Sunday, May 20, 2018

Crazy, Fun, Good.

It was one of those crazy couple of weeks where there is something good every day on the calendar. This is always a plus. It also makes you really long for a quiet day. But let's talk fun. The magnolia and apple blossoms are beginning to fall but it's all green and all good!

I had my last board meeting for Friends of Theatre. There will be a brief annual meeting but basically, my term is through and I will miss it. (I could have run for another but I told them to hold that thought for another year!) Leading into that was our annual gala. The entertainment was a musical written by students and targeted to children with autism, with puppets, music and fun. Our gala audience was adults and we all loved it.

Sailing through the week, I recorded pledge breaks for WKAR and had a friend for lunch. My dessert (and this photo isn't the best) is Sarah Anderson's Lemon Pie, the recipe for which Jenna of The Painted Apron shared HERE. If you love tart lemon (and I do), this is the easiest, tastiest pie you will ever make. (Note: I made mine in graham cracker instead of regular crust and if you do that, it's fine but cover the edge of the crust or bake a little less. Might be my hot oven!)

And my friend Barb created this fabulous herb basket for me. It smells wonderful!

Then into the following week, a road trip to IKEA, Trade Joe's and my favorite Italian Grocery to celebrate friend Kate's belated birthday. We didn't get one of these cakes -- but it was tempting!

Then Southern Exposure and our log planter. My friend Jan and I were in a celebratory and reflective mood. Jan's birthday was the day before our workshop and it was six years to the day I said farewell to my Marmelade Gypsy. It was a good place to be. (More on our Southern Exposure visit soon.)

Thursday found a friend and I helping one of our Corkies pack for her move to Savannah. Pat had recalled our make-and-take tea and gave Barb and I each a tea cup from her wedding china. The most thoughtful thing ever. And later, Rick and I went to a travelogue produced by a friend!

That brings us to Friday, which started with a mani-pedi for Lizzie when my wonderful vet stopped by to clip her talon-like nails. A little wedding baking was followed by a wonderful massage and then a retirement party for my "work brother" Tim.

I've known Tim since I first started working at WKAR. We worked in side-by-side offices, then he was later my boss. I danced at his wedding and we traveled to many PBS conferences together. His was a long and creative career and deserved celebration. This event was held at the local ballpark (because Tim is world's biggest baseball fan and possibly world's biggest Cubs fan, too!). Not only was it a terrific celebration for Tim but fun for me to see loads of people I'd not seen in eons! (Thanks, Dave Brown, for taking the photo!)

And then, the Royal Wedding. Up at 5 a.m. Scones in the oven, tea ready, table set...

Amal Clooney rocked it in the wardrobe department. I loved her dress, even more than the brides! (More on that soon!)

Immediately after the wedding, I took a robin that was injured to bird rehab. They think they can help it.

And on their grounds on the way home, spotted this.

Apparently they know what they are doing. Birds flock to them!

The end!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous week - blossoms on the ground, fun with the theatre group, lunch and fab dessert with a friend, and I'm all for the bird rescue. Poor turkey lost a tail feather.

  2. This all sounds like a wonderful life! You do such varied and interesting things, Jeanie. :)

  3. If I packed that much into a month I'd be deliriously happy. Thanks for sharing such your wonderful week.

    I've got to agree about Amal Clooney. Her dress, hat and composure were a standout! I hated Oprah's dress---too tight---but I guess she had a last minute wardrobe change because she thought the beige one she'd planned to wear would photograph white, so it was nice of her to change for the bride's sake.

  4. What a fantastic week you had! Love the look of that lemon pie, and the herb basket is beautiful. Glad you were able to take the injured robin for help. Glad you enjoyed the wedding - I didn't watch it, just saw a bit in the news. Have a great new week, hugs, Valerie

  5. Sounds a busy but enjoyable week and a display male turkey (called a Tom) was a fine way to end it. if you were a lady turkey you would not have been able to resist his charm!

  6. That´s always the thing that happens when loved ones leave us. We have two days to especially think of them.
    Nice to see you had a wonderful week to make up for the sad date and you look so happy, too :-)
    The herbs look yummy, too! Thyme, rosemary and...?
    I´ve never seen a real turkey in my life! Good thing there are places who take care of birds, too!

