About Me and the Gypsy

Welcome to The Marmelade Gypsy, where I live my online life, sharing about all things creative, travel, art, food, wine, and the people and animals I love.

This blog was named for the original Marmelade Gypsy, my big orange boy, Gypsy Rose. He happened into my life when he was abandoned long ago and took up residence in the window well. Within a few months, he had moved inside the house and took up residence inside my heart (and on the couch, in the window, on the bed...) He was one sweet boy, the ultimate cat who served as pet therapist, executive assistant and secret keeper. He will always hold a huge spot in my heart. Goodbye, Mr. Gyps.


 Lizzie Cosette may be neither marmelade nor a gypsy, but she is indeed a "Marmee," as the March sisters in "Little Women" referred to their mother. Found in an abandoned garage with three kittens, she was fostered until she found a new home and human to love her. She nags constantly and her inner alley cat pops out now and then -- but she's incredibly dear and we love her to bits.


 The other "characters" you'll encounter here will be my life partner Rick, his two adult sons Greg and Kevin (and Kevin's wife Molly), our Baby Grands and lots of good friends, including our Cork Poppers -- the friends with whom we learn about wine -- and lots of art friends, too!

Should you ask me about my passions, I'll tell you friends and family are first, followed by times at the lake, good books, cooking,genealogy, writing, reading (especially mysteries and memoirs), film and theatre and making art! And, near the top of the list would be travel, with favorite spots that include Paris, England, France, Holland, Canada and New England.


I live with the guiding principles of joy, compassion, fun, friendship, family, love, creativity and happiness. I love sharing my art, my family history, my world and equally enjoy hearing about yours.

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