Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Slice of Life

First, I want to thank you all for the lovely messages and comments about my recent surgery. So far, so good! One reason I love blogging is that the bloggers in your circle are so kind and care! Thank you!

And I want to thank Jean of Delightful Repast for hosting a drawing that I won! Four teas, shortbread and a sweet little teapot that makes exactly two nice mugs of tea with an amazing strainer that gets none of the tea leaves! I rarely win things like that and since it arrived on the day before surgery, it came at the most opportune time! Thank you!

 I can't say that post surgery is a picnic, and sometimes I get this expression...


But all is well. I'm not getting out a lot this week but before spring is fully sprung and we're on the threshold of summer, I wanted to share a few more bits of things that have been making me happy this season.

Like that cute little guy! Our Baby Grand is getting bigger -- and with more and more personality every day.

Shortly before my surgery I enjoyed a visit with him and his mom that included the grocery store and lunch out! I love how you can just pop the car seat into the cart!

He was such a good munchkin! Can't wait till next time!

I've been spending loads of time watching Tippy, the next door neighbor's dog, chase her tennis balls. Tippy hates me. But I love her and all I want to do is pet her! She'll have none of it! 

The MSU campus showed its stuff this spring. 

Nothing like a college with a great agricultural program to have a pretty campus! Walking during lunch on a springtime afternoon is one of the things I miss about working.

On the home front, my bleeding hearts weathered their first winter and are thriving. OK, they're no Southern Exposure bleeding hearts, but they are young! I have high hopes!


This was the view over my roof a week or so ago. Loved the colors! (I know, it's a boring photo but aren't those colors amazing?)


I've had time to dig into some painting a bit more. Here are a couple of things I did shortly before the surgery. 

It was time to make a birthday card or two...

...and get well for a special kitty!


I've been playing with some of my camera settings...


...and checking out action down at the Ditch.


At home the goldfinches and sparrows are driving Lizzie nuts at her window seat while at the Ditch it's the robin's taking center stage.


And this red flower is for Sheri!


These feet are made for walking! (Well, not these feet. These feet aren't even standing yet but hey, he's only two months! Aren't they the cutest little things?)

So, that's this slice of life from my world!

Have a good week!


  1. So happy to hear you're on the mend and enjoying life! What a fun, positive post -- a real day-brightener!

  2. The worst is over! So glad you are on your way to mending. Looks like there is plenty waiting for you out there. Hugs, girl!

  3. You are so cheerful!! Love it.

    best... mae at

  4. Jeanie, I don't think any of your pictures are boring. They are all beautiful and since Texas doesn't have the same spring you do, you evoke lots of memories for me. So pleased you are well enuf to blog. Enjoy Carson for me. Wish I could be there. Love to you all.

  5. I didn't know anything about your surgery, I'm so sorry, Dearest One, but I'm glad to read that you've recovered all you joy for life !

    Wishing you all my best,
    i'm sending blessings to you
    take care, cherished Jeanie

    XOXO Dany

  6. Your little Munchkin is growing so quickly, what a daring he is. Glad you are doing well after surgery, ad the photos and art are gorgeous, my fave is the kitty get well card, so sweet! Hope you continue to feel better from day to day, hugs, Valerie

  7. ....and congrats on your lovely win! Enjoy!

  8. I do love your pictures, Jeanie. There's just something about them. : ) So glad to hear all went well with your surgery. Oh my gosh, me and my son LOVE those butter shortbread cookies. Aren't they Yummy? The blue tea pot and assorted teas is such a nice gift from your blog friend. The baby's expressions made me laugh. Those socks are the cutest, and I love this picture of you and the little one.

    Happy May, Jeanie.


  9. Love in every detail as usual, dear Jeanie. Thank you for being such a kind blogging friend.
    Catching up a bit today. I wasn't aware of your surgery. Speedy recovery.
    Keep painting!

  10. Particularly wonderful pics of your grand. He is so cute! Love your painting. Remember to take it easy. Enjoy the tea and shortbread.

  11. I'm glad the surgery is done now and you can begin to heal and get well. Take it cleaning rooms! lol Just fun stuff for awhile! And speaking of fun..what a precious little munchkin! I know you are having fun with him. Take care of yourself sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  12. I'm happy to hear you're doing good and feeling somewhat better. I have many days when I make that same face and I haven't had surgery!
    One of the things I love most about visiting here is the variety of things you share with us...and all with your beautiful photos. I love the "boring" one! You're absolutely right...those colors are amazing!
    Take good care of yourself (I'm sure everyone around you is doing that job already) and before you know it you'll be back to 100%.
    Big hugs to you...

