Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ArtPrize I: Let's Hear it for the Kid!

One of the best things about being Rick's life partner is getting to share his two great boys. They're young men now, but I've known them for so long -- they'll always be "the kids." Yesterday we got to see the oldest, Greg, at Grand Rapids' ArtPrize.
ArtPrize is a massive art competition where all media are encouraged. The prize money at the top is big -- and to get noticed you have to be "big" -- so Greg went all out!
Back about a year ago, he was commissioned by the Detroit Institute of Arts to create chalk eggs to promote their Faberge exhibit.
Greg used chalk to depict various elements of Michigan's industry during the time Peter Karl Faberge was creating his own exquisite eggs for the family of the Russian  tsar, among others. This one focuses on agriculture.
Since then, the eggs have been in storage, never seen together before, only at the various sites where the DIA placed them. ArtPrize gave Greg and Ryan Donovan, who created the egg forms with Greg and designed the stands, the opportunity to refresh the originals and show them to a larger audience. (This egg emphasizes the auto industry.)
And I do mean large. Just on the Sunday when we were there, literally thousands of people streamed through the doors of DeVos Place to look at the numerous works of art on display. (I'll write about others in the next post).
Everyone votes for their favorites. At this round, one can vote for as many favorites as they like, which are then narrowed down to the top 100, 50 and then 25. You can only vote once for each entry. When you get down to the top 10, everyone can vote again. (This egg is based on shipping.)
Rick, Greg, Jasmine (Greg's girlfriend) and I all helped explain the eggs to the crowds who stopped by. (They worked the crowd more than I, I regret to say. I had to duck out to register and vote, and while I was at it caught some of the "competition!")
But I have to tell you, when people are ooohing and ahhing about your kid (well, not by blood, but he's still my kid as much as one can be!), it is such an exhilarating feeling. You remember the early drawings, flat and non-dimensional; the never-ending images of sports cars (there was a time when I thought that might be all he would ever draw!). You remember the more esoteric projects during art school. You remember graduation. You remember the cancer surgeries.
You hope for this. Any parent does. But how many see it realized?
Of course we want Greg to win (so if you're headed to ArtPrize, vote for Greg!). There is a huge cash prize for the winner, and second and third place do well, too.
But even getting in the Top 10 is a big deal for an artist -- not just because of the honor of being chosen, but because then their work is critiqued by a panel of top international art critics. It can bring recognition and wider attention -- along with getting good feedback.
All of us were pretty pooped when we went to dinner after the event closed for the day. But we were all so happy and honored that so many would vote right on the spot for Greg!
First round voting continues through next Saturday, then on to the next round.
Needless to say, we will be waiting with baited breath!


Jeanie said...

Those are simply amazing, Jeanie. What a talented and creative young man Greg is. Your pride is very well placed. I hope to hear soon that he won one of the top prizes.

HerzBlatt said...

Very nice and interesting exhibition and I am sure that Greg will won the first prize.....I have never seen something beautiful like these eggs! What a great and busy work!!
I have read all about your retirement and your last week at work. I imagine you are very happy and sad together. Leaving such a mass of nice and interesting colleagues must be hard.But I suppose you are in contact with them all you future life!!
Best wishes from Germany

Sandy K. said...

Brilliant! I absolutely adore the concept and the product. You must be very proud indeed. I, too, have a bond-beyond-blood with my step-son and share that same pride you do for one you have seen grow and develop into a wonderful young man. Busting at the seems - no matter the outcome you know he's a winner. But this display looks like a winner to me!!!!! Good luck!

anno said...

Brilliant idea and gorgeous execution, Jeanie! Easy to see why you & Rick are so proud -- here's hoping Greg gets a well-deserved ArtPrize win this year!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I am just speechless! He is brilliant! What amazing art this is. How very proud you must be of Rick and his accomplishments

Friko said...

You have a young man to be proud of in the family, Jeanie.
The eggs are fantastic.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for Greg and that big cash prize, as well as the recognition an exhibition like this will bring.

