Friday, September 7, 2012

Contrary to Popular Opinion...

Contrary to popular opinion, I really have been doing some creative things this summer!
First off, I needed to get some card inventory built up. These are a few of the new ones.
And, I had a several naked birdhouses that needed a little blinging. Enter, the Fairy Forest!
The one above and below are both small ones.
This one is much bigger. 
I wasn't too gung ho about the pink, but with a little paper and a lot of moss, it seemed to work out.
Then, I had quite a few birds nests (thanks to a dear friend who died last year cleaning out her house shortly before. She gave me a whole box of nests, ribbons, birds, beads and more.
This is a wee journal, about 3x3. 
I also did a number of check-book sized journals and 8x8 versions.
Then, I signed on to participate in Karla's Faerie Swap. 
We had to create eight 5 1/2 x 8" cards to share with all the other swappers. 
Karla graciously shared some art to kick it off and I found many of these images delightful!
We had to do the backs, too, in some way. I was without enough paper to really do a good and coordinated job covering, so some silver paint, some ferns and a little watercolor worked well and seemed to fit the theme of the cards.
Finally, Joanne Huffman and I are doing an art challenge, where we'll concentrate on drawing. As you can see from the first challenge, "floral," I have quite a ways to go. (These are sweet peas.)
I've been in such a funk and distressed mood lately, finally having some time to really just paint and play with paper and glue is tremendously healing. Which, I think, is telling me something...


  1. I hope this beautiful work is a sign the funk is over, such wonderful creations!!!!I wish for you happy happy funk free days, oh my gosh I love those bird houses, and woodland creations,, just amazing!

  2. You really have done a lot this summer. I always love your cards. And, you already know I love your flowers.

  3. You've definitely been busy, Jeanie. I think the creativity will put a smile on your face. The bird houses are magical!

  4. It looks to me like your creativity is busting out all over. I hope you got as much cheer from the creating as I did from seeing what you have created.

  5. You have been creating some beautiful things lately! You are so talented and it's great that it's something that you enjoy doing and that is clearly good for your soul!

  6. Well.... you HAVE been creating!! Good for you...and all so lovely. I really have done very little this summer...... maybe fall will be more productive for me. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. You are so creative. These are beautiful!

  8. You do more in a summer than I do in two years. Honestly, it's all those books I read.

    Love the little bird nest.

  9. It looks like you have been quite busy, actually. The bird nests are amazing. They unique and so lively. Now, your collages are magnificent. Collage is not one of my fortes, I always feel contrived in what I see as me trying to put things in perfect order, but your are so delightful to look at.

  10. Jeanie! I gotta tell ya - I LOVE the pink birdhouse. See? Ya never know what the public is gonna like. And the faerie cards are so cool. You are so smart/right to pick up paper and paints and create...wonderful stuff.
    And no, let's not talk about work! Ugh.
    So good to stop's been ages! Big hugs.

  11. You've had a fruitful summer indeed! What wonderful artworks. Just curious to know what are your plans for fall arts? Something to do with harvest and fall colors I suppose? I look forward to seeing them. ;)

  12. Creativity is such a gift and boy are you gifted!

  13. LOVE it all, Jeanie. My goodness, you've done a lot. I have so many projects going on at the same time sometimes that I can't tell which way is up or down. Actually, I've learned to take on one at a time, but I have a lot on my creative wish list. I wish I could do it all.
    LOVE those birdhouses. I'm participating in a fairy tea party so the fairies are busy conjuring up all sorts of magic around here again. :)

    Glad you shared your beautiful art with us. Creativity is certainly a gift that blesses us as well as those around us. Enjoy!


  14. Lovely creations and congrats on the Romantic Country mention! Yea, Jeanie! P.S. Every time I try to comment via my Google account, something weird happens and comments don't seem to appear.

  15. I learned many years ago that when I found myself doing nothing creative I was depressed and needed to get busy. All things considered you were entitled to your funk and are coming out of it in a blaze of beauty. Enjoy, and keep up the good work. You are loved. Kitty

  16. I LOVE what you're creating!
    So much whimsical beauty wonder you're feeling
    a lift.
    thanks for sharing the lift

  17. Well Mz J you have really created some very lovely things and your drawing challenge is off to a lovely start!

    Happy for you that you feel like "making" again

    take care sweet friend

  18. Creativity is definitely healing! So glad you are doing some healing. Love the fairy kitty and that pink birdhouse. Oh I just love it all. I am in a stuck mode right now, so this week I am hoping to take time to re-organize craft/art/sewing supplies in the hopes I will be again reinspired.

  19. Dear Jeanie,
    If these wonderful birdhouses and cards and drawings are what you create when your in a funk, I can't wait to see what comes now that you're feeling less blue!
    Sending big hugs from Normandy!
    Maggie xo

  20. LOVED seeing this showcase of your summer time creativity, Jeanie! I especially love your Fairy Forest birdhouse series. That one at the beginning, blue house with the fairy girl and butterfly... These are magical! Your sweet pea sketch is delicate & beautiful! So glad you shared all of this with us. May creating continue to be a healing balm for you. :o) ((HUGS))

  21. Wow! You've been busy!! The fairy birdhouses are so pretty. I'm glad you've been getting some creative time to play.

  22. Oh I love your collage work. I wish I had the time to add that to my creative outlets!

  23. These are perfectly charming. I love the pink bird house particularly, and I was delighted to see some of my favourite Flower Fairies making an appearance.

  24. These are perfectly charming. I love the pink bird house particularly, and I was delighted to see some of my favourite Flower Fairies making an appearance.

  25. What charming bird houses these are. I'd be afraid to hang one up outside for fear it would get damaged.

    There you are, give your creative side an airing and the mood lifts. Keep at it, it's obviously good for you.

  26. J, so glad that
    you got to play
    and let your mind
    get lost in your
    art.....with very
    delightful results!!

    Hope you are feeling
    rested and sunny : )

    xo Suzanne

  27. Hi Jeannie

    The bird houses are adorable! I'm soo glad that you joined Karla's swapp I did too - maybe we'll get each others pages:)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  28. Oh, my goodness! Such fun, creativity and beauty! I always love your cards the best, but I confess your sweetpeas make my heart sing. I think it's because they're not so danged good I look at them and think, I NEVER could do that! You're so talented you'll improve and please even yourself, and in the meantime you can inspire some of us art-klutzes out here to give it a try ourselves!

    As for that funk... Well, how about we both make a move from funk to Funky Town? :)

  29. I am so glad to see you indulging in some time to express this artistic side of who you are. These are all such a delight.

    Yes, I think that you really needed this time to reconnect to those things that make you happy. Sending hugs...

  30. Of course you have. Never doubted it for a minute.

  31. As always, lovely work. Looks like you have been busy to me, especially considering all your travels.


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