Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DIY: Fisherman's Grapevine Wreath

I grew up in a home where summer meant fishing on the lake.

I confess, I didn't care for it all that much. One has to be patient to fish well, and quiet. I lacked that as a kid. But my dad didn't. He was the fisherman's fisherman on our little lake (and on the trout streams he enjoyed with my uncle.)

When we were little, we looked at those fish he brought in with curiosity and awe. There was also a certain anticipation of what we might have for breakfast or dinner the next day!

Dad started fishing as a youngster and his passion for it never waned.

It didn't matter whether he was fishing from shore or from a boat, in hip waders or from the dock, he would spend hours out there. Then he'd bring in the fish, clean them (I loved seeing the fish eggs!) and would prepare them with great gusto. He always was pretty lucky with it, too, so our summers often included fresh fish, baked or pan fried.

FIshing isn't Rick's hobby. And while I have the patience now that I lacked as a child, it really isn't mine, either. So what to do with all of dad's colorful fishing lures and trout flies? I wanted something that was a lasting memory.

The result is the grapevine wreath that I have on my mantle. And trust me, you'll never find any project simpler than this

Just take a grapevine wreath -- you pick the size based on what fishing lures you have.

Then carefully place them around the wreath, using their barbed hooks to hold them onto the grapevine.

And when I say carefully, I mean carefully. Otherwise, keep some bandaids and antiseptic handy!

Another caution -- pay attention to your clothing when moving/hanging it. I don't know how many times I snagged myself moving this all of 20 feet. And trust me, when you get those barbed hooks into denim or a thin-weave fabric, it isn't easy to get them out again. Just saying!

I love how it looks on our mantle here at the cottage. Itis joined by a large photo of the Au Sable River, a fok art fish I bought eons ago, my favorite "Welcome to the Lake" bits, a pinecone tree surrounded by two "frogs" (one is fishing) and my feather collection.

Ah, that vase was from Rick. I was glad that if it had to break he was the one who broke it. Now the feathers don't look quite right in their temporary glass vase but art shows are coming up and I know just what I have in mind.

If you have a lot of fishing lures that hold some sentimental value, give this one a try!

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  1. That's a wonderful tribute to your dad. And it looks great at the cottage. I'm sure he would have loved to fish there.

  2. You have done a lovely job of weaving that together, and even though you aren't really into fishing, you found a way to retain what your dad loved as a lovely reminder. very heartwarming really. Warm greetings!

  3. Aww, that's sweet Jeanie! So much better than tucked away in a box somewhere. -Jenn

  4. What a clever idea. Those lures you so special and I love the look of them.

  5. Good idea for the fishing lure treasures.
    And great for the cottage . . .
    A feather collector you say . . .
    Do you have your first found feather in that collection?

  6. Love the beautiful wreath, it looks fantastic hanging out in good company! The rusty fish is wonderful too. I love watching the people down at the Rhine when they are fishing. Hugs, Valerie

  7. I've never had a fishing lure in my life, but I love what you did with your father's lures. The wreath is gorgeous. It fits in so well with the rest of the mantle.

    I was never a fisher person, either. Like you, I didn't want to sit still and not talk. My grandparents were not fishing people, either. The first time I went fishing was one summer afternoon when I was 18 and on a date. I haven't seen that young man since then.

    Thanks for sharing how you made the wreath.

  8. You had such a stunning idea, darling Jeanie,
    and the result is simply gorgeous,
    I love your wreath so, so much !

    Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week,
    I'm sending all my love to you, Sweetie !

    XOXO Dany

  9. Hello Jeanie, I enjoyed the photos of your Dad and you. The wreath is a lovely tribute to your Dad. My hubby will not fish, he feels sorry for the worms.
    Have a happy day!

  10. You have many photo treasures Jeanie . . .
    My brother was a fisherman . . .
    Many collectors out there are enjoying all his fishing lures, poles and things.
    (I had to add a bit to my comment above.)
    Hope you are enjoying summertime at the cottage.

  11. I see so much of your dad in YOU:) Look at the must have knocked your mom's socks off..and you with your curls♥
    And the wreath..well..sniff sniff..amazing.
    My dad was an outdoorsman too.I grew up w/ things like this and duck

  12. A very nice way to keep something important to your father and a reminder of something he loved to do.

  13. That is so awesome, Jeanie! Collectors really crave those old lures, but I am so happy to see you putting them to use in such a perfect way. I bet your dad thinks so too. ;)

  14. That's a great way to display a collection and have it out to see and enjoy. Love your memories. We always camped at the lake in the summer months and I liked to swim more than fish. Would love to be out in a boat today! Hugs, Diane

  15. That is a COOLEST idea for a wreath. Not only a way to remember your Dad and the lake times, but it looks really cool.My dad fished too, but my brother got all his gear. Otherwise, I think I would copy you. :) Hugs-Erika

  16. Fun project!

    I've always been patient enough for something like fishing, since sitting still was easy for me (I could - and still can - talk a lot when I want to, but have always been quite content to sit quietly too). I actually caught a good sized fish the one time I went fishing. But we had to throw the fish back because as soon as I caught one and realized it was meant to be dinner I started crying. We ended up eating from the nearest chippy instead, and I never went fishing again.

  17. You probably know this, but I'll mention it anyway: the monetary value of your wreath is pretty darned high, too. I listen to a hunting and fishing show early in the morning now and then, and occasionally they'll start talking about old rods and reels, lures, and so on. There are people who collect such things, and they can go for a lot of money. Obviously, the memories are far more important to you than the money, as it should be. But still -- it's always good to know that there's a market for our memories, too!

