Monday, September 3, 2012

Something Nice

My day-job is promoting (in that case, promoting public television and radio).

But I'm not so terrific at promoting myself. This has tripped me up before and more than one good friend has pointed out that my negative self-talk is my worst enemy.
So, I've been slow in sharing something that made me very excited and happy earlier this summer -- The Marmelade Gypsy was featured in the Fall 2012 issue of "Romantic Country" magazine in their "Blog Spot" section.
Editor Mary Forsell contacted me back last winter in conjunction with the spring issue, but space filled up and she emailed me to say that the mention would be in the fall issue. Like any patient person (who wasn't really sure it would make it there, either! Bad self-talk, Jeanie!), I didn't even check the stands in the spring.
Then I had a comment on the Gypsy about seeing it! (It may not even still be on the stands. I'm guessing the winter issue will be out soon, if not already). 
A number of bloggers I enjoy have been featured in this beautiful publication -- most recently, Vagabonde (Spring 2012). 

If the concept of romantic country is your style (I really like it!),  then this is a publication worth picking up (or subscribing to!).. In the issue in which I was featured I learned about artists/designers who were new to me...
Got tips on making a fall centerpiece...
...and a fun inspiration board.
 I enjoyed finding out what they considered some of the top flea markets in the U.S.
And really loved an article on making the most of mismatched china (because being the china junkie that I am, I couldn't resist!)
I have to say that working with Mary was one of the real joys I've experienced. Remember the negative self-talk? Mary has really encouraged me to pursue my writing, query publications and see what happens. She has been a bit of a mentor, in the sense that she spent a good deal of time and was tremendously encouraging to me at a time when things are less than that in some aspects of life. So, thanks, Mary, if you're reading this! You rock!


  1. Shame on you for not sharing earlier.....congratulations many time over!!!!! That does look like a good magazine, wonder if it's available in Canada.

  2. Congratulations! That is so awesome! You should be very proud and excited! That is so cool to be featured like that. You bring so much beauty to life through your crafts, thoughts, and words, I am glad that someone recognized this and featured you!

    And how wonderful to meet someone who is serving as a bit of a mentor to you. We all need those in life!

  3. Congratulations, Jeanie! It's so good to see you get such well-deserved attention. And I'd like to add my voice to Mary's in encouraging you to work on some queries for publications. You write so wonderfully and it could be a whole new direction for you.

  4. Jeanie, What can I add to Joyce, Lisa, and Kathy's comments. You are one special lady and deserve (no matter what you say) any and all accolades that might be sent your way. I love you. Kitty

  5. What a great and well-deserved honor.(Yes, you should have told us sooner). Maybe you should start your queries with this looks like a great match for all that you do.

  6. I looked for the magazine, but then forgot to keep looking - as I didn't find it when I first looked. How wonderful. I have had several blog friends show up in magazines and think that would be the ultimate squeeeeee.

  7. Incredibly cool! Very well earned congratulations!

  8. What a wonderful -- and exciting! -- experience! This publication looks like a perfect showcase for your beautiful writing and beautiful art. So glad to see you getting some of the attention you (and your lovely blog) deserve!

  9. Oh Jeanie, this is so EXCITING! The publication looks amazing and I am loving the colorful projects.

  10. Hi there.....I just purchased this mag....and that is what inspired me to pop over to meet you.

    I'm your newest follower....looking forward to getting to know you.



  11. The magazine isn't for me, but you being in any magazine is for me, in spades! I'm just thrilled for you. Clearly, your art/crafts could appeal to a large audience, and this is one more way to get them "out there".

    Likewise the writing. I've thought so often about sending out some of my own, but the thought of "the process" - the queries and all that - seems just too mysterious and difficult, not to mention time consuming. Tell you what - you figure out the system, get yourself published and start gaining fame and fortune, and then you can be my mentor! xoxoxo

  12. congratulations! I'm new here and want to say how much i have enjoyed reading some of your posts,

  13. Well deserved! Congratulations. Now put on your armor and go out there and sell your writing. You can do it!

  14. Congratulations, Jeanie! What a fantastic showcase for your wonderful blog. Thanks for letting us know. I can understand your sentiments... while you're excited and happy, your modesty keeps you from self-promotion. I appreciate that and admire and respect you even more. But then again, it's not promotion, it's sharing. :-) I'm so glad for you!

  15. This is wonderful and so exciting! Mind you I am not surprised - your blog is lovely! Congratulations!

  16. How cool! You deserve the recognition. Your writing and pictures are both beautiful, and you never fail to inspire me. I'm going to have to go look for the magazine now. Congrats!

  17. You should have told us earlier so we could be sure to get a copy. Congratulations!!! And I think Mary knows what she's doing when she encouraged you to pursue your writing. You have a way with words... and photos.

  18. How exciting is that? Congratulations, Jeanie! What an honor! Thanks for sharing at last :))


  19. HOORAY, Jeanie... this is sooo EXCITING! Congratulations on the fun feature. Well, done... and well done for finally sharing this with us. I'm not so good at "tooting my own horn", either, so I can relate. ;o) We need mentor-friend, and your friend Mary sounds lovely. In a way blogland is a good mentor program for us all. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  20. WOW, Congratulations on being featured in Romantic. I think that's awesome and your should shout it from the rooftops……..I've got to get a copy. Thanks for sharing it.

    The French Hutch

  21. BIG Congratulations dear Jeanie!
    I would look at it more as "sharing" good news than self promotion

    Very exciting and cool!

    Glad you have a friend that can help keep you deserve good are special and very talented!


  22. Jeanie: Fantastic!!!

    And their description
    of your blog is spot-on,
    my friend. Always love
    to pop in and see what
    adventure you've been
    up to, recently....


    xo Suzanne


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