Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quieter Colors

Nothing like a bracing walk on a cold, gloomy day to bring the colors from vibrant to pensive.

So walk with me at one of MSU's hidden gems -- the water garden behind the MRI building.

Small waterfalls tumble over smooth rocks, wrapped into a landscape of reeds and grasses,

Only the fish seem to have the requisite orange garb of autumn!

I discovered this spot one day after having an MRI in the adjacent building. It was a quiet, pleasant place to walk after spending more time than one would like laying in a tube, senses having been assaulted by a cacaphony of excruciatingly loud sounds.

With each passing season, the garden takes on different colors and different moods.

When I first discovered this garden, it was a gray, cold, snowy day and the colors of this water garden were monochromatic -- white snow, gray rocks, skeletons of black branches from the trees and bushes at water's edge. Right now, the colors are warmer...

But not for long.

(You didn't really think I'd leave you without any color, did you?)

Of course not!

Enjoy these last fleeting days of autumn with a walk in your special place.


ols1 said...

The last photo is stunning what a wonderful contrast of Autumn colours - lucky you to enjoy such a special place.

The Creek Cats said...

The pictures are beautiful!

Michaela said...

Wow, how beautiful!


mae said...

I think the colors depend more on sunshine than on the plants themselves. The sun is just starting to shine here in Ann Arbor today making the leaves look very bright. I have been feeling like looking without photographing, so I like your pictures.

Ruth said...

The palette is a favorite: tan, rust, spring green. We are very lucky to work on this campus.

anno said...

These are just gorgeous -- love the combination of rocks and soft russets and rose. It's all so delicate, reminds of me of spring. Looks like a great place to work (or at least a great place for taking outdoor breaks)!

joyce said...

Brrr, the colours, or lack of them, made me shiver, until you tacked on the last ones!

BONNIE K said...

You must be so peaceful with your walks to all these pretty places!

MSchuess said...


And then you bring it back here and show us, so that we can see, too.

What a gift you have! (What a gift you are.)

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