  13. Jeanie your little boy is just adorable. I am glad to hear all went well for your surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery. It also looks like you have plenty of spring color in your area. Enjoy the beauty of spring.

  14. I'm glad to hear your surgery went well. I had my gallbladder taken out as well. The after surgery pain was so much better than the gallbladder pain I was up and about doing things the very next day lol

    Your needing to give that big old fat dog some dog treats. Nothing tells a dog you love it more than food. Feed it--- every single time you see it, feed it. Before you know it you'll have that dog more loyal to YOU than the owner of the dog. Trust me... My dog likes Pupperoni dog treats. It stinks... but they love it lol

  15. diane in northern wisTuesday, May 02, 2017

    What a sweet blog Jeanie! I've only just found you recently and really enjoy your blog. Love your stories, love your pictures, so glad you won that sweet tea pot and goodies! Praying that you will continue to mend well from your surgery. All the pics of flowering trees, etc are great, not to mention a peek at that cute baby! Take it easy and feel better soon!

  16. Jeanie, I am so glad that the surgery is over and your doing so well. Your pictures are amazing. I am surprised that your neighbor Border Collie doesn't want to make friends with you. Mine loves people unless he feels that someone is going to hurt me - then look out.

    I loved the picture of you and your grandson. you look so beautiful and happy.

    Take care of yourself.


  17. I am glad that you are doing well even if it is not a picnic.

    Your art is lovely as is the wee baby.

    Keep on enjoying your beautiful world.

  18. There you go . . . so Jeanie . . .
    Cheering us up when you have just had surgery
    We need to be "cheering" you!
    Wonderful post . . . so many delightful bits and pieces . . .
    Especially that little adorable two month old grandson!
    Fun it is to see the smiles, changes, personality . . .
    Like seeing your watercolor. I find doing cards fun for me too.
    Take it easy now . . . promise?

  19. Well, whew! That sigh of relief you hear? ... well, it's mighty loud & mighty relieved. Love the pictures you've posted (and maybe especially your watercolors and the always wonderful baby grand). Do take it easy, though, OK?

  20. A lovely upbeat post that makes me think you're already on the mend Jeanie. That little grad is sure a sweetie! Hope your spring continues to make you smile.

  21. Oh my golly gosh Jeanie please can you not put about your bleeding heart in your post surgery post - it had me 'all of a bover' until I'd read the whole sentence!!!!! So happy to see you are back to life blogging, your grandson is adorable. Such a shame you are not closer, I send you the crazy poodle he's a great lap dog, especially as the two of you are both in recovery mode!
    Hope you are back to feeling 100% soon
    Hugs Wren x

  22. Dear Jeanie, none of your pictures are boring. They are all bright and beautiful and looking at them makes me smile, thank you. Post surgery is never fun, but you have so many wonderful compensations, the expression on the ‘little mans’ face is priceless. I can see why you would love Tippy; she is adorable, and I’m sure she will warm to you given time. Perhaps you should try ignoring her for a while you never know she might just approach you then. Animals are funny like that. I’ve just read your previous post and wanted to let you know my husband Terry had his gallbladder removed six weeks ago, and he is absolutely fine now. He has to be a little careful about what he eats but other than that his life has pretty much returned to normal. The worst thing for him was being told not to drive for two weeks, he felt so confined but that is all behind him now. Get well soon and carry on enjoying all the lovely things in your life. Barbara
    PS. Why are little feet so appealing?

  23. Happy that you're doing well. This post tells a lovelly story... love the painting of Lizzie (kitty). Beautiful crisp blue skies, pink flowers, yelow hues, such lovely images of your surround. I had to laugh about you missing walks around campus cos your no longer working there... i just wish I could get out at lunch. Not working should give you more opportunities to visit beautiful gardens ?

  24. Glad to hear you are coping after surgery. Oh my goodness that little baby is adorable! I love baby feet (they are the only feet I love!). This spring has brought some really wonderful colour - I think it is the best year for forsythia in a long time. -Jenn

  25. Lots of reasons to be happy there.

    I'm glad surgery went well. Hope you recover quickly.

  26. So happy to hear the surgery is behind you, now you can have a little down time and recover. With your art and camera you will find lovely ways to spend your time. The 'grand" is precious and I know you can't wait to spend more time wth him. Love the outdoor snaps of spring there and what a gorgeous campus........Take care Jeanie!

  27. Jeanie, it's always fun to read one of your posts. You are so positive and I can feel it all the way here in Texas. Glad you are doing well and using your time in such fun ways. :)

  28. Great to hear you're recovering so well, and looking at you with Carson, you two make one wonderful match. Carson is so expressive, and looks much more mature than just two months! What a joy. Thanks for sharing a slice of life with us. It's delicious!