Even if he doesn’t win top prize, being there is an honour.

The Artful Diva said...

great times and memories with your family.

Janet said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed, and send lots of positive thoughts your way. Greg's art is amazing!! You sound so proud of him and rightfully so.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Jeanie......THESE ARE FABULOUS!!! I only wish I could see them in person....I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this great artist.

BTW....the DO RESEMBLE t he real thing in the Hermitage.



Jennifer Richardson said...

THAT is absolutely amazing!
What a creative stretch....beautifully executed.
You have such a rich family tree:)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my goodness, he is SO talented! There is a tangible sense of pride in this post - and rightly so! I love his pieces. My fingers and toes are crossed that he makes the cut!

Arti said...

Wow these are awesome exhibits! I'm amazed at the mere size of them and the fanciful decorations. They have an Alice in Wonderland feel. You might have said it already, but what are they made of? I wish Greg all the best!

shoreacres said...

I've admired Greg's art in your other posts, but it hasn't really "grabbed me" in the way these eggs do. My response to seeing them was an immediate, "I WANT that!" When I have the impulse to purchase art on the spot, without even thinking of cost, it's a sign of something!

It sounds like others were responding the same way - you said some voted on the spot. I think he's got a chance.

I love Fabergé eggs, and loved the sugar eggs I got at Easter. I'm as intrigued by the direct connection between your yearly Easter egg dying and this exhibit - has anyone told Greg yet that he's a good egg?

(And never mind politics - could anything have been better than our senator Cruz reading "Green Eggs and Ham" to his kids last night from the floor of the Senate? Just think - that story will forever be a part of the Senate record!)

I need orange said...

How cool! Gorgeous work! Fingers and toes crossed for many, many, many votes!

joyce said...

wow....those are absolutely stunning...how can someone create something so beautiful? I hate chalk, always gives me a shivery feeling and reminds me of squeaky blackboards. Glad your son doesn't feel the same way, what a shame that would be to have not created such works of art.

Marilyn Miller said...

I wish him well.
His art is amazing.
Yes, we dream of just this
recognition for our children
and so happy for him.

Linda Jo said...

So amazing!!! Incredible art! You SHOULD be so proud! Can't wait to hear the results.... grand work no matter what!

Joanne Huffman said...

So cool!

Bella Rum said...

Oh, Jeanie, words fail me. They are incredible. I'd love to see them in person. How proud you and Rick must be. I can't imagine what it would be like to be gifted enough to create something that beautiful. Go Greg!

Tracy said...

What DAZZLING and inspired works... all so stunning! All good wishes for Greg--HOORAY! Such fun to see! :o) ((HUGS))

tlcukjourney said...

Oh My gosh... Those eggs are gorgeous! I love art, it doesn't matter what fashion it comes in, or what media, I love it!
Your son is a very handsome man as well!
I hope you have a great weekend,

Jenny Woolf said...

How wonderful! And how very talented he is. You must be so proud!

~*~Patty S said...

and the size of them too!

Nancy said...

I have to tell you I am completely blown away with his exhibit...What a creative young man; wow the talent.....

He deserves to win and I certainly hope he does....

paris parfait said...

Wow, wow, wow! How fantastic is Greg's art! He is amazingly talented and I expect he will go far. You and Rick must be so proud of him.

Sally Wessely said...

Amazing. Stunning. Wow. This is just wonderful.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

These are FABULOUS!!! I hope he wins, the BIG Prize,too....
I have been scrolling back and reading your posts about your trip---BEAUTIFUL pictures and a great thing to do after your retirement...
Exciting times are ahead, my dear.

Shane Pollard said...

Dearest Jeanie
Greg has an amazing talent.
His Faberge eggs are "WOW" material.
If you hadn't said he was Rick's son I would have been nodding my head and saying - yes he's Jeanies son - he inherited her creativity!!!
You must both be very proud - fingers crossed, $200,000 as the prize would fulfill many dreams!

Sorry I'm late, but I'm catching up now!
Much love and hugs
Shane x

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