Friday, May 18, 2018

Southern Exposure Bird Planter

A few weeks ago I told you about our first visit to Southern Exposure (and I still haven't found a place for my HUGE sun face yet!). Not much was blooming but last week it was an entirely different story!

Tulips were in full bloom. I loved the pink ones!

We were greeted by the Southern Exposure bunny. He looked just like Peter Rabbit, waiting for us to head to dinner so he could go make mischief!

I always get a bit of a thrill when I begin to enter the garden path, wondering what I might see.

There were loads of bleeding hearts, a favorite that reminds me of my grandmother's garden.

Even the lilacs were in bloom.

They do wonderful things with sculpture, whether it is poured...

...or stacked.

We checked out the herb garden.

Looking healthy!

Have you seen chamomile? I hadn't. Loads of tea to come, I think!

The greenhouse is a favorite spot. These pansies are in full bloom!

And I loved this heart with succulents. I suspect this is for a workshop that unfortunately I am not taking. Rats! I would have loved this!

My companions for the evening were my friend Kate and sister-in-law Kim.

As always, we paid respect to the chickens.

The rooster was in good form, chasing the ladies and making plenty of noise!

Our project was a three-pot metal planter with birds. Our work spaces included a bin of dirt, a spoon and gloves and the metal piece, along with basil, violas, kale and thyme.

There were 60 of us and it was, as usual, set out on hay bales which made clean-up easy!

This was super easy -- basically filling in the pots with the dirt. I love how they have everything set out for us! The end result was lovely.

And even better, I got to see a friend from junior high school! We have seen each other since we were 13 or 14, but not often enough. This was a bonus!

After the workshop we had time to take another quick look at the gardens (ask me how much I love Daylight Saving Time!)

I have one more coming up (actually, by the time this one posts, that will be over!) And I'm anxious to see how much greener and more developed the garden is.

No matter what, I know it will be beautiful!

And here, the finished product! I will probably rig to hang on my fence, but I do love how the light picks up the bird shadows!

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  1. What a wonderful place for a workshop and I love the finished project.

  2. Hello your finished planter look beautiful. I like the cute bird shadows. The heart with succulents is pretty. Lovely flowers and statues, I love the bunny.
    The bleeding hearts are a favorite too. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. Southern Exposure is a neat place to explore and they sure have developed a business plan that works for them. Going there is always a summer highlight for a senior hall day trip. Your birds will be happy hanging on a fence. Love the galvanized metal.

  4. That is always such a beautiful place, and I great idea to combine meeting up with people, crafting and looking at those beautiful gardens. Our chamomile here looks quite different, always white with a yellow centre. Glad you had a great day out. Hugs, Valerie

  5. I always enjoy seeing your creative projects from Southern Exposure. It's funny to see the pansies in bloom because we have pansies during the winter here, and we pull them up by late March.

    Enjoy your weekend! Will you be watching the Royal Wedding early in the morning?


  6. Love the pictures and always enjoy hearing about your Southern Exposure adventures.

  7. I wish that we had a great place like that around here! I love the finished product! Have a wonderful weekend, Jeanie.

  8. Love that rusty gate, so romantic!
    And I didn´t know the flowers were called bleeding hearts, but we have them, too, in the botanical garden - come better weather I´ll pay a visit.
    Hmmm, seeing the chive I wanna crack an egg :-)
    60 people sure is a party - sounds like fun.
    Big fan of Daylight Saving Time, too! Wish we could stay in this zone!

  9. What a gorgeous place to visit. It's fun to watch things bloom and grow. I love the little bird planter, so very sweet! Happy Day!

  10. The trilliums looks especially beautiful. It is Ontario’s floral emblem so I have a soft spot for it.

  11. what a lovely day! Flowers are gorgeous and I love the zen stacked stones!

  12. I just love when you visit these gardens and make merry. Wonderful project, how very fun. Love, love the garden in all it's splendor.

  13. Enjoyed all your photos Jeanie and I especially love all the blossoms. So spring like. xx

  14. I LOVE this planter Jeanie. Your blooms look at about the same rate as we have here. BUT I don't have such a cool planter-hee-hee. I love seeing all the gardening ideas you post in your photos...I am all about gardening things right now. I went yesterday and bought a ton of annuals for my containers and a few perennials to fill in- hopefully tomorrows rain will hold off so I can do a bit more gardening. :) Thanks for sharing this visit! Hugs-Erika

  15. This is my sort of place - from the rusty gate to the rock cairns to the cacti!!! My mother always had bleeding hearts in her garden - a sweet memory. I loved the close-up of the lilac - I can smell it from here! Have a super weekend!

  16. Love your little project Jeanie.
    Those gardens look wonderful, loved the tulips, the lilacs and the pansies in that Dutch clog.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Lovely photos. The bleeding hearts reminds also me of my grandmother. Love them, but I think they are rare these days.

  18. Another winner Jeanie . . .
    Sweet little piece . . .
    It would look perfect on my garden house window ledge . . .

