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If any of these strike your fancy  email with the name of the item. I will touch base with you on the price including postage and handling. (I base shipping on what I pay. I'll  let you know to include in the total. You send me a check!)

All Items are Limited and available on First Come, First Served Basis. If you request something that is out of stock, I will contact you to either cancel or replace with another item.

Note Cards -- 5x7 blank ($4 each)


Note Cards -- 4x5, blank

(Because we still love snail mail!)

  Perfect for thank you or condolence notes or a quick "check in"

$2.50 each or six for $14 (select your own, mix or match!)

Available Designs

NC-16 -- Macarons
NC 85 -- Sparkle and Shine
NC-09 -- Lizzie from watercolor print

NC-2 -- Holding You Close
NC-3 -- Rosemary
NC-6 -- Fawn

NC -99 -- Harry's Catch
NC  98  -- Grand Illumination
NC- 97 -- Ellie the Egret 

NC-21 -- Old Quebec
NC-18 -- Quebec Window Box
N-28 -- Floral Explosion

N-22 -- Blue Eyes - from original watercolor  SOLD OUT! THANK YOU!
N-23 -- Cheers! - from original watercolor
N-24 -- Merci! - from original watercolor


NC-15 -- Macaron - from original watercolor
NC- 96 -- Heart Balloons - from original watercolor
NC-14 -- Eiffel Tower - from original watercolor

NC 95 -- Treble Clef
NC 94 -- Picnic Time - from original watercolor
NC 93 -- Montmartre Street

NC 92 -- Vineyard Chair  SOLD OUT! THANK YOU!

NC-29 -- Southern Exposure Resting Spot
NC- 91 -- Vineyard Porch

NC 90 -- Magnolia Lantern
NC 89 -- Sandhill Crane
NC 88 -- Southern Exposure Tulips  SOLD OUT! THANK YOU!

NC 87 -- Otsego Sunset NC-10 -- Harry in Autumn


Naomi said...

Hi, Jeanie. I happened upon your blog via Carol at Red Painted Cottage! At first I wasn't sure it was you, but then I saw the picture of you with your partner and his sons and I knew it was the Jeanie I'd met through my friend Cheryl R. I love your blog and all your photos! I signed up!

Glad to find you and discover all the goodies you share!

My name: Naomi S.--You may remember that Cheryl and I were photography students together at LCC about a hundred years ago!

Jeanie said...

Thank you, Naomi -- I remember you and I'm glad we have reconnected on Messenger!

Red Rose Alley said...

All these note cards are so charming, Jeanie. You did a wonderful job creating them. The deer and the red bird and the pumpkin are sweet, and I really like those macarons!


Jeanie said...

Thank you, Sheri!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Hello Jeanie!
I am smitten with NC20 and NC25. Tell me please if NC20 has a wreath on the front door that could appear like a Holiday wreath.
I'll be waiting to hear back. Grandgirls are coming over today so I'll in and out.
Thank you!

French Ethereal said...

Oooh! I'm just finding this page on your blog, Jeanie!!! How exciting! Funny, I've printed a couple of my photos on cards but those were just for me to give out; however, I had thought of doing something similar and selling them. :) Love Mr. Blue Eyes! We had Chirpsie, a Himilayan cat, back when I was in high school. She was so small she sat inside a Kleenex box to keep warm! Miss all our angel kitties... <3

French Ethereal said...

p.s. Jeanie, is NC-21 still available? I love window boxes and this one in Quebec is lovely! I'd put it up here in our Prairie Home as art. <3

Hugs and hoping it's available,
Barb :)
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