  7. I think the teacup from your friends wedding china is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard of doing for a friend. What a busy week!

  8. The pie looks delicious, as do those cakes!

  9. Wow,what a good week. Mine have been busy but just mostly work and appointments. I think yours sounds much much more fun! Funny, I made some baby lemon pies today as I have been itching to bake. I think you make retirement sound like something I need to do. Hope your next weeks is as much fun as this one. Hugs-Erika

  10. Wow! You DID have an incredible week! Hope you've had time to take a breath...oh and put your feet up! Lots of fun! Hugs!

  11. man, I'm pooped just reading all that! LOL Glad you had a great time!

  12. You had a very busy, fun week! Glad you came out on the other side to write about it, lol. Have a wonderful rest (I hope), this weekend. xx

  13. Wow. You have been busy. Kudos for taking care of the little bird.

  14. Busy, busy! Sounds like good time were had by all. Hope you get some relax time ahead,

  15. That china teacup and saucer is VERY similar to my grandma's china that I have now. In fact, it may be exactly the same! Who made that one? I need to get a step-ladder and look at mine in the cabinet above the fridge, so I won't do it right now... :-)

  16. Great celebration cakes! Hard to resist temptation.
    I like turkey meat, so I feel guilty when I see one.

  17. You had two very busy but also delightful weeks. It was fun to follow you through them.

  18. Loved seeing all of your pics from your “Bits and Pieces Days” . . .
    I need a groomer to come to the house for Snickers!
    I liked Amal’s dress too . . .
    I LOVED Meaghan’s dress . . . and her small bouquet was wonderful . . .
    And how about the music . . . all . . .
    Oh my . . .

  19. You had a wonderful and exciting week, Jeanie. The lemon pie recipe sounds great. I love citrus fruits.
    Have a great week!

  20. Hello Jeanie, I'd say you had a great week. The pie and cakes look delicious. Our blooms have all fallen too. That turkey looks huge and I love the sweet robin. Wishing you another great day and week!

  21. Well, you have indeed had a couple of fun weeks!
    We went to see a friend's production of "Princess Ida" which was performing here in CT, this weekend, and went out to have a bite with her after the show. The restaurant had a similar display case of Marie Antoinette worthy desserts. But we weren't so reticent as you - we fell off Atkins with a thud and had a decadent ten minute dessert!
    I love tart pies (my favorite was Key Lime, but Lemon was a close runner up!) back in the day when I could have ... flour! *sob*
    Although I'm not a royal-wedding-watcher, I do look at the after shots of all the clothes worn (especially the hats!). I preferred Meghan's reception gown over the wedding gown - though it was a study in elegant dignity and she looked like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn to me! Amala was quite the Hollywood vision in her lemon-chiffon-yellow ensemble - but I thought the highlight of the day were the Spencers - Kitty and Karen. And, David Beckham made the rest of the guys look like ushers LOL.
    Thanks for sharing your fun events with us - I've been busy - but not having that much fun!

  22. What a busy gal! Fun in the sun..:) Great friends..outings..I have been in the gardens..every single day..except the rainy aftrenoon..things are looking up in QC..Didn't watch the wedding live..but IG and Youtube ad it all..I lovede everything about the wedding..Funny at first I found Amals too much ..too yellow lol..but it grew on me..and she's so lovely..I think anything would look quite graceful.
    I loved Gina Torres' dress.She is simply stunning.

    So many things I loved I could go on and on;)

  23. Sounds like a great - though exhausting - week!

    The show for the kids sounds like it was fun, that's sweet about the tea cups, and I'm glad they think they can help the little Robin.

    I'm also glad you were somewhere so lovely, and kept so busy, during the time of Gypsy's anniversary.

  24. Busy weeks are so fun, but then ready for a rest. Hope you have rest today. The lemon pie and teacup, plus watching the wedding with scones all sounded wonderful to me. Then how special that you have served your community well and now can rest for awhile.

