Thursday, June 7, 2018

Back from Away

I hoped when I got home from a short trip to Maryland, Blogger would have figured out how to fix what's going on with our email notifications! Alas... But thank you for all your wonderful comments on recent posts and particularly for telling me and all our other blog pals about where you live on this post. (You all should take a look at the comments section -- it's much more interesting than my post itself!) In fact, I think I have quite a lot of new travel destinations!

I have to say if it didn't seem so expensive, I could get hooked on Maryland. And that's without even seeing much of what the region has to offer. We made a very short trip here -- I drove with Rick, who was headed to classical music camp in South Carolina and flew back from Baltimore. Although we left on a sunny day for the first leg of our trip, we could see rain in the offing.

Let me say the journey was a rugged one. You've heard about the rains in the east? Well, this is an accurate representation of our journey. The rain began shortly after we left Rick's cousin Stephanie's home in Columbus...

...and it was not unlike rain we experienced for the rest of the trip. I can say with great authority that Maryland is a very green and (these days) a very wet state! But it's a beautiful one, with rolling hills and loads of trees, lovely wooded areas. I loved everything I saw.

The first few days of our visit we were with Rick's Aunt Becky in Maryland and part of the purpose of this visit was go to over family geneaology for RIck's Acklin branch of the family.

Numerous documents were downloaded and photographed and while there is much to digest, one surprise is the possibility of Rick and I having a common ancestor in the Bricker family. (Of course, we are all one giant family so I shouldn't be surprised.) More research is required, still that's kind of fun.

(Don't worry, we are far more distantly related than any of the royal family so we should be fine and besides, we are too old to breed!)

We really didn't get out at all while we were in Frederick because a) there were things to be done on that project and b) it rained most of the time. But it was great fun to catch up and have one-on-one time with Becky who was a wonderful host and to see Rick's cousin Amy again. All good.

And Becky was a wonderful cook. We tried to convince her to let us take her out -- she'd only just been recovering from pneumonia -- but she'd have none of it! And I confess, we couldn't have dined any better than at Chez Becky. The white chocolate fondue for dessert one night with fresh fruit was to die for!

On a brief not-raining (I won't say "dry") break, we went outside to check the river behind Becky's house. It was very high and it was brown from all the land run off. She said it's usually green.

Every night we tucked into bed in this beautiful room. (I used my old trick of taking a photo of the bed so when I put it back together I'd get the pillows in the right place!)

The day Rick left for classical music camp, I packed up and was picked up by my friends Patty and Rick, who live in Bel Air, MD. We had a wonderful lunch with Rick's mom and sister and then off to Patty's for a good evening a reminiscing. And yes, it was raining! This was at the restaurant. A soaker! Oh, and a little antiquing was involved, too!

I've known Patty since sophomore year in college. We met when we were touring with the university theatre.  That's Patty in the green dress with purple tights (I'm in the purple dress).

As I'm sure you know, there is nothing like connecting with an old friend who knows all of your old friends that no one else knows, recalling good times and embarrassing moments! We went through a lot together in those college years and those later before she move and they are times to treasure.

Patty's husband Rick is a working actor/singer. His main gig is doing shows where he impersonates several notable personalities -- Dean Martin, Atticus Finch, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Scott Key and more. But as he dropped me off at the Baltimore airport he was headed by New York for a Broadway audition. Fingers are crossed.

So, as I write this, I'm still at the Baltimore airport -- the flight has been delayed three times and I've been glad to have a reasonably good trashy mystery to read while I wait and 45 minutes of free wifi. And when I get home, no major obligations, so apart from a hungry cat, all is well!

Later -- I finished the mystery, read another full book -- a short Maigret mystery -- and made it home at last. So far, rain only at night, which is fine! A tree came partially down in a storm while I was gone. No damage but the rest must come. And Lizzie was happy to see me!) And just in case you were wondering where Waldo is...

It's outside of Columbus, Ohio!

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  1. Hi Jeanie,
    glad you enjoyed your trip to Maryland even if it was wet and with all the delays on the flight home- Glad you were able to re-connect with people you hadn't seen in a long time and catch up on genealogical information. The weather everywhere seems to be crazy just now. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

    1. Jeanie does take some lovely trips! I'm "replying" here because she and I just worked together to figure out how she could turn on this blogger feature. It works!! Yay, Jeanie.

      best... mae at

  2. Despite the rain it looks like you had a very successful trip. Though I get tired of the rain I must say it does keep me indoors too to get at some important projects, lol. It also does keep everything nice and green. I'm glad you and Rick had a chance to get more family research done.

  3. Loved reading about your trip to Maryland. You always have the most romantic and mesmerizing tales to tell. I was simply drawn in by both words and photos. And rain, of course.

