Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Blogger Fix -- If You Can Call It That.

Now Hear This!

You may notice that I am now moderating comments on this blog and they don't appear until I OK them. Some of you are old hands at this.

UPDATE: Now, for some reason, I do not have to moderate and I'm still getting your email notifications so the fix below worked. So, you can skip to the part that says "Keep Calm and Carry On.

But I hate it. For several reasons. First, contrary to popular opinion, I don't live on the computer. And the comment doesn't post till I OK it. But if I am overbooked, overstressed or (as I will be for part of the summer) in the Land of Limited Internet, I may not see that comment for a few days.

It looks like the comment didn't go through (as David asked in an earlier post -- thank you, David, for caring enough to ask!). So, one might leave another comment. Or just bail on me altogether.

It makes it particularly challenging if you are hitting the road and pre-scheduling posts but not able to see comments.

So, why am I doing what I don't want to do?

Because this blog is on Blogger and Blogger is completely screwed up in terms of email notifications. If you're a Blogger blogger, you know what I mean and if you're not, just know I'm moderating and forget the rest of this (and count your blessings!).

And this fix works.

I want to get email notifications and apparently the only way blogger is sending them to some of us is if we moderate. Once I OK the comments, they are sent to my mailbox and I can write back to you (unless you are a no-reply blogger, in which case, I'm sorry I can't say thank you or reply to some of your questions directly instead of visiting your blogs to do so.)

So, if you've not figured it out yet, here's how can you get the email notifications sent to you.

1) Go to settings/posts, comments and sharing and first switch to moderate.

2) While there, erase your address from the address box and hit save.

3) Retype your address in the box and hit save again.

4) Then go to settings/email and do the same (erase-save, address in-save)

You will get an invitation (maybe two) from blogger to see comments. Accept it (them).

OK -- so NOW you periodically have to check in comments (left hand side) "Awaiting moderation" and you'll see a bunch. Click that little box at the top of all of them (which blocks all) or each individually and hit publish. They will be published on your blog and you will get an email. If they are a blogger with an email address listed, you will see their address. Otherwise, they'll be no-reply blogger.

I'm hoping blogger fixes it back to the way it was originally. There's still talk of that on the blogger help page. But I'm not terribly optimistic.

What I don't understand was that it wasn't broken so why did they try to "fix" it?

Anyway, that's how I'm getting the comments in the mail. Good luck, no matter what you do.
And now, I think I need a break before I pull all my hair out.

This blogger stuff is getting me down! (And if any of you Blogger folks have other ideas, please share them here in the comments.)


Marilyn Miller said...

OK, I have been moderating for quite awhile and that notification is now finally fixed. I didn't realize you got an email even if the comment was not moderated. I have never gotten that. I am just glad it is back to what I normally get. When I am going to be away for an extend period of time I either change so I am not moderating or shut comments down all together. Whew! I would like getting an email if there were comments already posted.

Valerie-Jael said...

I have read this fix on other blogs already, but as I never moderate my comments, I didn't need to fix anything. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Joyful said...

Hi Jeanie, I think I get comments in the mail. But truth be told I check on blogger and see what comments are unpublished before I ever get notification in the mail (notifications seem to be on the slow side). I think most bloggers know that a lot of people pre-approve comments before publishing. Many of us moved to that with the advent of so much spam and anonymous commenting. So please don't worry too much. As for me I don't get so many comments as others do so I will publish many at once. When comments come in slowly I may only have one up for a time until others come in. It seems to work. I'm not sure if anyone has given up on me since they never come back to say so, lol!

Sami said...

I don't have comment moderation and have had no problems with comments. So I presume this only happens if you moderate comments.
Hope the problem is sorted out soon Jeannie, I can imagine that it is "hair pulling stuff", lol.

David Gascoigne said...

Now if only I had hair to pull out...........

Snoskred said...

This is what another friend of mine who is on blogger - Andrew from High Riser - has worked out -

"The Blogger comment problem has been solved but it won't happen automatically. The default setting is now that you don't receive comments by email, to comply with European Union legislation, so far as I know.

Here is what you need to do if you want to receive an email with the comment when someone comments on your blog. Sorry, if you quickly understand, but I am writing this to make it as simple as possible.

Open you blog dashboard, that is where the compose button sits and all those buttons are on the left, along with the list of your posts, published and drafts. Go down to Settings and click, then Email. If you were receiving emails of blog comments, your email address will be there in the box next to 'Comment notification email'. Delete your email address within the the box and at the top right, click 'Save Settings'. It has been suggested that you should close down and restart your computer. Do so if you wish.

Then, go back to where you were at, Settings/Email and add your email address to the box 'Comment Notification Email' and again click Save Settings.You will receive an email and within the email there are two options. Select 'Subscribe'. Voila, you will now receive an email when someone comments on your blog. It may take a little time to start working though.

If you don't receive comments normally and want to, just go to same place and add your email address. "

I hope that helps? ;)

Pamela said...

Hi Jeanie, I moderate my blog, but I don't think you need to in order to get email notifications. Here are the directions from another blog I read who doesn't moderate:

How to get comments made on your blog go to your email again.

