Friday, October 2, 2009


Today would have been my dad's 94th birthday, so it seemed a good day to post my shrine!

First, the back-story -- several months ago (well, more like six), my friends Kate, Jane and I gathered to begin making shrines. Mine was to be for/about my dad.

It's finally finished!

The base is a metal shadowbox that I bought at one of Jane's remarkable garage sales, with a heavy emphasis on art supplies! It was probably tin-burnished-copper. I added a few rub-on metallic highlights in turquoise and green to bring out the patina. I'm not sure you can really tell here, but it does show up. Subtle, but there. And it made an enormous difference!

The focal point is a photo of my dad from his army days, surrounded by various memorabilia representing some of the more significant interests in his life.

He was stationed in India, which he spoke of often, so I included a map of India, some postage stamps and war ribbons.

Another passion was ham radio, so the photo in the lower corner is Dad at the radio, and nearby are his license and a photo of the radio.

(All the photos are elevated on pop-dots for dimension).

Another love was fishing. The upper left photo is one of dad's fishing poses, along with a fly from his collection.

Of course, the biggest loves of his life were family. His parents are represented ...

As are my mom --

And me!

His medals and pins from the war provided color and balance at the top of the shrine...

I decided to hang Grandpa's watch from the bottom. I suspect I may modify the attachment; this doesn't seem too secure and the glue I put to secure it looks ugly!

Finally done! Is there one for mom on the way?

(On Chopsticks and String, I have posted an essay I wrote for a competition about "When Did You Realize You Were a Grown-Up." I'm not as grown-up as I thought, because I missed the deadline to submit it! But since it relates to my dad and a pretty critical moment in my life as well, I thought I would put it there. Please stop by if you are interested.)


  1. How absolutely gorgeous - what a lovely memorial to your Dad.

  2. Oh, Jeanie, this is GREAT! I love seeing one of my empty tins transformed into such a loving tribute.

  3. Oh, its great! You did a wonderful job. He would've loved it. You are so creative!

  4. I've realized what an "art" there is to layering papers and photos and ephemera and having it all look good. It's not easy. I struggle with it, and then givie up.

    You have done a wonderful job of it! I love the combo of the pictures and the map and the ribbons - everything just looks so good, so right, so balanced.

    Honestly, guess I need to come over and get some lessons. And the idea of the "shrine" is quite compelling! your dad is smiling somewhere.

    BTW, I like the watch idea and didn't notice the glue 'til a close up. Can it be affixed on a ribbon or some kind of chain which would be affixed on the back of the shrine? I like it for several reasons.

    What's the next project?

  5. ooo this is SO touching and beautiful Jeanie! a truly wonderful tribute to your dear Father!

    I just came across some of my dad's bow ties the other day and was thinking about doing an assemblage about him ... you have inspired me once again!

  6. It's a beautiful and loving shrine to your father.

  7. It's absolutely breathtaking. What a job. So beautiful. I bet he would love it too. xoxo

  8. This is a wonderful idea, and a treasure to have. How lovely to revisit all those memories of your dad while putting this together.

  9. I love how each part of this is a touchstone to all kinds of memories and experiences you shared with your father, and each part so beautifully composed: this really is an artwork that tells a story, and a beautiful story at that. Thanks for posting this, Jeanie.

  10. What an eye-popping creation, Jeanie. Your dad would love it, no doubt about it.

  11. This is wonderful Jeanie! I absolutely Love it! Its a wonderful tribute to your Dad.

  12. This is so cool! Now I'm off to read your essay on Chopsticks.

  13. How incredible. What a lot of time and love went into this. And, how beautiful. Of course, it helps that your dad was a hottie. Yes?

  14. That is a lovely tribute, as well as a wonderful piece of art to display in your home!


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