Friday, May 9, 2008


My office phone rang a few minutes ago. I didn't recognize the beautiful English voice on the other end, but quickly learned it was Dawn of My Thoughts by Dawn! She was calling from her home in Kent!
What a grand surprise! We had a wonderful conversation, and as so many others have said, after following blogs and such, one instantly feels like old friends!

Thanks, Dawn, for brightening up my day! It was a beautiful surprise!

Rick is off on a bike ride tomorrow...
That means I have uninterrupted time to dig into my art space re-do, work on the Birds and Bonnets swap hosted by Beth and Karla ...

And stop by my favorite farm market for some flowers and groceries. I leave you with a few images from an earlier trip!


  1. It was sooooooooo lovely to talk with you on the phone, glad you liked the surprise. Yahay! to Blogland for the friends we make!
    Love the images from the market, reminds me of the markets in my 2nd home in Spain

  2. I have 6 panels down and 2 to go for the swap! Can't wait to see yours.

  3. I love the photos of the market. It reminds me that the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market is open tomorrow. I think I'll take my camera.


  4. I love farmer's markets but sadly we don't have one in our town. Your photos are so pretty and I miss seeing all that fresh produce. It just isn't the same in a grocery store!

    What a wonderful surprise to have a phone call from a blogger friend in England. Bloggers are the BEST!!!

  5. Such a lovely tribute to the special mothers and grandmothers in your life. I have similar good memories of my grandmother and great grandmother, whom I got to spend time with every day when I was growing up. Such a gift!


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