Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dreaming of French Gardens!

Recently, Pam of Everyday Living hosted a "gardens galore" link party. Lots of beautiful gardens there! And then Tamara is hosting Paris in July and Paulita always does her Dreaming of France posts. Beverly host Pink Saturday and what could be more pink than this?

All this France and gardens got me thinking to one of my favorites, Giverny. So join me on a little walk through!

I know I've posted many of these several years ago (2009) and I also know I have many new blog friends since then, so I thought I might revisit it!

I confess, when I walk my neighborhood Ditch and see all the waterlilies, Giverny comes to mind.

Here's one of my favorite photos. In a later post I'll show you how I painted it and how Vivian Swift took the same photo and made it far more magical than I ever could!

And the pink lily blossoms simply make me smile!

The water gardens are so beautiful. It's a bit of a challenge not to get loads of people in the pictures -- but I tried!

I'm very fond of poppies and I have to say, these lilac/pink poppies were a favorite.

Check out the details. They make me smile!

Yes, I wouldn't mind a garden of pink poppies!

Or this aspidistra (I think -- any gardeners out there, feel free to correct me!)

And this tree caught my eye as well. Anyone have ideas on what it is?

You might know that alium is another favorite of mine. What a pity it has a short season but these large, purple fluff balls always delight!

Not all the flowers in Giverny are pink. Maybe it was the time of year I visited (June). But these yellow ones certainly had a bright glow!

All this beautiful garden design is nothing without those who care for it, cultivate it, plant it and keep it lovely. They were willing to take a quick break to chat with my friend Jerry. Hats off to them!

If you think Monet's garden holds the only flowers in Giverny, take a look around! As you enter or leave the house, you'll see plenty of charm along the town's streets.

I have a soft spot for hollyhocks, too! I loved seeing so many.

In fact, in a fit of painting desperation I tried to do this one.

And tried and tried with varying results.

I can see why Monet found such inspiration in his gardens! I hope you did, too!'

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  1. Beautiful gardens, and love how you painted them. I visited the botanical gardens of the university last week, they were wonderful, and will be sharing the photos soon. It's always wonderful and very special to walk through beautiful gardens. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful photos. Monet's garden is a wonderful place. I really loved the house as well. I wish I could paint like you. How wonderful to be able to use drawings in your journal.

  3. I actually remember your wall paintings, but have never seen the Giverny photos before. The flowers are wonderful, and you took amazing photos. It was a great remembrance, too.

  4. Your photos are beautiful. As I recall, I "met" you when you asked if you could use some photos of Giverny that I had posted on my blog. That must have been in 2009. I don't think I took any photos when I visited -- it was before digital cameras -- the photo you were asking about was a reproduction from a book. As you show, a visit to GIverny would be a highlight of any trip to Paris.

    best... mae at

  5. Gorgeous post . . .
    Love all the Pink . ...
    The poppies . . . SCRUMPTIOUS . . .
    I saw a pic on Instagram the other day from Catherine, In The Fields, (think that's the name)
    OF a long row of Pink Dogwood against a low stone wall . . .oh my . . .
    I will see if I can send you the pic . . .

    Wonder what flowering beauties you will see in Quebec . . .

  6. Love your photos and insights.

    By the way, those are astilbes and I highly recommend them for our (Lansing) zone! The MSU gardens have some beautiful examples.

  7. I love that pic of you! So you were in France when I was:)

    WE were gone one month..Italy and South of France.Much more us than Paris.
    I would love to see this place..Giverny:)

    The tall pink spikes are in fact Astilbes and do very well here..some of mine have bloomed and gone..the whites..always early the pinks and then the aubergines..they would do well chez vous..they do much better in rainy the one we are having..the next you wondered about are Clematis..and there are so many kinds! The yellows are nastrutiums and edible:)

    You LOVE shows in so many of your posts..hope you see some pretty ones in QC:)

  8. Oh so beautiful! I'm planning on going to Giverny next April when I go to visit Kate, who ia renting an apartment in Paris for April and May.

  9. Hello, I doubt if I will ever make it to Paris. So, I enjoy your walk thru the garden. Beautfiul flowers, I love the waterlilies, poppies and all the lovely scenes. Your sketches are pretty, well done. Happy Monday, Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  10. I love all of your results, Jeanie! And a garden is to make us dream and the gardens of France, Britain and Japan do that for me!

  11. Oh Jeanie, I always love seeing your trip photos, especially these. They look a lot like some I made on my visit there and yes, patience to get photos without tourists. To say it was stunnng wouldn't express the beauty. We walked around the little town, had lunch and yes the town was lovely with flowers. Did you see the black house cat with white feet. That was the finishing touch! Enjoyed your tour today..........

  12. Hello Jeanie, I’m one of your new blog visitors, and I’m very glad you revisited this as I missed it the first time.
    Your photographs are simply beautiful, and I think you did a very good job with your paintings. I wish I was half as talented. Have a wonderful week.

  13. Jeanie, I never get tired of seeing pictures of Giverny. These are fabulous and I love your focus on pink. I can see some pink flowers as I look out my office window now that you mention it.
    Your paintings are charming too. I like all of them.
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  14. Lovely! Those pink peonies are beautiful!

  15. Beautiful gardens and your paintings are lovely! I started a Pinterest board for 'flowers I want to paint' and put some of your photos in there! Hugs!

