Friday, May 4, 2012

Remembering Mom

As they say, "I'm curling up for a nap...or something." I'll catch up with you soon, but until then, a few of my favorite posts, honoring people who have made a difference in my life. If you're new to The Marmelade Gypsy, I hope you'll take a few minutes to meet some people who mean a good deal to me -- and may inspire you, too.

oday, May 4, would have been my mother's birthday, so in memory and honor of you, meet my mom.
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Missing Mom
May 2009

My mom would be 94 today.

She died when she was 58. I have tons of photos from our years as a family. We always took a lot of pictures -- she and dad were amateur photographers, right down to the darkroom in the basement. But the photos I love most are those from long ago. Especially those taken during her childhood summers at the lake.

This might be my favorite -- Mom, on the left in front, with her three sisters. She's laughing so hard -- she always laughed. And I have seen myself laugh exactly the same way.

There was always a camera at the lake. Lots of kid pictures...(this is her younger sister Grace).

But when she and her best friend Fran were older, they'd dress up and take pictures of each other on the beach.

Mom and Fran would knit their clothes -- Mom made this one!

(I don't know about you, but if I had knit this dress with the angora on top, I wouldn't have posed sitting in the sand.)

Even on a picnic they wore hats. (She would have been great at the Royal Wedding!)

It was a different time -- a time when women wore skirts at the lake, for one thing.

And oh, how I wish I'd picked her brain more on all these stories while she was still here to tell them.

Soon, soon, soon it will be summer. And I know the first person I will visit -- as I do each year -- is Fran, who will tell me more stories -- and remind me of my mom. I can't wait.

(Another "Mom" post is here!)


Annie said...

Hi Jeanie,

I remember seeing some of these pictures before. What wonderful memories. I'm so sorry you lost your mom so early. 58 hardly feels like a blip on the screen compared to 94 she would have been today.

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, J, she looked
like a real gem!!!
And I love that she
liked to laugh. I
was just thinking
yesterday, how that
is something that
means so much to
me ~ laughing with
others....Because it
means we are taking
time to slow down
and chat. When I
saw my own mom
last week, we drove
with the 50's station
on and it was fun to
hear her stories. Wish
my precious Gigi could
still share them, too.

Happy Friday, my friend.

xx Suzanne

Retired English Teacher said...

Wonderful post. I'm sure you must miss your mom so much. I'm glad you have someone who remembers well and share stories about her with you.

Janet said...

It's good that you have Fran who can still tell you stories. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman.

beth said...

your mother died way too early....i can't imagine how much you have missed her over the years....xo

paris parfait said...

Lovely memories of your mom and precious photographs. Big hugs. xx

Toriz said...

Your Mom sounds like she was a wonderful person. It's good that you have Fran who can still tell you stories, and answer some of the questions you wish you'd asked.

Marilyn said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom.

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