Monday, September 12, 2016

Martha's Vineyard: Sunsets and Fireworks

Ah, leaving Nantucket. Loading up the ferry boat -- it was like the line at Disney World! But once again we went to the upper deck (after all, the hair can't get any worse than it already was!) and enjoyed the sights of Nantucket Harbor.

Most of those sights involved large yachts!

Given our travel time of the year and the fact that we were on the far east of the east coast, we expected a sunset cruise and the evening light was rich and golden.

Along the way, we noticed this boat with loads of people on it. That looked fun, too! Maybe next time.

We were pleased to strike up a conversation with Frank from New Jersey, and his son, James. We learned he was on the Board of Governors at Rutgers and since both his university and our local school, Michigan State, are in the Big Ten, there was lots to talk about!

And then came the sunset.

Well, what can I say. Headed straight into it, beautiful skies. Glorious.

Going, going, gone.

It was dark when we pulled into Oak Bluffs harbor, lights sparkling. We could have headed home, but no!

We had a destination, a slam-bang, big noise finale to our lovely day!

We made our way to the boardwalk where we had a ringside seat!

And settled in for the big show!

Well, Oak Bluffs, you sure know how to put on a good fireworks celebration!

And, you also know how to offer a great finale to our last full day of vacation.

But our plane doesn't leave till late tomorrow -- so there's still a little more fun to come!


  1. What a great way to cap off a day on Nantucket!

  2. What a wonderful trip with an ending like that. How I love a good fireworks show.

  3. I think you have talked me into next year..:) You stay out later than we do;)

  4. Goose bump photos . . .
    Loved the sunset . . .
    Even more . . . happy you and Rick enjoyed a great vacation . . .
    (with a bit of work)

  5. Jeanne - your photos from Nantucket and the Vineyard are gorgeous. So glad you had great weather. Please promise me that on your next trip you will let me take you to lunch. You and your hubby are so darn cute!!

  6. What a glorious ending to a fabulous day and time spent on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. I'm sure it's a time you won't soon forget. Right down to the wonderful nighttime fireworks. And of course, I look forward to the rest of the story.

  7. goodness gracious Jeanie!!-----you got some gems of fireworks photographs there!! those are the best I've seen in a good while. Great job! Love reading all about your adventure and I've enjoyed the stories and photos. That looks like such a relaxing boat ride and the sunset was so pretty. Glad you enjoyed the post about the old townhouses. I'm so engrossed in the history as well.

  8. I've been enjoying your Martha's Vineyard posts, Jeanie. Hope to visit one day and you're sure making it tempting. Beautiful pictures.

  9. These posts have sold me on going to Martha's Vineyard! That sunset cruise sounds amazing! And the fireworks are beautiful, too! Can't wait to see what you did on your last day. You guys sure packed a lot of fun into this trip!

  10. What beautiful fireworks!

    Are you back for a while? Maybe we could meet in Chelsea.

    best... mae at

  11. A beautiful sunset and gorgeous fireworks. What a wonderful day you had, Jeanie!
    Wishing you a great week! :)
    xo Julia

  12. The water and the sky are sooooo blue! What a lovely place.

  13. Jeanie, what an adventure on the sea! There is so much to do out there in MA and such luxurious places to stay. Have fun collecting the memories! We still do, when we think of all the things we did on the east coast when we lived in MA.!

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Always nice to strike up a conversation with someone new and find out you have things in common.

  15. Nothing like watching a sunset from a boat! My kids often watch fireworks from their boat at on the 4th of July. What a wonderful time you've been having!

  16. A sunset boat ride, and an awesome firework display... Sounds like the perfect evening to me!

  17. Are you still on vacation? Awesome! You have a wonderfully long and jam packed yet restful holiday. I love being near the water (in your case on the water) at sunset. You get some spectacular shots that way. Sadly I'm seldom near the water but I so enjoy it when I am. The fireworks are always fun too! Enjoy the rest of your time on holiday. xx

  18. Dear Jeanie,
    Your photos just take my breath away.. Simply beautiful! What a grand time you have been having.

  19. The fireworks are lovely, and the sunset is great, but that boat! There's nothing like a sail on a classic boat. I think that one would be called a two-masted schooner, but I'm not certain: there are so many rigs, and so many names. In any event, I'm thrilled you included the photo, and that of the little catboats in the first photo. What fun to have such a place to enjoy sailing a boat like that.

    Ferry rides are such fun. It looks as though this one was long enough to really enjoy the sights. I'm glad you had the weather for it, too.

  20. Wow, the lights of your evening were amazing. What a day you had. I think this was the icing on the vacation cake, so to speak. Sorry for the cliche. :) Hugs-Erika

  21. It's so interesting to see that, for some reasons, sunsets are not the same. And seeing one doesn't mean seeing one at MV, or on the ferry boat heading to Nantucket. Anyway, your posts are beautiful and you should let the tourism dept. to link to your blog. :)

  22. Fireworks AND Mother Nature's brilliant end to the day!
    How wonderful indeed!!!


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