  25. Those kimds of weeks are tiring, but in a good way, and I love them. Glad you are able to have such a crazy, fun-filled lifestyle, Jeanie. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  26. You have had a busy week! That lemon pie looks delicious :)

  27. Your week was just packed! :-)

    Thank you for taking the birdie to the rescue. :-) We have robins nesting over our patio. :-)

  28. Your bright smile and cute-as-can-be personality always makes for a great this one...gonna make that pie and, yes, her yellow dress was stunning...loved watch the whole thing.

  29. I'm not sure how I missed this post. I guess I thought I had read it already. Your last two weeks have been far more productive than mine. Iwas in awe of what you have done with that young people's group. So good they targeted children with autism. A worthy concert.

    Your pie looked good. I bet it was wonderful. I want a friend like Barb who will make me an herb basket (grin).

    I know you are going to miss your friend and her wine expertise. That was a lovely gift she shared with the two of you.

    Wowser. You have a fabulous vet. We don't have any like that here in Wichita. You must be good friends. I hope Lizzie behaved.

    I also enjoyed the wedding and watched it in real time. I was awake all night, so it's nothing unusual for me to stay up like that. I thought they looked SO happy. I think Harry was even more nervous than Meghan. I was so glad to see some of the Suits cast there, too.

    That turkey looked like it needed help. I felt sorry for it because it had obviously been in a fight with something. So glad they help these birds.

    Now you can rest and relax for a day or so while I play catch up.

  30. MERCY!!--you have been so busy! I just now got to read your previous post about southern exposure....oh i love that place! It's so beautiful and everytime you go you still have tons of brand new things to show us! I love love love that picture of the old gate! and the statues!! I love old stone statues. And old creaky gates of course! LOL did you find a good place for your new planter?- it sure turned out great. The gala looked fun!

  31. and that teacup is absolutely gorgeous!! lOve that one. I enjoyed the wedding very much, how bout you? Yes, Mrs. Clooney looked so elegant!! I stayed up all night in order to not miss it. I can remember Diana's wedding as it it were only yesterday. Now I've watched both her sons marry as well. Time marches on.... way too fast.

  32. Ooo... how LOVELY the confetti of magnolia petals! And the lemon pie looks good--I'll eat anything lemon! The herb basket--what a treat, and such a thoughtful gift! Goodness those cakes are works of art, aren't! VERY pretty the tea cup from your friend's wedding china--another sweet gift! Is the floral design grey? I looks grey on my screen. So elegant. We were out & about on Royal Wedding day, but we were able to watch a 2+ hour condensed version of that day--sooo beautiful it all was! Such a great variety to your days at the moment, Jeanie--fabby days... LOVE seeing! :))) ((HUGS))

  33. What a wonderful and varied week, Jeanie! That lemon pie looks wonderful - although I am trying so hard to cut down sugar now that I came to the conclusion I have the willpower to avoid making it but NOT the willpower to avoid eating it if I did make it! I'm glad you got the little bird to the rescue place. The people who run these places are so devoted, it's always a pleasure to see how much they and the rescue creatures get out of it.
    Your photos are, as always, beautiful. The fallen blossom was so calm and pretty.

  34. Jeanie, my you lead a busy life my girl. Yes, Amal Clooney's dress was beautiful and she did look outstanding and lovely as did her hubby!!! I loved everything about the wedding..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  35. Jeanie,
    You never cease to amaze me with your glorious activities and enthusiasm! Such an incredible network of bright, creative individuals who are doers. You are such a great example of living life to the fullest all the while giving back to the community that you love!

  36. Wow you had a very busy week!! I hope this past week has been more quiet so you can catch your breath!! I love that the theater group put on a production targeted for children with autism. That diagnosis is sadly so very common these days. :(

  37. The teacup is so pretty! Hopefully you'll be able to visit her in Savannah. I've never been, but I hear it's beautiful.

    Isn't it nice when the calendar is full of good things like that?

  38. What a great week. I always think it’s a shame that magnolias are so magnificent but the blooms last for only a short time. I agree about Amal, she is stunning. I hope the bird made a full recovery.

  39. I love reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  40. You really have had one busy week! That lemon pie sounds delicious. Who knew there was such a thing as a bird rehab? Hope he (or she) recovers! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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