    I need to dig around and find the one photo of me with a fish. It was taken after 1984, and is pretty funny, given the size of my fish. You almost can see it!

  18. What a wonderful way to keep your dad's memory alive and in the perfect place!Front and center with the picture of the lake I love your wreath with it's special ornaments. Your dad sounds special Jeanie. I have memories of my dad loading all the fishing gear ready for the following early morning call. He fished rivers and lakes and there was nothing like those fish dinners! Greaat post!

  19. Oh how I adore this! It is so creative, fabulous and an incredible tribute to your Father. My Dad was a fisherman too and won many a trout tournament!
    Thanks for this delightful peek into a well loved Dad's passions.

  20. I love old lures. They just have a character that the new ones don't have. In my family, my older brother is the fisherman but I don't know when he was last home to relax on the dock with a rod and reel. The wreath is a great idea and I love the folk fish - perfect for a summer display. I may dig around for a few that are in the garage and make my own wreath.

  21. Jeanie, to see your dad's photo of him as a child brings back sweet memories of MY DADDY'S photos of his boyhood, in knickers! My dad didn't fish, but what a legacy your father left you! Your wreath idea is a perfect way to display his love for the sport, and even though you did not take on his hobby, you have meshed his with your crafting love; the circle of the wreath symbolizes to me the unending cycle of our passions passed down and connected to each other, in some way. Brilliant idea; enjoy it all.

  22. This is a great way to use the lures that belonged to your father. It is such a great remembrance of him that you will see every day you spend at the cottage. My Dad liked photography and took a lot of pictures, most of them on slides. I have all of them in boxes and it will be my job to sort through them and copy them onto something. I have put this off for five years. My sister has offered to help now that she has retired from teaching. I think I will take her up on it. You have reminded me that I had better get to it. Thanks, Jeanie.

  23. Jeanie, the pictures you share when you were little always make me smile. Love this one of you looking at the fish in awe. It's such a treasured picture. How wonderful that your dad liked to go fishing. I appreciate the fisherman a lot, as they do have patience like you said. Your wreath is delightful, and one to remember your dear dad by. Loved this post, Jeanie.


  24. Your creativity is showing again! I love your wreath and the story. I think you should print a copy of this post and tuck it in behind the wreath so the story of its legacy will always be known. I read a story once about a little boy out fishing with Grandpa. He was asking why they weren't catching anything, Grandpa's reply: That's why they call it fishing, not catching!
    I remember trout fishing with my Dad and catching crabs on the Severne River in MD with my Mom. Aren't memories fun? Love to you and Rick.

  25. Ohh...this post brought back fun memories for dad was also the ultimate fisherman...he did surf casting (we lived on Long Island)...striped bass was his favorite...the fishing lures were huge and colorful but dangerous to dad's birthday was the end of July...a special fishing lure was always his gift from me. :)

  26. I love that wreath. What a great gift for a fisherman.
    Thanks for sharing your dad with us:)

  27. I smiled and gave a little laugh when I read the story about how you didn't like to fish as a child. I could relate. I wanted to be with my dad, who also was quite a fisherman, when I was a child, but I couldn't remain still and quiet. I wanted to chat.

    Jim and I used to a bit a fishing in the summer before he became a principal. We both enjoyed it, but haven't gone out fishing for year. I miss it.

    I love the wreath. What a treasure. Those old fashioned lures bring back memories. They are colorful and bright. look like they still work. They make some good catches if you aren't careful.

  28. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this wreath that is full of personal and sentimental values. Did you need to have a box of bandaids nearby when you made it? :)

  29. Awesome idea! It's a perfect solution - I'd be with you not that much interested in fishing, but unable to throw out such family treasures!
    Hope you are having a fun day on the lake!
    Wren x

  30. That's a lovely idea, Jeanie. I don't have a thing for fishing but I like all the different styles and colors of fishing lures. It's wonderful that you had so many and could turn them into something that will always remind you of your dad.
    xo Julia

  31. Jeanie I always love to read your memories. You are blessed to have great photos from your childhood. The fishing lures wreath is a wonderful idea to enjoy at your cottage!

  32. Loved the stories about your dad! What a wonderful way to remember him. My hubby is an avid fly fisher, but I have a couple of grandsons that could patiently fish all day. One is only 7. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  33. What a great project to honor your dear dad. And such perfect decor for a lake cottage! I am not a fisherwoman, but my dad and brothers are and my maternal grandmother LOVED to fish. She'd have 2 lines going (which inevitably would get tangled) while my grandpa would be shaking fish off his line because he did not really enjoy it but was a good sport and went along (my memories of him are after a major stroke so he may have been different if I had some before the stroke!). But it is funny to think of grandpa shaking fish off while grandma was trying to manage 2 lines. :)

    My nephews love fishing now, especially the older ones with enough of an attention span. So a few of them are often at the end of our dock. I appreciate the fish they do catch as I LOVE lake fish, like sunnies and croppies!

  34. I love this!! My story is similar to yours, but I LOVED fishing as a kid and it was my grandfather who was like your father. He took all of us 8 grandchildren out on the boat one day to fish....I caught the most bass! It is one of those memories that has stuck forever. I don't have any of his fishing lures but I do have others and I am fascinated by them. They are very sharp and hard to handle. Now if I had a cottage (my dream) I would make a wreath like yours to hang on the mantel. Till then I will pin it!


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