Monday, May 28, 2018

Southern Exposure: Log Planter

Heavy sigh. My last visit to Southern Exposure until fall. But we had a wonderful project, filling a log planter and the gardens are coming on strong! Come on in!

Does it feel redundant when I take you here? Sometimes I think it must be, but I can't resist shooting the same thing over and over! (And I can tell the difference!)

I especially loved the allium which had come out in full bloom.

This tulip was absolutely glorious, just radiant in the late afternoon light.

And this time the white bleeding hearts were out as well as the pink.

Everywhere you look there is a lovely vignette, whether it is in the greenhouse...

...or hanging on the side of the outhouse (not in use, apart from holding pots and tools!)

There is even thought to the type of greenery that might look most interesting. I love the detail on these leaves.

And check out the golden glow behind the vintage car!

My partner in creative crime this night was my friend Jan. We celebrated Jan's birthday and it was also the anniversary of saying farewell to the Marmelade Gypsy six years ago. It was a good place to be on that night.

We paid our respects to the chickens again. We had chicken for dinner but we didn't mention it to the birds!

As always, we enjoyed a beautiful lovely table setting with that very tasty dinner!

Then it was on to the craft tent where we were greeted with a dirt-filled planter made from logs from downed trees on the Southern Exposure grounds. They were filled with a variety of plants including kale, zinnia, peas, mini-basil and coleus.

And in my garden it looks pretty darned cute! It'll stay there till I head north for the summer and then join me on the road trip!

And until Autumn, this will be the last Southern Exposure venture.

But we'll be back! And I can't wait to see what will be in store!

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  1. They are so creative! I never would have thought to use a log as a planter, for herbs and vegetables no less! -Jenn

  2. What's fun about wandering around Southern Exposure is finding something unexpected among the flowers and greenery. It's quite the experience. When ever I've been there we came by bus and the staff there would cover the sidewalk to our lunch designation with rose pedals. That sure makes you feel special. I understand why you're so smitten with the place. Love your photos.

  3. You always seem to have a wonderful time there, and the log planter is beautiful. I am sure you will be looking forward to visiting again in Autumn. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  4. Never never redundant. More beautiful photos. Especially on this dark cloudy holiday morning-which is a good excuse to be lazy and so I can look at these photos. Happy Memorial Day Jeanie. Hope you are having a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

  5. I love the red chairs!

    There is never redundance when it comes to nature, no?
    We need to enjoy, autumn will be here too soon anyways!

    Love that vintage car (here they´re called "oldtimer", btw, outch, I know!).
    Lovely photo of you two :-)
    Hehe, poor chicken, but, well, their own fault when they´re so yummy, I had chicken yesterday, too!
    I love kale! One of the very few good things about winter!
    A road trip sure sounds exciting and fun!

  6. Hello, Jeanie.
    I have enjoyed your photos from the Southern Exposure. The flowers and bunny are wonderful. I have a similar bunny in my garden.
    I like your new log planter. What a cute idea. I have to remember to buy some basil. Cute photo of you and your friend Jan. Happy Birthday to Jan! Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  7. What a wonderful place to have a wander.

  8. Beautiful photos . . . I never get tire of garden photos . . . and these are wonderful. So green and lush and very cute ideas. Love the rabbit :)

  9. A well loved garden is a joy for sure. Lots of work though!

  10. You can't show Southern Exposure too often for me. I love it and I've never been there.
    Happy Birthday to Jan. Hugs on the anniversary.

  11. Looks like another excellent time. :-)

    That birdhouse looks a lot like the one my brother built in cub scouts. :-) Only his did not have the extra square over the hole.

  12. I never tire of seeing these gorgeous gardens. Love the planter. Its raining here today so just a bit of house puttering I think!

  13. Liking that log planter . . .
    Great to take along for the cottage . . .
    I think Southern Exsposure is your Happy Place . . .
    Although I think it is just “one of” . . . you seem happy, most places!
    Enjoying this 90 degree, mosquito, humid day??
    HAPPY . . . .

  14. Jeanie, I never tire of your Southern Exposure trips. I feel as though I have been there. The alliums are gorgeous and that tulip is stunning in color! Happy birthday to Jan and extra hugs for you!

  15. I've always loved those red chairs at Southern Exposure. I bet this visit during Spring was especially lovely. All the greenery and flowers would brighten anyone's day. Every time I pass by the nursery, I'm tempted to go in and take pictures. : )

    Happy Memorial Day, Jeanie.


    ps...a cute picture of you with your friend.

  16. It's lovely to have a place where you can be creative and that inspires you so much. As for me, I enjoy all your photos from the Southern Exposure.

  17. Hello stranger it all looks beautiful. We are having the hardest Spring ever this year. It's either wet or scorching not anything in between. I'm very jealous, wink.

  18. Pretty pics the red chairs!

    Stay happy,


  19. I was surprised by the logs. That was a lot of work. I was curious about the "green" (maybe apple) as place settings on the table.

    I didn't see anything redundant but the bunny, and who doesn't LOVE to see the bunny each season? Red isn't my color, but I really like those bright red chairs that would brighten any patio. Every vignette spoke to me, and I enjoyed the piece you created. I know it will last all summer and you will snip bits of herbs for your meals, too.

    Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day, Jeanie.

