Christmas 2019

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Well, most days, when not in melt-down mode!

Here are posts related to Christmas 2019 -- from decorating the house to baking; dealing with grief and loss and more.

Greens and Gardenviews -- A visit to the Greens Market and my Favorite Store!

A Few of My Favorite (Christmas) Things -- Some of the ornaments and decorations I can't have this holiday without!

Coping with the Grief Monster During the Holidays -- Tips on dealing with holidays in the days/months/years after a significant loss.

Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming (An Easy Seasonal Floral Arrangement) -- Using a palette of green and white to create an elegant holiday arrangement.

Simply Having a Marvelous Christmas Time -- Holiday decorations, a little shopping, helping with a tree for Festival of Trees.

   Five Cookie Recipes I Love -- Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them!

Southern Exposure: A Holiday Swag -- Christmas magic and a fun project at Southern Exposure Herb Farm!

The Halls are Decked -- Finally!  It took a bit and I wasn't as early as I'd like to be, but the trees are up and Lizzie is your guide!

Holly Jolly Christmas!  A couple of concerts, a Cork Poppers party and more lend to the merriment of the season!

Away in a Manger -- A quiet look at a collection of creches.

My Favorite Posts of the Year -- A few that I really liked and hope you do too.

Three Christmases and a Nut Recipe -- The first of the Christmas wrap-up posts and a really good spiced nut recipe!

Christmas with the Kids at Detroit Kid City -- What a perfect place for little ones to play!

Christmas: Cookies, Presents and Friends -- A final wrap of our holiday with good friends and the Toddler Twosome!

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