Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome, Fall!

The banner (a gift from my friend Judy -- thank you!) says it all!


Herzblatt said...

This banner is marvellous...really great.
Sorry for not coming so often on your blog the last weeks but because of the wedding I hadn`t got the time....but now I hopefully will have more time again....

Annie said...

Hi Jeanie. No words needed (well, the welcome is nice). What a lovely gift to receive. I've been looking through old photos myself. The banner definitely needs an update.

Beth said...

happy fall to you.....if it would just stay this way for awhile and then jump back to spring without that crappy white stuff in the middle !!!!

Beth said...

What a beautiful banner. Love it!
Hope you had a great week-end!

Judy Winter said...

I love that you love it and that it is now welcoming people to your lovely home, dear friend!!


JessInFocus said...

Beautiful banner.

Laura said...

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I bet it is yours too!!!

Loved reading about your get together with women friends. It is the best isn't it??

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