Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Around the House

Good grief -- I realized it was nearly Halloween. And while I had shown you some early fall decorating, I wanted to post the few extra Halloweenie touches. Preferably before the witching hour but who knows...

So join me for a peek into the magic of Halloween!

A friend has given me so many wonderful Bethany Lowe characters, each holiday I bring them out and hate to put them away!

The Wizard of Oz gang are decked out for the holiday.

And so, too, are the wee trick-or-treaters in Bethany's world.

Three favorite china cats must make an appearance. The flowers have since been replaced by a small pumpkin.

A stuffed "Jack" has his own seat in the house...

...but the Black Cat has to make do with the book shelf.

Meanwhile, a trio of Anna Lee cat witches keep watch over the Great Pumpkin.

Remember the Greeting Angel? Well, she has been joined by a Jack o' Lantern and a sweet card from a friend in Japan.

Take a closer look -- it folds out into a magical autumn scene.

In the family room, a tower of pumpkins and a china "Jack" have joined the mantle.

Meanwhile, Lizzie's dining area also has it's scary "Jack" poking out of a vase filled with beads and lights.

Even the bedroom has a bit of Halloween with a vase full of gourds.

And if you are on the way out, you'll notice that the cotton boll wreath has a new adornment.

Of course, all of this will be down in a few days...

But until then, I'll love every minute!

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  1. Wonderful. Wish I had started this years ago.

  2. Beautiful post, love your decorations, I think those witches are so lovely I would never want to put them away. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Tell us more about Bethany Lowe and her very appealing figurines. What faces!

    Happy Halloween from mae at

  4. What a whimsical Hallowe'en you have created It is coming up quickly, isn't it? -Jenn

  5. Great decorations! Have a very Happy Halloween.

  6. There's never a question at your house which seasosn it might be! You do have such wonderful collections. Enjoy them to the fullest! (I've seen lots of gate decorations at ranches at farms, but they tend toward pumpkins and hay bales, with the occasional scarecrow included.)

  7. You are so much in a cute spirit!
    I saw your wedding pic too:) How cute..

    I just love that collection you have..I must look into those adorable people.what a dear freind..that knows you well:)

    Happy Haunting!;)

  8. It must have taken you most of your life to collect all the wonderful things you decorate your home with each holiday. I have to admit, I'm jealous... Bet I'd be even more so if I was able to see them.

  9. I used to be like you and decorate every room in my house, including the bath and the yard. I took some leftover styrofoam from something I purchased and made three large gravestones I placed out front. Now about all I can manage are a few pumpkins. I even broke down and bought a pumpkin yesterday while I was out grocery shopping.

    I simply love how you decorated your home, with each detail so thoughtfully taken care of and each decoration artfully placed. Vignettes are so important, and I really like how you have set the bar quite high with your decorating skills. Everything is simply adorable!

  10. Jeanie, you are so creative decorating for Halloween. I adore the little Bethany Lowe characters and the stuffed Jack dolls. When our son was young I did all of this now i just put out a few thing for autumn. My sister goes all out. She just had her pumpkin carving party and the pumpkins were all so cute. Thanks for sharing your "spooks"...............

  11. Your house is fun and pretty ♥ Love the snippets ♥

  12. Oh, Jeanie, I love it all, and I love that you share it with us. Those Bethany Lowe characters are adorable. Halloween is so much fun.

  13. Love the decor! Halloween is my favorite. I'm super sad we haven't decorated this year. There's still time though!

  14. I love the pic of you and Rick behind the black cat - you have such a joyous smile on your face! I love how decked out your house is!! What a feast for the eyes!!

    We don't have any Halloween decorations up but soon we will have a carved pumpkin on our front steps. I have been admiring some of the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood, though. I drove by a house that looked absolutely magical. When I saw it I immediately thought it looked like a fairy lived there. They must have young kids in the house. I need to take Phil by it some night this weekend so he can see it as well. It was impressive!

  15. Lucky you! I love Bethany Lowes figurines. They are so cute and whimsical :)

  16. I came over from BJs. Great pictures you have here.

  17. Your home is certainly all decked out for Halloween. I like these quirky characters a lot! I can understand that you decorate with them and don't really want to part with them after the holiday. Do you have a lot of trick-or-treaters come to your door?

  18. Hello dearest Jeanie!

    I can't believe we are already here at this point! I have a few white pumpkins around, but the fallen, damp leaves and the cloudy skies are the perfect Halloween backdrop! ENJOY yourself my friend!

  19. Oh how I love all those characters. You do decorate well. Tomorrow I will share my few things.

  20. Dearest Jeanie,
    I love every minute of your Halloween decor! So many fascinating characters adorned in their finest just in time for the Witching hour!
    Your enthusiasm is positively contagious!

  21. Smiling as I imagine you enjoying playing with all your excellent toys. :-)

  22. so beautiful halloween decoration.. i love all the photos.. :)

  23. Love your Halloween collectibles and touches . . .
    Indeed . . . put up, take down . . .
    the name of the game we do!
    Over and over again . .

  24. Love those decorations. The costumed little people especially. I've seen them for sale and have restrained myself...but now that I see how great they look I might need to get some.Beautiful touches on your home. Hugs-Erika

  25. You really go all out Jeanie.
    What a lot of great Halloween fun!
    That cotton boll wreath with the lovely cat is extra nice.
    Happy beginning of the weekend.
    Coming up for air for just a bit to try and comment on favorite blogs.
    Everything is topsy turvy here as we embark on a kitchen remodeling. Thirty-two years and it has served us well.

  26. Jeanie, you're so creative and always decorate for holidays. I "think" about it and that's as far as I usually get. I love seeing all your different decorations. Your home looks so cozy and inviting.

  27. Jeanie, what a wonderful Halloween season you have created and your excitement is contagious! Pam @ Everyday Living

  28. Halloween is my second-favorite season to decorate for :) I love all of these ideas!

    I hope you have a great Halloween :)

  29. Oh my gosh, what cute decos.
    I especially love the cats and the boo sign.

  30. Oh I had NO idea that Bethany Lowe made such darling figurines! What a cute collection. Have a lovely weekend.

  31. I love your collection of Bethany Lowe characters! She is one of my favorite artists. Loved the tour of your Halloween home! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  32. I enjoyed seeing a bit of Halloween around your home, Jeanie. Those characters are simply delightful. I can see why you have quite a collection. :)


  33. Wow - your Halloween is very special. We didn't quite reach your level of gorgeous decorations here in Australia,... well in fact we did nothing, but I was rather pleased with a pumpkin bowl by the front door full of chocolate koala's except we didn't have a single knock at the door.... Ummm so guess whose eating the chocolates now?!!]
    Happy days
    Wren x


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