Friday, June 9, 2017

Life These Days

It's been a lazy transition into summer. Memorial Day found me planting flowers at the graves of my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

All that was followed by a cookout for Rick's guitar trio on his patio. The first burgers of the season!

I've been hitting the area greenhouses, too, in quest of the perfect things for the garden.

My biggest purchases have been a hydrangea, a couple of perennials, loads of herbs, zinnias and annuals for my pots.

And here's a bit of the planting! I love my new OLD blue ladder. I ran over the ladder with the car a couple of years ago so this part was salvaged. Shabby blue made it perfect for a plant display!

While I was at one market, I checked out the foods. I have no idea how to cook these...

...or these...

...or these. Any ideas?

I can't imagine these irises just grew wild at the ditch but I thought it was awfully pretty!

My sole iris bloomed and was so heavy it bent down and consequently, came in the house to live out its last brief days!

I'm not sure why I bother! My neighbor's garden puts me to shame.

I will say that my peony envy on so many blogs this spring did have a happy ending -- my peonies have bloomed. Filled with ants, but beautiful!

Our friend Wally invited Rick and me to check out his new home and enjoy snacks on the patio. (If you like European and travel photography, check out Wally's site!)

And of course, Rick offered a small concert. A perfect day for snacks on the porch and lovely music!

We met up with our Cork Poppers at a local brew pub, good fun for a Friday evening.

And Summer Circle has started, providing free outdoor theatre to those in the mid-Michigan area throughout the month of June.

That, along with a free ticket to "Fun Home" courtesy of a friend whose wife was unfortunately (for her) not well that evening, have added to both my cultural pursuits and my joy!

The garden bunny I antiqued at Southern Exposure is holding court in the hosta garden...

...under a bright sun.

And Lizzie is holding court in the windows, watching the birds, the neighbor dogs, and planning her escape.

Life is good.

But it's tiring, all this get up and go, then sit in a sun-puddle life! Poor baby.

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  1. You have been busy! Love the flowers you bought, I bought some campanula for my balcony today. The storms here tore a lot of mine to shreds! The blue ladder is indeed a wonderful plant holder. We visited a farm yesterday where they have old machines and household artifacts everywhere, many also used for plants. The evening at Cork Poppers sounds great, too. Have a good weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. Really heartwarming post, thoughts and photos...thanks for sharing, and have a nice weekend.

  3. You'been so busy, darling Jeanie, but I'm sure you had time for having fun too !

    Wishing you a most lovely Summertime

    XOXO Dany

  4. What a fun time you are having! It's going to be a lovely June and I'm hoping my plants do well. I need to add some flowers to the yard. Hugs!

  5. Looks like you've been having lots of fun lately! Love your Moscow rules. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. What a great post that expresses your personality. I love how you salvaged the ladder. I am sure your garden will look wonderful. Rick's Memorial Day bar-b-qua concert sounds perfect. Enjoy

  7. I love the blue ladder! Great idea for the garden. Very cool. Looks like you have been having a great move over from spring to summer. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Jeanie! I think your garden looks lovely! I'm in the same boat, trying to decide what I want to add. The stuff at the grocery store is wilting. I will have to head to the nice garden center. I'm planting seeds, too!
    Looks like you are having fun! Happy June!

  9. I would say your summer is off to a good start. How lovely to sit on the patio or meet with your friends at the pub, then also to enjoy entertainment and Rick's music too. Happy summer adventures!

  10. I finally took a walk down my road today and found some of those irises growing along it too. They wowed me, and I wanted to dig them up and put them in my garden, :) Your summer looks like it is starting off in a nice but enjoyable way. I love that certain things seem to be an annual part of each season. Like visiting greenhouses, buying plants and doing things outside for the start of summer. :) I am ready. Looks like you are too. Hugs-Erika

  11. Sounds like your one busy lady and it all looks like a lot of fun.

    Your garden is stunning, love all your plants. Especially the peonies - I really love them.

    Glad your feeling better and back into the swing of things.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  12. Your pretty garden is coming along quite nicely my friend! I do love what you did with the ladder, looks great and I love the color too. I also love that sun---those are so cool! Looks like you have definetly been busy--I'm glad you're back up to feeling normal and getting out and about! I love to visit the garden centers too, even if just to walk around and look, its very relaxing and just a pretty and interesting place to be isn't it? I nearly always end up buying stuff tho, LOL Hope you have a real nice weekend! Any fun plans?

  13. PS---Im almost certain I read somewhere recently that the peonies NEED THE ANTS! LOl that the ants do something about licking the buds or their saliva or something they actually do to the buds actually cause them to open?? Wonder if that's true or not? I do know that peonies are always full of ants aren't they?

  14. I was SO impressed with how you recycled your ladder. It is now very colorful and useful, too. Personally, I LOVE your garden. My irises died in April. You are so far behind my weather, it isn't funny.

    You certainly have been busy doing lots more than just gardening, as your photos show. beautiful pictures of you, Rick, and the Cork Poppers, too.