  20. I never tire of reading about your visits to Southern Exposure Jeanie. That tulip is stunning. Mine have finished now and are nicely tucked up in the shed until Autumn (I put them in pots). Your photo of the car with the yellow background is worthy of a competition entry. Your planter is lovely.

  21. The posts don’t feel redundant at all because it does look different each visit since different things are in bloom! The planter is such a fun project and it will be nice to have a portable little garden to take with you to the lake!!

  22. No! I never tired of your Southern Exposure posts! This Spring has taken so long to come about, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it's still planting season! I feel like it must be harvest time by now.
    Love the log planter ... and I bet it gets even more beautiful as it gets rained on and grows a mossy covering!
    Hope you had a lovely holiday ... it was quiet here - though on Monday I did have a special birthday - now the government gets to pay me for having lived this long :P.

  23. As Erika, Iris, and others said - NOT redundant.
    Your photos are really exceptional. Southern Exposure should commission you to create a 2019 Calendar for them.

    Just sayin'.


  24. Don't worry about redundant photos- they never are. I tend to shoot the same things over and over too. That's life! Lovely garden.

  25. I don't know if you think comments from me on photos count, but... I always think a photo of the same thing is still different, because it captures the thing in a different moment.

    Anyway, I love when you do these posts, because I can always feel your love for the place through the post. Shame you won't be back there until Fall now, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of fun stuff to do over the Summer anyhow.

  26. Loved this post from beginning to end Jeanie! As I am a relatively new reader all the photos are new to me! Like you, I have stopped getting comment notifications in my e-mail when people comment. I have no idea why this has happened! If you can figure out what happened let me know! Happy Summer! xoxo


  27. Well it's all lovely! And thanks for stopping by my blog - I forgot about yours! And now I'm back - Your gardens are beautiful, love your touches everywhere -

  28. Hi Jeanie,
    I don´t get e-mail notification for comments anymore, either - seems to be a blogger-problem!

  29. That tulip! Wow! It's absolutely gorgeous. I love your planter too. It looks so nice in your garden. And I love that it will get to go on a road trip.

    I'm not getting comment notifications either. I'm not sure if you follow her, but Liza at Laws of Gravity has also mentioned not getting them. I'm blaming Blogger.

  30. Hi Jeanie: You will have to find something else to do with your spare time. You must have so much of it!!!! Just a joke as you are always so busy. Your little log planter is so cute and will be beautiful when the plants take hold.. Love those red chairs. I have a set of antique garden chairs like that just gathering rust, they would look really good red. Does your missing comments have anything to do with the notice that we keep getting about changes on Blogger? I don't understand what it is they are doing? If you know, let me know..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

  31. Jeanie - these photos are absolutely stunning...the planter is so fun..a fabulous idea.

  32. Like Iris, I loved the way the red chairs just "popped" in the scene.

    I am excited for July when the Wayne Garden Club is going on a field trip to Southern Exposure. I can't remember offhand what we are making, but it doesn't matter. I am just excited to finally see this place you talk about all the time.

  33. Photos are never the same even taken of the same object. So I say as I click away again at the same geranium bush, cat, and the Husband. :-) I like your dresser planter. I've been thinking of doing that with our dresser once it's brought to the garden, which can be anywhere from tomorrow to years from today. Cheers to you.

  34. I esp love the two chairs sitting there just waiting for someone to park themselves there and relax. Loving all the sites, the flowers and the other stuff. Wished I had a bunny like that, he would do so well sitting up in my garden.

  35. That place is magical....I will never be tired of seeing your posts about it and I love all the pictures! Always something new and interesting. I do love those red chairs! Does it feel like summer is close there? It's getting hot and humid here for sure!

  36. Love the natural log planter, hope it lasts years.

  37. Love your trips to Southern Exposure. Always a fun adventure! Beautiful garden, lovely dinner and fun crafts ... what could be better???!!!!

  38. Their dinners, like yours, are always so well presented.

  39. Never will I tire of Southern Exposure views and projects! The angles of light through the seasons always draw me through your eye, Jeanie.

  40. Hello Jeanie!
    Those logs as planters are adorable!! I've always wanted a carved bear that has its arms held out front so I could put a plant in it!!! Really where when I found the angel we have outside, that was a replacement for the non-existant bear. :) It's so fun to garden and no, I never get bored with what other gardeners post because a garden is ever evolving.

    Glad you had fun with your friend!
    Barb :)

  41. I never tire of your Southern Exposure visits and photos. That's a cute log garden. Can you grow basil there all summer? I'm unable to grow it outside in the summer because it gets too cool in the evenings. (Did fine in Denver though.)

  42. The log makes a clever planter. I know you will look forward to your visit to SE in the fall.

    That yellow tree is gorgeous.

    The vignettes are alway pretty. The people who work there are so artistic. It's such a charming place.

  43. Another blogger comment test. Anyone else doing this?

  44. Beautiful gardens. Such a clever idea with the log. I really love that. Beautiful photos too and I remember following you as one of the first bloggers way back when.

    I sure love blogging.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


  45. That log planter is just the cutest. Thanks for linking up to Keep In Touch. I guess I didn't realize you headed north for the summer. I hope you have internet up there. I can't wait to read all about it. I wish I could head north for the summer. It is starting out to be a hot one! Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.


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