.


  20. You had me with the banner... but I love the rest of your mantle as well. That rabbit landed on his feet when you took him home.

  21. Oops... I rushed and didn't fill in a blank. I'm not really Anonymous :)

  22. Your floral bunny must be a cousin of my new bunnies! Adorable! Love the peat pot basket!

  23. Oh Jeanie, how I would love wandering through your house and searching for spring and Easter. Love the teapot and the new bunny, plus the egg trees and the bunny plate. I have been searching for the perfect twiggy nest and love yours. Oops I have a couple peat pots tucked away somewhere, now where are they?

  24. Love your happy style:)
    Spring has sprung at your house, for sure.
    Forsythia are such a bright shot of sunshine
    this time of year.
    Ours are all bloomed out now
    but i love the way they burst onto the scene
    singing longer days ahead.
    Light and beauty:)
    Thanks for sharing yours,

  25. Very cute spring details. I especially like the wooden shoes with forsythia blooms.

  26. I counted 17 bunnies, including the one on the card in the basket. teehee Oh that was fun! LOVED it all.
    And your tulips fooled me. I brought some home a few weeks ago that drooped just as much.
    Love your sunny yellow kitchen color.
    Fun stopping by tonight, Jeanie. Now I'm tempted to bring another bunny. home. ;)

  27. FUN to see all the happy and springtime touches in your home Jeanie! You have such a great flair for decorating and creating an inviting space and cozy home... Sooo NICE! :) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  28. It looks great. You're so good at decorating. I like your new bunny. :-)

  29. I love how you have decorated for Easter. I saw some bunnies last weekend all in bright lovely colors with a lovely expensive price tags. Easter is so festive to decorate for, the colors are so fresh and the flowers just remind me of crisp fresh air, blue skies and warm weather. Your house looks lovely. xoxo.

  30. I just love it---it all looks so nice and "springy" and festive! My favorite part is the pretty banner hanging on your fireplace mantel. I love those lit branches too---haven't tried any of those yet. Hope you have a great weekend and real pretty weather your way!

  31. I love that egg tree and how you have memories of making eggs with your mom. What a lovely way to incorporate some precious Easter memories!!

  32. I'm a bunny collector, too! I love your sweet bunny dish and the egg tree. I have a cloth bunny like yours in blue and white. Your dishes and tea pots and pitchers are so charming - your house sings of spring. It's snowing here today, so visiting you was a special treat!

  33. Love your bunny plate!Gorgeous!Thanks for sharing!Maristella.

  34. So very pretty Jeanie! Last year I found a sweet bowl set at a thrift shop. I came home and googled it and found it to be the 'Crocus' pattern. I love putting them out in spring. You have so many lovely pieces! Also, a friend stopped by last night and just had to show me the sweet bunny she had bought. It's just like your new one. :) I was so tempted to go buy one, but I have so much Easter décor. Love it to pieces! Your home is warm, cozy, and ready for that bunny to hop right over. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  35. Oh it's fun to peek in little cubbies around your house and see what's decorated for Spring. I love the egg trees and they sure do bring back memories. I love pretty things for Spring...just like you! Hugs, Diane

  36. Your bunnies are so cute. You really create an inviting and delightful spring scene that brings joy to us all.

  37. Jeanie, everything looks so pretty. I love your new bunny, and it could be a he. Real men wear pink. Right!

    Happy Pink Saturday, my friend. I am always so glad to see your smiling face. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks". Thanks for sharing and for making Pink Saturday special.♥


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