  15. Hello Jeanie! You got your peonies! WOO HOO!!!!

    We have been enjoying such a glorious June with these peonies but they are fading. My rose climbers are coming in however, and I can't wait.

    My friend, enjoy every moment of this season. It's been amazing, hasn't it!

  16. Glad you finally had success with your peonies!

    It's great to hear you're doing so wel, and enjoying yourself. Sounds like you, Lizzie, and Rick, are having a great Summer so far.

  17. My sister lives in AZ so she's a pro at using those cactus leaves. If you google nopales you'll get some ideas of how they are used! I've mostly seen them in salads. There was a great fish taco restaurant in Charlotte that has a napalito salad as a side option that was really good - it was a vinaigrette based salad with beans and such. So good!

    Looks like your summer is off to an excellent start! This is such a wonderful time of year. May was so busy but I've tried to keep the early part of June quiet as I knew I'd need time to recover from the wedding + honeymoon! I've been going for runs and working in my garden (which is growing like crazy thanks to the heat we've had so far!). I'll visit the farmer's market for the first time tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. And we booked our first camping trip over Phil's birthday weekend in August which I am super excited for! This is going to be a great summer!!

  18. I like the sound of summer done your way, full of all the simple pleasures that bring us joy, have fun in the sun dear friend.
    P.S. Love your peonies despite the ants and adored your single iris flower, such a beauty!

  19. I love garden rabbits, too. They aren't as cute as the real thing, but they eat a lot less! Not only do I not know how to cook those things you pictured, I don't even know what they are! -Jenn

  20. Lovely as ever, esp that OLD blue ladder and mr garden bunny.
    Thank you, Jeanie, for the Moscow Rules.

  21. You've been so busy!
    I agree with esme..your posts reflect your personality so so much!
    I love the ladder too..

    sometimes things take time to settle into a garden.

    Don't give up before the miracle happens:)
    Seems like you have loads of blooms to keep you happy..
    You have a rich life:)

  22. There's not much left to say - everyone has said it all. Don't let your neighbor's garden intimidate you. It's not a contest, it is a time to revel in the part of God's beauty that He has given you. Thanks so much for continuing the Marmalade Gypsy. Love to both of you.

  23. Jeanie, I absolutely adore that turquoise ladder!

  24. Lazy summery days don't seem to be happening yet for you.
    But it sounds like you are enjoying some flowers, theater, music, friends and more . . .

    Wished Friday afternoon would have worked for us . . .
    Oh my, was I swamped . . .
    Mister Irish and I kept at it until the early morning hours.
    The event was yesterday . . . it turned out grand . . .

    Enjoyed your pictures and post . . .

  25. I love your garden - if you saw mine (which is really a small plant or two) you would laugh! You've gotten so much done and summer is just beginning...

  26. Nopale is delicious. Clean the spine, slice and boil to soften, mix with cilantro, onion, and ��. Add chili's for kick if you like. Chill. Serve cold. Soooo good.

  27. Good Monday Morning!
    This was such a yummy and rich post, it made me feel as though I have just had a full meal for the soul.
    Life is good isn't it?
    You have created a truly inspiring one my friend!

  28. Looks like life is good, full, beautiful and sprinkled with good friends.
    So very happy for you. Your garden looks lovely.

  29. You have a lot going on, Jeanie. I have no idea how to prepare the cacti or the other fruits or veggies. Your peonie is beautiful. Life is exhausting and Lizzie needs to take as many naps as she can get ... :)

  30. Jeanie, I am waiting for the peonies to bloom up here in the north. Maybe the end of the week and I will be out with my camera. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  31. I am sorry I haven't been around lately but you seem to have been having a wonderful flower filled, bright and social time. Your one and only iris is so splendid that I am sure it would have outclassed all the competition! I suspect one of the odd veggies is a prickly pear, and if so it would be beautiful to eat just as it is but be sure to wear gloves and not let any of the prickles get into the flesh. They used to grow wild around our house in Malta and were quite a challenge on a hot day when you felt like something juicy and delicious. The bottom ones are familiar, our neighbours grow them in Mauritius but as to what they are... hm... can't remember. They taste good enough. Enjoy the rest of your early summer, isn't it a great time of year?

  32. Wish I could visit those greenhouses and garden centres, I'm looking for a planter or flowerpots. Would love to shop for garden wares with you. Looks like a wonderful start to the summer. :)

  33. Jeanie, I am sorry I am so late in reading this post...I have been partying in the garden😊. Sweet lady, I love reading your musings of your life. I wish Rick and my hubby could get together. My husband plays guitar, sings, and writes music, wouldn't they have a great time? Congrats on your peonies, so pretty! Seeing Lizzie makes me think of our Oreo who passed away last year. He was always with me in the garden, I still miss him! Have a wonderful day!

  34. I love the way you nonchalantly say you ran over the ladder with the car and now voila! That did make me smile, are you sure you didn't do it on purpose, it looks perfect in its new life?!!
    Happy days!
    Wren x


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