The Gypsy Caravan

Imagine a cute little wagon with lots of intriguing things the entice an eager buyer, moving from town to town, place to place -- a regular Gypsy Caravan!

If any of these strike your fancy leave me a comment and your contact info (and email if you are a no-reply blogger) or email

The details: I base postage on what I pay. I'll  let you know to include in the total. You can send me a check or money order.

All Items are Limited and available on First Come, First Served Basis. If you request something that is out of stock, I will contact you to either cancel or replace with another item.

Framed Watercolor Originals 


Martha's Vineyard Cottage -- $30 (8x10, framed and matted; frame may be hung or freestanding)

Martha's Vineyard, Cheery Yellow Cottage -- $25 (5x7, framed and unmatted; frame may be hung or freestanding)

Martha's Vineyard Grand Illumination Cottage -- $25 (5x7, framed and unmatted; frame may be hung or freestanding)

Pinkcycle -- $25 (5x7, framed and unmatted; frame may be hung or freestanding) SOLD! Thank you!


Holly Pine Wreath -- $20 (4x6, framed and  unmatted; frame may be hung or freestanding) SOLD! Thank you!

Pink Vineyard Chair -- $30 (5x7 framed and unmatted; frame may be hung or freestanding)

Note Cards -- 5x7 blank ($4 each)


Choose from one of four designs (clockwise from upper left) -- Sandhill Crane (sold out till after Christmas), Rosemary for Remembrance, Thoughtful Angel, Autumn Pumpkin with Hydrangea

Note Cards -- 4x5, blank


Perfect for thank you or condolence notes or a quick "check in"
$2.50 each or six for $13 (select your own or six of the same; sets of six or more packaged in ribbon)


Available Designs

NC-16 -- Macarons
NC-17 -- Winter Cottage in Summer

NC-21 -- Old Quebec
NC-18 -- Quebec Window Box
NC-19 -- Martha's Vineyard Flag Day
NC-20 -- Martha's Vineyard Pink Cottage

N-22 -- Blue Eyes
N-23 -- Cheers!
N-24 -- Merci!
N-25 -- Frosty and Friends SOLD OUT! Thank you! (On back order; available after Dec. 4, 2017)

N-26 -- Yin Yang
N-27 -- Feeding Time
N-28 -- Floral Explosion
N-29 -- Southern Exposure Resting Spot

NC-1 (Candles) -- available in mixed set or individual only-- SOLD
NC-2 ("Holding You Close)
NC-3 -- (Rosemary)

NC-4 (Flying Egret) -- available set of six, mixed set or individual SOLD OUT
NC-5 (Butterfly) -- Limited
NC-6 (Fawn)
NC-7 (Autumn Color) -- Limited
NC-8 (Minisa Heart) -- Limited
NC-9 (Lizzie from watercolor print)

NC-10 -- (Harry in Autumn)
NC-11 -- (Woodpecker) -- SOLD OUT
NC-12 -- (Southern Exposure Pumpkin)

NC-13 -- (Vineyard chair) SOLD OUT
NC-14 -- (Eiffel Tower print from watercolor)
NC-15 -- (Macaron watercolor print) -- SOLD OUT

Silk Scarves -- $15

100 percent Habotai silk. Hand wash cold; dry flat or hot iron.

 #S-2 -- Purple/lavender, hot pink, spring green
 #S-3 -- Orange, hot pink, brown -- SOLD

#S-4 -- Hot and pale pink, spring green
#S-6 -- Brown, gray, black, soft red

#S-7 (left) -- Purple, lavender and spring green /
#S-8 (right) -- Orange, turquoise, brown  SOLD
#S-9 -- Red and green on white
#S-10 -- Red, Christmas green, spring green


Naomi said...

Hi, Jeanie. I happened upon your blog via Carol at Red Painted Cottage! At first I wasn't sure it was you, but then I saw the picture of you with your partner and his sons and I knew it was the Jeanie I'd met through my friend Cheryl R. I love your blog and all your photos! I signed up!

Glad to find you and discover all the goodies you share!

My name: Naomi S.--You may remember that Cheryl and I were photography students together at LCC about a hundred years ago!

Jeanie said...

Thank you, Naomi -- I remember you and I'm glad we have reconnected on Messenger!

Red Rose Alley said...

All these note cards are so charming, Jeanie. You did a wonderful job creating them. The deer and the red bird and the pumpkin are sweet, and I really like those macarons!


Jeanie said...

Thank you, Sheri!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Hello Jeanie!
I am smitten with NC20 and NC25. Tell me please if NC20 has a wreath on the front door that could appear like a Holiday wreath.
I'll be waiting to hear back. Grandgirls are coming over today so I'll in and out.
Thank you!

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