  29. The painting of Annie on Deb's blog is spot on! Well done! How dear. I hope you are feeling better and better every day! Aw! The grandbaby is pretty darn adorable and so are YOU!

  30. You have such a lovely is too short..had to say it againa:)

    Bébé is getting so big and real life looking:) is adorb too..every stage♥

    You have so much joy and fun in your will recuperate quickly! Love seeing an artists' desk w/ all her lovelies!
    I wish I could paint flowers and and Instagrammer posted her evolution in art 2014~ 2016 ..UNBELIEVABLE..if you give IG a try let me know..will point you there..take care:)

  31. Jeanie, I love your slice of life - so full, even during recovery. What a great treat to receive just before your surgery, and those shots of spring are anything BUT boring! Love your bleeding heart - I always thought it a good memory plant.
    Hope each day finds you feeling back to your better self (before the agony of an inflamed gall bladder).

  32. Jeanie, you sound so happy and so positive! I love to visit you and get that uplifted feeling. Glad to hear you are recovering and that face is adorable, well on your Grandson! Love all the flower photos and your slice of life is pretty wonderful. I always enjoy seeing your watercolors and I recognize that sweet kitty...Deb's Annie right? Sending you hugs and more healing energy.

  33. Don't get up and do much or overdo anything...that 3rd day is always the worst! Be careful, relax and just heal. Glad surgery went well though. Enjoyed your pics of the days leading up to your surgery. Take care.

  34. What a wonderful combination of tidbits: especially the baby Grand, the kitty card, and the bleeding hearts. I actually had forgotten about those. I can't even remember the last time I saw some in real life. It had to be decades ago.

    Speaking of getting well, I have a funny story about Dixie Rose I'll pass on elsewhere. It's funny, and a little pathetic, but in the end appears to be an all's well that ends well story. In short, I think I figured out what was bothering her so much. Arthritis, yes. But there was more, and dumb me finally figured it at.I got a full night's sleep last night, with no middle-of-night yowling from her. I hope you're sleeping well, too, and not yowling one little bit! It's apparently true, what they say about the third day being the worst. You're almost past that, and I hope all is going well for you!

  35. Except for the surgery part, I'd say you are having a wonderful spring. Your photos of the flowers, the trees, and your art work really gave me an up lift. Then, there is your adorable little man. I love how you are enjoying him so much!

    I do hope your recovery is coming along splendidly. Even though those surgeries can set us back, they also can bring some real improvement to our lives. I hope the healing is fast and complete. Blessings, dear friend.

  36. Love seeing your "slice of life" and so happy you are healing and getting better. Ahhh, sweet baby! Enjoy walks at the ditch, taking photos, and a little crafting along the way.

  37. PS: You received some very nice teas and teapot. I loved seeing all of it. Enjoy!

  38. Your baby grand is so precious, and you look beautiful in that last photo.

  39. Well, I'm still not getting email notifications when you post along with several others so you are not the only one. When I resubscribe it says I am already a subscriber. Probably nothing we can do. Just wanted you to know when I miss commenting it is because I don't know you have posted.
    Glad you are now over your surgery. Saw a comment you left on another blog.

  40. Hi Jeanie - You look fabulous...sounds like you are working hard on feeling better...excellent. Love the robin photo...he could grace a card for sure...stay strong, stay well. :)

  41. Jeanie, you look fabulous in that last photo! I'm sorry I missed everything about your surgery, but with the One Room Challenge and our daughter being so sick and in and out of hospitals, it's a wonder I've made it as far as I have on our guest bedroom. And now I'm in Ann Arbor with her until tomorrow afternoon when I'll head home and her spouse will stay with her.

  42. Big (gentle) hug to you as you head further along down the road
    to complete recovery - and thriving! May this next one be the sweetest Spring and Summer you've ever known!
    Love to you and your lungs and all of your dearest dreams,

  43. I hope I'm not too late to add to this chorus of Get Wells to you! Too bad the weather is not cooperating but that's all the more reason to paint sunshine and flowers all day. Many happy brush strokes!

  44. Thanks for all the pics of your grandbaby! He is so darn cute! I see a lot of his dad in him! I love his chubby little cheeks.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of all of the beauty you are taking in! This is such a beautiful time of year! The trees are starting to flower here, too, so I am trying to soak it in because the flowering season is so brief!!

  45. I'm so sorry you had to have surgery, and I hope you're on the road to full recovery soon!

  46. Jeanie, I have been thinking about you and your surgery in my absence. I am so glad it is behind you. I love your slice of life and the Grand baby is a doll. May each day make you stronger!


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