  16. Your photos are inspiring for sure...I see my pond needs more water lilies to make a bold statement. your painting too. :)

  17. One of the most magical gardens I have ever visited. Thanks for the memories. I was going to answer about the "tree" and other flowers, but I see you have your answer already. Just beautiful!

  18. How beautiful. There's nothing better than strolling through a garden.
    Loved your paintings;)

  19. What a lovely garden to stroll through, Jeanie. Lots of different flowers to see. Loved the water lillie pictures. I've never seen a pink poppy before, how delightful. You really got the detail in these two close-ups. The aspidistra is a soft pink color, so pretty. I think my favorite picture is the "charm along the town's streets." I can see why you wanted to try painting it.

    Always a pleasure seeing your photos, Jeanie. They are magical.


  20. Oh wow. I have always wanted to visit Giverny but when I went to Paris is was February and the garden wasn't open. Now I know I need to go back and visit one day. This is a gorgeous garden. Thanks for sharing. Hugs-Erika

  21. Oh wow my friend, you make me want to hop a plane to Giverny! It is a dream of mine to tour English/French gardens. I think the pink bloom is an Astilbe. Looks alot like mine. And, I could be wrong; but I think that is a Clematis growing up something, not a tree. Might just be how I'm seeing it. lol! Do you mind sharing if you did a booked tour or just went there on your own? Enjoyed each and every photo! Oh, and your artwork is fabulous!!

  22. My dream is to go there - beautiful gardens. Thank you so much for sharing. Uou really did a great job on your painting.

    Have a great week.


  23. Jeanie, you know how much I love travel and I have failed to visit Giverny! Your photos of Monet's garden are beautiful and I loved every bloom!. Your artwork is really wonderful! I really need a return trip to France very soon! Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore and for the shout-out!

  24. Oh my! So much beauty! I love it all. xx

  25. These photos are all so beautiful! I didn't get out to Giverny as my only summer trip to Paris was the first one and it was so jam packed! I will get there eventually! I love all the pink flowers as pink flowers are probably my favorite. I can see why this location inspired such beautiful art. I loved seeing Monet's water lilies at l'orangerie!!

  26. Oh I just love this post full of glorious images Jeanie! It brings back sweet memories to my own fabulous trip to Giverny.

  27. Beautiful. I especially adore the water lilies.

  28. So amazing! I loved that walk through such beauty with you.
    My favorite image, by far, is the one of you beneath the arches,
    looking yourself like a shining flower in the sun:)
    What a joy you carry - as if born an especially bright star:)
    Thanks for the loveliness,

  29. Jeanie I may not have a green thumb but I can certainly admire all the beauty that nature and all those talented gardeners have to offer.

  30. I've always enjoyed visiting Giverney although it's been a while since we last visited so your post today made me happy. On our first visit about 17 years ago I bought a packet of Giverney nasturtium seeds and those sweet little flowers have self seeded and colonised several parts of our garden over the years, they always remind me of the Grand Allee and make me smile.

  31. Jeanie, I loved seeing Giverny in the springtime. I visited in the fall of 2010, I think. I will have to recheck that date.
    Your pictures are beautiful and you didn't get as many people as I did. So glad you reposted this.
    I think your paintings are great. I can't draw stick figures.
    I like poppies also and used to have some but they didn't come back one year. The hollyhocks are pretty and I wish I had sun to grow some. Monet left so much for many people to enjoy for years . What a legacy!

  32. OH my goodness, what beautiful gardens and flowers! Sure loved seeing them all. That is a cute picture of you with the arches behind you as well! You look so happy! the flowers are all amazing and my thing is hollyhocks so I spotted those immediately, I have grown some really tall and pretty ones in the past and this year mine didn't even come up....hopefully better luck next year!--and then it takes them a couple years to actually bloom usually. They come in so many beautiful colors, hard to pick them, for sure. We are growing the water lily flowers this year in our fountain, so far they are still alive!! LOl---it was an experiment we had not done before. There is an old plantation here with gardens and a bridge with views of the reflecting water and the gardens and hanging spanish moss that you would love! Have you ever been down here?

  33. I could be mistaken but that tree looks like it has clematis growing on it.
    Have a great one.

  34. Very interesting the flowers are so pretty
    Hope you come by and visit and leave a comment and follow me

  35. So pretty. Gardens add so much to our lives.

  36. Wonderful garden!Thanks for sharing!

  37. That is a gorgeous photo of you. I love Monet's gardens. They are great in each season. The area around the gardens are also lovely. Your photos took me down a trip in time. xoxo

  38. Exquisite! I remember some of them, but hey, I really don't mind the revisit. Love those Paris in July events. Just too busy this year to do that but I can always visit your posts. :)

  39. Wow. Such beautiful photos. Seeing such beauty is a sure way for me to find a little happiness this morning. Thank you.

  40. Loved your photos! That garden is beyond lovely. Those flowers and the setting - just, WOW!!

  41. So pretty! Those lily flowers are beautiful. What a magical place to visit.

  42. How incredible Jeanie! What an experience of an artist's lifetime! your rendering of the gate is beautiful, just beautiful! Congrats on your feature and Gardens Galore!

  43. Lovely, just lovely. I'm new to your blog today, and a new follower. I love travel and visiting gardens. Please stop by Gail-Friends soon.

  44. G’day from Australia.

    What lovely photos. I’ve only seen a glorious exhibition of Monet’s work. The yellow flowers are called nasturtiums. They are very easy to grow from seed.


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