    I hope Lizzie didn't get too hungry. Cats have a way of surviving even with a sandbox that will need changed as soon as you got home.

    I was surprised by all the comments on where people lived. I read every one of them and found some to be more interesting places than others. Glad you made it home safely, too.

  4. I love rain, but so much on a holiday is not really fun!
    Glad you could still see the beauty and enjoy it all (plus it´s a great excuse to come back another time, no?).
    Here I have to water our plants twice a day and fire danger is high...

    A family tree, oh, mine´d be tiny, I guess ;-)

    Aww, bet you had great night´s sleep with that sheep watching, very cute.
    It must really be great to meet up again with highschool friends, you look very happy :-)
    But, oh, my, don´t you hate when journeys get delayed all the time. At least you had wifi. Before internet we once got stuck on an airport for some whopping 10 hours and back then no one payed for the inconvenience, either.
    LOL, you really found Waldo!

    And now I´m off to your comment section to see who lives where and what is great about it :-)

  5. I went to college in Maryland and it is a pretty state.

  6. I have done a small amount of traveling in Maryland and it is pretty there. Too bad you had so much rain, but it sounds like a fun visit otherwise. It's usually a good time of year to travel as there aren't tons and tons of vacationers like in the summer. Interesting how you and Rick and distantly related. I am still trying to find a link where I am distantly related to my husband which I believe because 1) I was a kidney donor match and 2) his great grandparents came from the same locale as my grandfather. But I do know we aren't closely related. Glad you made it back-which I assume you did- in one piece. Hugs-Erika

  7. That was an interesting post to read. I've never been to Maryland. Your old college photo is fun. Your friend still looks like her young image in the photo! I've been thinking that geneology is something I would like to do when I retire. (why is it always... when I retire?) I think it's because I started watching the new season of "Who Do you Think you Are?" on tv. -Jenn

  8. I don’t know much about Maryland except that I have friends there, people we have birdied with in South Africa and Colombia, and they say the taxes are so high there they are thinking of moving to Delaware.

  9. Hello, looks like you visited Maryland during our rainy week. Sorry! It is great you and Rick were able to do more family research. Cute photo of you and your friend. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  10. Great to see about your trip, Jeanie! You were near my old stomping grounds. ;)My Mom is from Maryland, and you were in around where she used to live, along with Baltimore. Maryland is a beautiful state. Nice you got to visit with Rick's family... and find out you have an ancestor in common! And fun with friends--hooray. Hope your Patty's Rick gets the Broadway gig! Glad you finaly made it home after the l-o-n-g wait... Not fun waiting at airports. Hope you're sinking into the comforts of home and Lizze now, and have a good weekend ahead sifting through travel memories... Thanks for always taking us along! :) ((HUGS))

  11. I enjoyed your trip review in word and picture . . .
    Driving in heavy rain can be as daunting as a snow storm . . .
    Visiting with family, friends brings great tales and memories to light . . .
    I hope your friend hears positive Broadway news . . .
    Wishing you a dry weekend . . . although . . . not sure if it will make it!

  12. What a wonderful trip you had Jeanie and you had such a wonderful family making you feel at home in that lovely bedroom. Driving long distance in the rain scares me though.
    Isn't it amazing what one finds when researching the family tree. I also have common ancestors in my Mom and Dad's family way back when, but in a more recent past my parents are second cousins!

  13. Glad you had a good time with great food and people to visit. Your idea of taking a photo of the bed pillows was brilliant.

  14. Sounds like you had a great time, even with all the rain.

    Fingers crossed for your friend.

  15. It does sound like a nice time was had:) Sooo funny about you taking a pic of the bed for the pillows..but SMART!!

  16. What a shame that you had so much rain during your trip but it sounds like you still enjoyed it and had a lot of fun things to do. How amazing that you might be related to Rick. I'm sure Lizzie was happy to have you back.
    Happy weekend to you, Jeanie!

  17. In spite of the rain it seems you had a wonderful trip. Family, friends and good food have a way of making for a good time. Glad to hear you had no serious damage from the tree. Sweet Lizzie was a welcomed site when coming home I’m sure, for her too. Hope you are enjoying a rain free weekend..........

  18. Welcome home! Sounds like a wonderful (if damp!) trip.

  19. It sounds like even with the rain, you had a good trip!

  20. Oh you had a wonderful trip to Maryland!
    I envy you :P
    Wow, you had really bad visibility during the heavy rain. To be honest - I had that situation once here - in the UK. It's gloomy and rainy here very often. I had to park in lay bay for 15 minutes because I wasn't able to drive in such heavy rain! That's good that they have these small parking spots on high speed roads!
    And driving in the UK - it's crazy to get used to the left hand traffic!
    Oh the founde! You've made me hungry right now haha! :D Now I have to make it at home! :) But I'll probably use the dark chocolate - it's my favorite. And it tastes wonderful with strawberries and oranges! Omg, I'm even more hungry right now haha! :D

  21. Nice that you are back home safe and sound. Sorry for all the rain you have endured. It has been raining almost everyday here in Florida as well.