  19. I envy you the availability of a such a unique spot! And your potting shelf is adorable - the birds look marvelous - not at all Alfred Hitchcockian! LOL
    Bleeding Hearts along with Lilies of the Valley are my two favorite English garden flowers! We have a Bleeding Hearts plant that has actually become a bush - we have to cut it back every year about mid-July LOL. It takes over. They remind me of the flowers that were on my grandparent's property when I was a child. Along with hollyhocks ... which unfortunately don't do so well here in this clime.
    Thanks for sharing ... and enjoy your week!

  20. Thank you for taking us along, Jeanie! I like the style of the whole place. I can never do the serious, perfectly landscaped look here, so I like to see other less formal gardens as well. -Jenn

  21. Now I have lilac envy again. I've almost forgotten their scent. I keep trying to find a lilac perfume or cologne or soap that gets it right, and so far I haven't. If you know of one, I'd be glad for the information!

  22. I envy you that place:) Actually maybe we have something like it and I don't know or being the hermit that I am ..don't go:)
    Love the place and what you made..
    Love the heart succulent also!
    I don't think that's chamomile:) It looks like my Creeping Jenny..a great rampant ground cover..(Lysimachia(sp? )..
    Spring has sprung and it is lovely chez vous:)

  23. Your visits to Southern Exposure always sound so wonderful...

  24. The tulips are a delight, and here the lilacs are just starting to show.

  25. What a wondrous place and project.
    I love that their chickens are free ranging.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  26. Stunning post and incredible project.. As always, it was fun to follow you around at Southern Exposure. It is a magical place and provides lots and lots of inspiration. Thanks for including us.

  27. Ohhhhhh, Jeanie, what FUN! I love that metal bird planter! And isn't it invigorating to be with friends and get your hands dirty? Excellent projects and happy times. We're enjoying all we can of this season more than ever and each spring, I feel so young. We must all burst out of our winter shells and get involved with friends, a community, and just celebrate all this loveliness.

  28. Wow, what a gorgeous place to visit! The flowers are so beautiful. My mom would have loved to visit somewhere like that.

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  29. How fun! I want to get to the garden center. I'm longing for snapdragons and geraniums! Thanks for the great tour!

  30. Jeanie, I love your trips to Southern Exposure and the project is so great! Oh my the lilacs, bleeding hearts, and the chamomile make my heart sing! How nice to see a friend from junior high school! Happy Sunday, sweet friend!

  31. Looks like an awesome day for an adventure and a great place to go for that adventure! I love so many things that I saw in your pics. Great times!

  32. Jeanie, that is so cute and sweet. It was a great class and to share it with friends would be so special. The outcome is something you will long remember..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

  33. Love these whimsical tin to hand on a fence. This place is truly magical. The pink tulips are my favorite.

  34. What a TREAT to see SE in all it's SPRING-bloom glory! Can almost smell those lilacs through the screen... LOL! What a fun idea the succulent heart!! Looks like the base is a piece of lattice?! How fun those hay bale tables!! LOVE the planter project. And how wonderful to see your old friend from school days--wow! :) You get up to the best stuff, Jeanie! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  35. What a nice time and I love your cute little planter.

  36. Oh, that tulip looks almost edible! I have decided on the spot that next year I'll be sure to plant some pink tulips! (and no, I won't eat them really) :)

    I really have never been anywhere like Southern Exposure, so every time you post I can fill in a little more of the picture I'm building of it in my mind.

    Thanks for another bright and colourful post, Jeanie!

  37. I love that planter! It’s so pretty and the birds are such a fun feature to make it even more eye catching! What a beautiful place to spend some time!!

  38. That pink tulip is gorgeous! And the lilacs! Wow! I love this time of year when all of the flowers bloom.

    Are succulents super popular this year? They seem to be everywhere. I'm not sure if they're wildly popular at the moment, or if I'm finally actually noticing them since I just recently decided I like them. Either way, they're so pretty.

  39. Yes I am loving daylight savings time too! Give me all the sunshine! Southern Exposure...I want to go! You just have too much fun there. Do they know you are their best advertisement? :)

  40. Southern Exposure! Oh how I love you! You are still my role model for creating a functioning flower farm complete with craft room on site! I am not giving up Jeanie and S.E. you both inspire me!

  41. Jeanie, I love that rusty gate that leads you into those gorgeous gardens! I use to have Chamomile, but it just didn't come back a couple years ago. Your bid planter turned out so sweet! Thanks for sharing with SYC and the Garden Party.

  42. I bought a bleeding heart from a garden centre years ago, it was less than half price because it looked dead. I nurtured in and it rewarded me with pretty blooms for many years but after a very severe winter sadly I think it has gone. That’s a great venue for a workshop, your trio of pots is gorgeous. We’re planting hanging baskets at our WI meeting next week.

  43. How fun. Enjoy your basil this summer. I always think of my mom when I see bleeding hearts. She was so proud when she got hers to bloom. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.


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