Go into your design wall and on left hand side go into your settings and then click on email and then where you have your email address in the comment notification box,delete it and then save and then re enter your email address and save again.

Then you will get an email from blogger with a invitation to receive comment notification and then click on SUBSCRIBE and then your emails will start coming through to your email address.

Another blog has detailed directions with screen shots :

Hope that helps you.


La Table De Nana said...

I don't moderate..and I don't have comments sent to me..and I don't pre-book posts lol.
So I am going to be an utter annoyance w/out wanting to be so..but I don't know how to help you.
I wish I could..because I know how frustrating all this can be.Yesterday my Pinterest boards had disappeared!!EGADS..EGADS EGADS.I retsrted my computer after telling Pinterest lol and all was well;)

shoreacres said...

One word: WordPress. I figured out very early on (so early you never saw the Blogger version of The Task at Hand)that WP had a lot of advantages. It isn't glitch-free, of course, and there can be issues from time to time, but it's an easy, intuitive platform with great user controls.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now you know why I NEVER do anything by e-mail. I gave up e-mail long ago, like some have given up Facebook (which I thankfully never succumbed to). I get updates from those people I want to visit by checking my left sidebar. No deleting, no trying to remember a password or user name for my e-mail, etc. I'll be here because I'm sure this too shall pass with time and blogger help.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I have seen this passed around. It does work. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead.

Pam Richardson said...

Jeanie, I am not on Blogger but I have seen so many who are expressing what you said. I am so sorry it is so stressful!

My name is Erika. said...

Hear hear! I wonder if blogger tok a poll how many people would actually say they like the new set up? Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

DUTA said...

The email is important. In case a comment gets incidentally deleted (it happened to me), you can recover it from the email.

Iris Flavia said...

"Sorry" to say, Jeanie, but you kinda made me laugh with this! Hope you did not pull any hair or got drunk or something ;-)
As I believe you take it with humour I reckon you´re OK!
But I agree with you, it´s annoying.
I got a package sent to a station. Their monitor blew up, as the system, I reckon. I really do hope to get my already paid for package! Systems do fail, sadly...

Iris Flavia said...

Pamela, thank you, it worked! So easy, just remove, safe and put the address back in, confirm and all is back to normal!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This has been a real headache. I'll try the fix! Good Luck with this. Oh Google!

Victoria Zigler said...

I've had issues with it sending me comment notifications if I don't moderate for ages. I can get follow up comments if I subscribe to them after leaving a comment, but have to moderate to get notifications without doing that. I don't bother though. My "fix" is to just check my recent posts, subscribe to follow up comments as soon as I reply to the first commenter, and check the comments section where all comments are listed regularly to see if I missed any.

Jeanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Jeanie, I agree that all this is hair pulling! However, when someone comes up with a solution (as you just did and thanks so much) I am just left in the dark, period. I can never figure anything out when it comes to technology so I have given up trying. I am finding (for me) that if I look at my blog post every day and answer the comments left, right then and there, and then go to the person's blog that left the comments and (then leave mine to them) that is what is working for me. Hopefully no one will mind coming back to my blog if they want to see my answer. Just be sure that I will always answer anyone who comments, so that you know in your heart, that I care even if you don't see that in print. I hope that Blogger gets their act together but until then it is what it is and I will muddle on..Happy Week to you my friend..xxoJudy

William Kendall said...

I only moderate comments on posts more than a few days old. I find spammers tend to target those posts in particular.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I moderate comments and yes it's a bit of a pain but at times I get so many crack pots commenting that I had to switch to it.

Tammie Lee said...

Thank you. I just did it, will see if it works. So kind of you to let me know.

Tracy said...

Make a wish... YES, that Blogger fixes things, because it doesn't seem like they are! LOL... I use comment moderation, and I still--for many, many weeks now--have not received any comment notifications at all. None. Still none--not one in my email. So I'm just operating on going into my Blogger account daily and publishing comments. I do hope Blogger hears our complaints, as the notifications were nice to have! Whew... a drink sounds good about now... haha! ;) ((HUGS))

Lynne said...

I still haven tried It . . .
Chicken I guess . . .
I better get with it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thank you for writing this post! I followed the directions someone posted about removing and re-adding your email and I got the email about subscribing to comments. Finally! This has been such an annoying issue!

Barbara Chapman said...

Jeanie, that's interesting... I haven't been good about reading emails lately on Gmail {I get A LOT}, but I tend to recheck my posts and if numbers change for each post, then I go check them. It's the old posts that I link up that often get overlooked for me!

Hope your email gets fixed and working better soon
Barb :)

Barbara Chapman said...

p.s. I'm glad you'll be able to visit with your cousin David again!!! I love getting together with my cousins but it's usually at someone's wedding or funeral. Everybody is spread all over the country, but with Facebook and Instagram, I am able to keep up on what they all are doing. My mom would really have enjoyed Facebook and visiting with all of her cousins! :)

Have a great vacation, Jeanie!!!
Barb :)

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