  22. Welcome home, Jeanie! Talk about rain....we made a 6 hour trip to Wisconsin a few summers ago for a wedding and it was HORRIFIC. Rain, lightening, and on top of that, huge semi-trucks driving alongside us while I was panicking as Ruben drove. It was a white-knuckler! Good to be home, huh?

  23. Hi Jeanie. Looks and sounds like a great trip even though a bit wet. When I saw you in the purple dress, as my grandmother used to say all the time, I would know your sweet mug anyplace! Jeanie, I noticed in her comments that you correspond with Mary of Marymydogsand garden. Have you heard from her lately? Kris was asking if I had heard from her. She and Diana and myself are worried about her and can't get in touch in any way. I told Kris I would ask you and let her know. On the profile pages I couldn't open her e-mail (or yours either). Is this another flub of Blogger? Happy Friday..xxoJudy

  24. My goodness, that huge cloud dropping rain at the start of your trip was a portent! Sometimes wet weather isn't too bad, or can even be pleasant, and it sounds as if your trip wasn't marred at all. I don't like actually driving in heavy rain though, as it limits visibility, so I am glad you didn't have any problems. How cool that you and Rick might be distantly related!

  25. Glad you made it through all the rain. Good to visit with friends and family isn't it?

  26. Looks like a wet road trip it had been. Glad you've enjoyed it just the same. Love the photo through the fogged up window. Very artistic. :)

  27. Jeanie, it sounds like you had a marvelous trip. I'm sure you could have done without so much rain. :) I guess if things are beautifully green, rain is to be expected. This girl loves a little rain, but has to have her sunshine. lol! So fun to catch up with family, and it sounds like you ate wonderfully well! So glad you made it home safely. Hoping blogger gets things all worked out as well.

  28. It sounds like a fantastic vacation, Jeanie, glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for the pillows tip, I'm sure that it will come in handy :-)

  29. This looks like it was a fun trip. I would love to do a genealogy project.

  30. Only 45 mins of free WIFI at an airport is that the norm in the US? Not to mention a flight delayed three times.... poor you and the hungry cat, sorry I digress! What a wonderful trip, family history is always such a fun reason to get together, adding in a wonderful chef is great too! Love the photo from your college days.
    Wren x

  31. I'm glad you got to go and it looks like a real nice trip, even with all the rain. I do love rainy days and even long walks in the rain but Oh my goodness, not driving on the highway in the rain and around those big fast trucks like that! What part of SC did Rick go to for music camp? Ive never been to Maryland, but it looks pretty! I'm off now to read your previous post, I am trying to catch said something about people posting where they live, and you definetly know where I live, ha ha ha ha LOl---Charleston. Hope you are having a nice weekend, it's been raining her for a few days as well.

  32. Looks like a nice trip, beautiful place.

  33. For the first time in a long time (a very long time) I'm at the end of two weeks of travel and visiting that have been in certain ways dreadful. More about that later. Suffice it to say I'll be very glad to be home at the end of today, to bid adieu to my houseguest tomorrow, and then to go back to work. When work looks enticing, you know you're in a somewhat strange place. Perhaps it's only that I'm more a creature of habit than I knew. In any event,nothing horrible is going on. I'm just tired, and everything seems a chore just now.

    But I'm glad your trip was such a delight, and the sight of all that rain is wonderful. We need rain desperately, and things are starting to look droughtish -- not at all like your pretty and green Maryland!

  34. It's wonderful to travel and visit family and friends. I'm so happy you enjoyed Maryland. I've only driven thru it but really need to spend time investigating it. Happy Monday!

  35. Your trip, though wet, sounds just wonderful. Aren't these short jaunts fun? So happy you could go to Maryland. I loved the sounds of that fondue and your bedroom was like in a bed and breakfast. Very nice!

  36. Jeanie, I am so sorry to be late to commenting on this delightful post. This is my kind of trip, catching up with old friends and loved ones. Wow, that is a lot of rain. I am glad you finally made it home!

  37. It sounds like Rick's aunt is quite the hostess. I'm glad you made it home safely. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  38. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a messy guest room, now I just need to clean mine. Love the pots and so glad you had friends visit.That's so much fun.

  39. All that rain in Maryland is hopping over the West...wild fires here...yikes...I enjoyed going along with you on your mini-trip.

  40. Sounds like a really fun trip. That’s too bad it was raining the whole time but it sounds like you made the most of it! How cool that Rick attended a classical music camp. I bet he had a great time and learned so much.


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