Thursday, October 23, 2014

Decking the Hallowed Halls

It's the Halloween Holiday Home Tour! After all, one has to be ready for a party at all times, right? Welcome to my entry hall!

I can't resist Halloween decorating. The family room is probably my favorite room to do, with the fireplace and knotty pine paneling. You may remember my prayer flags draped across my Halloween mantle.

Here's a closer look.


Over on the dry sink, a Halloween tree.

At its top is a star by Alan Cunningham. As you might note, I have a fondness for black cats (and orange pumpkins!)

A few Radko ornaments are nestled in with the others.

This pumpkin also shares space with "Diva," an art doll by Pat of The Artful Diva.

But why stop at one tree? On the bookcase you'll find an ATC tree. One of the first bloggers I "met" online and one who inspired me to blog, Beth, made this for me. The cards are mostly from people who were in my old ATC Google group.

This sweet art doll is one of Joanne's creations.

And of course there is yet another pumpkin on the window seat!

Moving along to the living room, there are a few areas that get some attention, like the top of the china cabinet. The vintage lace belonged to a member of my book club who passed it on. It was her grandmother's.

Halloween cats find a home on another book case.

I'm very fond of these fellows. And I'm especially fond of the Vivian Swift portrait of Lizzie Coco that stays up no matter what the season! Don't you think the candy corn cat with its tippy tail and white chest bears a bit of a resemblance to my yappy girl?

I couldn't resist some feathers, willow branches and silk leaves in a green vase. It just worked for me!

Even the chandelier gets some love, those these photos don't show it so well as the ones from Christmas and Easter.

These two pieces are special The last time I saw my friend Diana, whom I met online, she gave me some wheat that was used in her daughter Nora's wedding. The presentation may change. The wheat stays up year round.


And a basket of gourds with the paper Gypsy-cat makes me smile.

We end the tour with the top of the wall unit, aka "The Big Ugly." (When I find a replacement, there will most certainly be a post about it!). Almost all of these are gifts from friends who know I just love decorating for Halloween.

And yes, the decorating spills out to other areas, but this is the most of it. And really, quite enough!

So, settle in, have an apple (candied or otherwise!) and enjoy the season. I know I will! And don't forget to come back later this week for a spooky Halloween party!

This is the first of two Halloween posts for Vanessa's Halloween Party -- check my sidebar for her blog (and party), including a series of links to other Halloweenies!

I'm also linking with Beverly's Pink Saturday posts -- We're doing a little big of orange and Halloweenie there, too! Come by for posts related to seasonal decorating and breast cancer awareness.


  1. What a fun are the supreme holiday queen. I'll have a candied apple, with a side of candy corn.

  2. Hi Jeani! I have certainly enjoyed my tour. Now yo have the cutest Halloween decorations I've ever seen. Love your little pumpkin head cuties and the black cat. Love the watercolor of your little fuzzy face too. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Your Halloween home is Boo-tiful! Now, when is the apple-dunking party?

  4. OMG, it looks very inviting. If I was a kid next door I'd love to come at your door for a trick or treat. It's like Christmas with a full decoration except that it's Halloween decors. It's very beautiful. :)

  5. LOVE the welcoming cat! Must have kitties at Halloween. And LOVE your Halloween tree and the glowing pumpkin... Fun to see again the watercolor of Miss Lizzie. Wow, you go all our for Halloween, Jeanie! I miss Halloween and decorating. There is Halloween here, but mostly for kids--costumes and candy, anyway. But no decorations, etc. So it was wonderful to come here and have a taste of Halloween home-style! ;o) Wishing you a VERY Spooktacular Halloween, my friend ((HUGS))

  6. Wow!
    We love our black cats here too.
    Heather :)

  7. You have out done yourself for Halloween. Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  8. Sweet as pumpkin pie! No fright here, just fun and light. Bless you dear Jeanie and enjoy your day! Anita

  9. I'm very impressed with your Halloween decorating. Since the "nest" here became empty, I've really slacked off on the seasonal and holiday decorating (except Christmas). You have me rethinking this.

  10. Thanks for sharing your enjoyment of the season with us. I love looking at your decorations (in all seasons!). :-)

    I can only imagine how much pleasure you get from seeing something wonderful, everywhere you look.

    I hope I can take inspiration, and get rid of JUNK so there is more room for deliberately chosen and displayed delight.


  11. Such spectacular decorations! I love them all, especially the Halloween trees. And the Radko ornaments. So sparkly and jewel-like! :)

  12. Thank you for that lovely Halloween tour. Everything is so cute Happy Pink Saturday Grace xoox

  13. FUN! I love how festive your home is! And I especially love that you have a Halloween tree!

  14. At this point in my life, I d not decorate anymore. No fun for one. You have a lovely home and well decorated. My granddaughter is the worst over wanting everything for Halloween.

  15. Oh, Jeanie. This was so much fun, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the tour. I'm a huge fan of Halloween. It's my favorite Holiday. Your decorations are so whimsical and fun. Your fireplace is lovely and I really like what you did with your chandelier. Mine has zombies hanging from it. The Grands love it. Your portrait of Lizzie Coco is very special. Thanks for the tour, Jeanie, and enjoy the season.

  16. You had such fun arranging your displays Jeanie!
    We don't do "Halloween" decorating where I live.
    However children come "Trick or Treat" visiting on the 31st so we have little bags of goodies on standby!
    I love the bowl of gourds and Gypsy!
    Have fun!

  17. Wonderful Halloween decorations!

  18. That candy corn kitty is to cute for words!

  19. I love your Halloween decorations - i don't have a single thing to put out!

  20. Fabulous Halloween decor! Thank you so much for the wonderful tour...those kitties with the candy-corn bedecked whiskers...oh, my!!
    Happy Halloween!

  21. I love the mix of decor you have.

  22. OH, your home looks so festive! You have so many fun Halloween decorations! :)

  23. Like your halloweendeko...happy halloween
    Kerstin from germany

  24. You have the most original and interesting Halloween decoations! Decorating always makes me want to have a party too! But you actually do! Haha! anyway it always feels like a nice party on your blog.

  25. Lovely decorations and a lovely home. Thank you for your hospitality!

  26. Such beautiful decorations! I have a large Halloween tree, but, because some of my kitties like to climb it, I only put unbreakable things on it. Seeing your small tree decorated so beautifully gave me an idea...I'll make a small one up out of the reach of little paws. Thank you for a wonderful party and inspirations!

    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  27. So fun!!! You go all out!!!! Enjoyed seeing!!! Happy Halloween!

  28. I love all your decorations!!! So glad I made it here to see it and wish you wonderful Halloween! Cheers! ;)

  29. Altars full of memories, Jeanie. It's clear you treasure them, and this time of year. <3

  30. Wow I thought my daughter was into Halloween but you clearly have her beat even though it is her favorite holiday. Enjoy the fun!

  31. Oh I missed Vanessa's party this year. I love, love, love your decorations, every little bit of it I love. The mantle is wonderful, but where do I start with blacks and apples too. Thanks for sharing!
    Sorry I have been slow to the party.

  32. Oh my goodness. I loved everything about all of your things. Very imaginative. Wonderful. I am running late but I hope that you will be able to visit me:

  33. Squee! I love all of your black cats! I've got quite the fondness for them myself... ^_^ And your Halloween tree and ATC tree are lovely. What a perfect way to display all those lovely ATCs!

    Have a happy Halloween! <3

  34. Wow these decorations are just amazing! Love everything! Happy Halloween!

  35. Your decorations are so charming and festive. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  36. Fun to see all of your Halloween and Harvest cheer Jeanie!
    You really do go all out.


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